Friday 6 May 2011


Well what I expected to happen, happened.

The BNP crashed and burnt losing almost all its sitting councillors and gaining no new ones (except parish councillors who are unelected).

The EDP who everyone were touting as the new kids on the block, vrashed and burned apart from a couple of wins.

The UKIP never broke through into the mainstream - AGAIN !



The failure of modern nationalism has been its failure to think outside the box the media keeps it in.

Before the public will vote for nationalist parties, they have to be supportive of nationalists in their communities and nationalism as an ideology.


Before the public, who have been conditioned all the way through school to despise nationalism, who have been told that any sort of community consciousness amongst the indigenous British equates to racism and who are conditioned by constant media programme to regard nationalism as akinj to Nazism, will vote for nationalist parties - first of all they have to get to know nationalists personally in their communities, trust them as people, get used to nationalists and nationalist politics in their own communities and ONLY then they will they vote for them.

We cannot undermine or defeat the power of the media - therefore we must bypass the media and go straight to the public in communities.

First of all that requires COMMUNITY BUILDING - in other words we must create for our people as sense that they are part of a community.

Only the indigenous British people do not have a sense of being part of a community - therefore they do not vote as a communmity.

Before our people will vote for nationalists as a community they must first think of themselves as being part of a community.

The nationalists have tried to run before they can walk - and have stood in election after election without first nationalising their communities, and hence they do not get voted into power to represent those people.

I will explain more in later posts.

But just remember this - cultural nationalism has as its main aim and strategic goal THE NATIONALISATION OF OUR COMMUNITIES NOT JUST STANDING ON ELECTIONS and hence it plays the long goame towards power - as opposed to the constant failure of the obsolete model of nationalism, both British and English, that arrogantly expects the broken, atomised and shattered white British and English communities to vote us into power just because we stand in an election.

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Anonymous said...

Only half of the council results have been released yet, perhaps such an article would be better placed in a situation where a full picture of results are out.

bluehorse9 said...

The Evil Of "Racism" -

The LibLabCon traitor puppets have imported dark, malevolant legions from every corner of the earth, and set them loose upon native Britons in an orgy of violence, theft, fraud, rape, murder, corruption and every wickedness known to mankind.

The puppet LibLabCon have deliberately facilitated the systematic colonisation, disposession and genocide of our people, the native British.

At the same time our people have been brainwashed and threatened into accepting mass abortion, sterilisation, paedophilia, family breakdown, degeneracy, dehumanisation, false guilt, social and cultural disintegration, industrial sabotage, perpetual usury and mental and physical slavery.
The puppet LibLabCon agenda is the subjugation and extinction of the white race.

But the most wicked crime of all is to to be aware of it.
To know who and what is behind it all.
To expose them publicly and to list their crimes against humanity.
To name them and their satanic creed.
To draw the line and stand to it.
To protect our children and our future.
To be aware of the goodness of nature, and that which despises it.
To be proud of what we are, and to proclaim it.

To be a "racist".

And no one wants to be a racist, do they ........

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary article.

WE as a country need to change before we can change our landscape.

Anonymous said...

One notices, at least in my city area the many private houseing companies brought into regenerate areas destroyed under labour / liberals/ torys have now , long with new housing largely taken over 'social activism', providng distractions and control over peoples asscoiation ...

Anonymous said...

I think your wrong on this idea of having to nationalise people. Most are already nationalists, too scared to say so, and frustrated with what is offered to them. The Dutch, French and Finns have parties who are led by charasmatic people who have no history or baggage. Until Nick Griffin goes then nothing will happen. We need a party that is led by genuine, honest people, who are acceptable, untarnished and speak plain and clear. Someone like Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatchUk.

Afraid it the British dont need nationalising, they need a beacon of hope, a party and leader who can not be ridiculed.

The Sentinel said...

NG asks .....

extant said...

Lee, and they still wont listen to us..


They have brainwashed the youth of Briton and poisoned the vast magority of peoples minds through the zog tv.

The only way to reserect Nationalism is low down community activism.
We need to form and educate community groups , then start offereing support and advice from pregnancy to economics, debt advice and so on.

Defender of Liberty said...

Exactly mate - decade after decade they follow the same model of activism and fail to get elected.

They never learn mate.

Anonymous said...

The only way to reserect Nationalism is low down community activism.

Yes. Indeed. I proposed several ideas to NG on subject of local social actvism , a while back one of them being 'allotments for locals'

He never even replied.

Again how about groups all over the country hold talks and presentations on the agenda behind 'democracy 'and so for example a presentation on the nature of Globalisation, given to local people......

gatesofvienna said...

Meanwhile observers completely omitted to notice or draw attention to a deliberate clue that the British General Election is CONTROLLED and therefore fraudulent. We refer to the fact that the door into the venue used for the first TV Election ‘Debate’ contained an aperture in the shape of a pentastar – that is to say, the five-pointed star to be seen everywhere in the revolutionary United States and everywhere in the covert revolutionary Soviet Union.

Specifically, the all TV cameras honed in on this polished ‘wooden’ door, making sure that ‘the interested’ need not have missed this ‘in-your-face’ presentation of the CLUE to what is going on. Within the pentastar aperture was a second five-pointed star which formed a glass ‘window’ into the TV venue in Manchester.

Now American observers may not be aware that in the United Kingdom, we don’t DO five-pointed stars. This geomasonic, esoteric revolutionary emblem is NOT USED IN BRITAIN AT ALL.

Yet, all of a sudden, a five-pointed star was deliberately built into the specially constructed door, with its window into the ‘New Order’ being unveiled to the gullible members of the general public in attendance, who thought they were there to hear ‘what the leaders have to say’ and to learn about their policies. Instead, they were dumb witnesses to an empty, controlled, and debilitating charade orchestrated in order to sustain the illusion of ‘democracy’ so as to delude the population into believing that the votes to be cast on 6th May are meaningful: whereas the truth is that the main British political parties are all fully signed up to the same sterile internationalist agenda.

Fake election-Fake winners...

William Smart said...

The problem for nationalists is that we don't yet have something sufficiently calamitous to point at. 50 people killed on the tube still isn't enough.

Well, how about waking up to the examples we have of natives over-run by mass-immigration?

For instance, how about Palestine - where the natives were made unable to control their borders, as a result of which more and more violent settlers moved in, eventually displacing all the natives and putting them into stinking ghettoes. Nationalism is the only thing that can save us from the same fate.