Monday 16 May 2011

Brit-Net not the Internet

The internet is a technology that allows businesses to connect to new customers.

The problem with Britain is that those British internet businesses are primarily selling china and indian made goods.

The internet would be far better for the British economy is the people using the internet were able to buy British produced goods - that way capital is not constantly being shipped out Britain and into the global market.

Sure the internet sales are 100 billion pounds - but if 90 billion of the money is being exported out of the UK - what the hell is the point of the internet.

What we need is a British based Ebay and a British based paypal and an British based internet in order to build a British internet mechanism that buys and sells British produced goods - not a US dominated one that robs us our money.

We need ;

A British based search engine

A British based Ebay

A British Paypal

This means Brit-Net would only allow sales of British produced goods.

And at the same time we impose export restrictions on money being sent to paypal to pay for goods being imported into the UK.

If anyone sets up Brit-Net I will sue for a slice of the profits as this idea is copyright protected as I want a yacht and a mansion like the rest of the internet entrepeneurs.

Thanks a lot.

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Brian Cosworth said...

More than any of this, we need British made products!!

Adrian P said...

How about if every Nationalist blog ran a montly competition giving away £5, there must be a hundred Nationalist blogs out there.
that's £500 up for grabs each month, the net would be crawling with joe public looking to get at that and hopefully reading articles they would not normally see or come accross.
Worth try for six months or so.

Richard said...

Actually Internet is a technology that connects different Countries, People etc. together.

It's used for commerce but the market is saturated. What you're suggesting won't work because it will be isolated and setting up the infrastructure would be expensive and would fail eventually due to lack of funding.

A better idea would be to control the current Internet and make official commerce portals where the products being sold are from Britain and then you can simply weed out other companies that market Chinese products.

When it comes to paypal,ebay they won't fall for Brit-Net, apart from the product shares they do use Advertising and plus if they isolated things just for Brit-Net other countries will follow suit and in the end, no one would win and everyone will just move back to the old Internet.

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