Monday 23 May 2011

Boris , Ken The Prisons Problem

The entire prisons system needs scrapping and rebuilt.

Prisons should be divided into 3 independent systems based on three different categories of prisoners ;

1) Habitual and Violent Criminals where the emphasis of the prison regime is working for their keep, compensating victims, financially supporting their own families and the deprivation of liberty as a punishment.

2) Drug, Mental Health and Alcohol Offenders where the deprivation of liberty as a punishment exists in prison regimes with the emphasis on treatment, health monitoring, ending addictions and compulsory treatment of mental health issues.

3) Social Criminals - such as ex-soldiers many of whom are suffering psychological problems related to PTSD , Drink Drivers, first time offenders eg theft, welfare benefit fraud, tax fraud etc etc - the emphasis is on work, compensation, changing behaviour and permanent post- prison monitoring via their own doctors and health providers.

Upon conviction each offender, the details of their crime, the social circumstances behind the crimes and their offending history is asssessed and they are allocated to different prisons with different regimes.

Prisons for Habitual Criminals are where the prisoners work and earn a wage and also support their families and pay compensation to their victims.

Prisons for people with mental health, drugs, alcohol issues are places forced treatment - rehabilitation is compulsory such weekly blood tests for drugs, supervised family visits, work training programmes to allow them to re-integrate into society and compulsory drug treatment regimes.

Prisons for the Social Criminals will focus on work regimes but ones where they are not forced to work alongside violent career criminals and which focus on addressing the issues related to their offending.

That way the demands of justice, the rights of victims, re-habilitation and punishment via the deprivation of liberty are all properly and logically assessed and solved with a view to protecting society from future re-offending.

With the restroration of the death penalty for capital offences such as murder via acts of terrorism, importing heroin into Britain or the organised racist gang rape of children by criminal gangs of racist predators - then within a decade we will have solved much of the problems of crime, and what causes crime, in most of British society.

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