Monday 16 May 2011

The Last Superpower

There is only one superpower in the world today.

Its power is not based on its military strength nor economic strength.

It is not America.

It is not china.

It is Israel.

If you dare to criticise Israel, you will suddenly find your career ruined and your reputation assassinated by the various Zionist lobby groups, Zionist media puppets and Zionist politicians all of whom act as the self appointed guardians of this superpower - as each of them will awaken and leap forth to raven and attack you simultaneously until you go down on your knees and recant.

I would like to see Boris take on the Zionists and the Israel Lobby for a change - who are the agents of a real global superpower - not China, which is a country who everyone knows they can give a good kicking too in the media safe in the knowledge that nothing will happpen to them for doing so.

In modern media dominated societies, power is not derived from the barrel of a gun - but via the Zionist puppets in the Zionist media, legal and lobby Zionist groups like AIPAC and Zionist political groups like The Conservative Friends of Israel.

True power in the West derives not from the capacity to bomb the internal enemy into submision - it comes from the ability to marginalise your enemies voice, attack and smear his proponents, to censore debate in the media and via buying off corrupt politicians who then pass laws to do your bidding.

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