Sunday 15 May 2011

Thatcher Was A Puppet

Thatcher unleashed DESTRUCTIVE forces, not productive forces.

" Like Clem Attlee, Thatcher redefined the British state. By cutting taxes, taming the trade unions, and encouraging the market, she unleashed tremendous productive forces "

Tatcher destroyed the British state and our national democracy by transferring power to the EU and globalising the British economy.

The socialists in the unions got Thatcher to do exactly what they wanted her to do, whcih was to give her the opportunity to destroy our national manufacturing base and hence internationalise / globalise our national economy.

The capitalists and the socialists are the exact same - hence a New Labour government nationalises private banks and a socialist, Strauss Khan, runs the International Monetary Fund.

Global Capitalism and International Socialism are opposed only by NATIONALISM.

Thatcher with the unions assistance destroyed the British manufacturing and industrial basis of our nation and turned it into into an global economy based on financial services and service sector jobs.

At the same time she squandered the billions made from North Sea Oil by using that capital income to enrich the rich who then used that money to play at financial speculation in the markets - which ended in ther disaster we see today, a total economic crash, growing national debt and an economy where we now no longer employ our own people in manufacturing and industrial jobs as we offshore them to criminal regimes like China.

This article is neauseating.

It appears that someone is now after Heffers vacant job as resident Tory sceptic, and hence want to become Tory brown noser in chief for the Telegraph.

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