Sunday 15 May 2011

Al Qaeda and Thatchers Missing Nukes

A few weeks ago the newspapers revealed that a senior Al Qaeda operative stated the terrorist group were in possession of a nuclear bomb.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the operational commander of al-Qaeda who was detained at Guantanamo and will stand trial this year for his role as the mastermind of the attacks 11 September 2001, was the source of this claim. He said that they had a hidden nuclear facility somewhere in Europe according to documents leaked to Wikileaks.

Muhammed said that they would detonate it if Osama bin Laden captured or killed. He explained that al-Qaeda will launch an attack “nuclear hell” in the entire world if that happened. (1)

I suspect that the nukes Al Qaeda got hold of was the one of three ex-South African nuclear bombs that Margaret Thatcher ordered David Cameron to hand over to an international arms dealer John Bredenkamp in 1989.

These three nuclear weapons were sent from South Africa to Oman where Dr. David Kelly was in charge of ensuring their safety.

They were held in an unsecure military facility and were later stolen by sold on by Bredenkamp to Saddam Hussein.

These weapons were then shipped to Syria during the war against Iraq.

I suspect that one of these weapons are the ones that Al Qaeda say they have got hold of.

It means that potentially there are three nuclear weapons in the hands of Islamist terrorists.

Now many people have been saying for a while that a nuclear weapons attack would be undertaken in the US - and if it is then the nuclear weapon invlved will be one of these South African bombs.

For more on this story visit here ;

This is why Dr. David Kelly was murdered - he knew the full story about the nuclear bombs shipped from South Africa and what the British and American forces were looking for in Iraq.

They were looking for the stolen South African weapons that had been sold to Saddam Hussein by Bredenkamp.

If the full story of these bombs were exposed as the basis of the search for WMD in Iraq, then the full story of Margaret Thatcher and David Camerons role in the affiar would become known.

What does this mean.

It means that Al Qaeda have access to potentially three nuclear weapons.

It may be that the reason why Osama Bin Laden was killed last week was because these weapons have been located - and hence the blackmail threat by Al Qaeda to explode one in the event of Osama Bin Ladens death was no longer operative and hence the 'kill order' was issued to execute Osama Bin Laden - who would also have known about the history of these Al Qaeda obtained bombs.

This could be the secret note handed to President Obama by Brigadier General Wilson on April 29th, which allowed Obama to approve the execution of Osama Bin Laden.(3)

This may also be the reason why Osama Bin Laden was allowed to stay alive for so long by the US - as they must have known where he was living in Pakistan for years.

Until they either founds the bombs, or were prepared for one of the bombs to go off and exploit it politically - then they had to allow Osama Bin Laden to stay alive.

It may also be that we are about to experience a 'false flag' nuclear weapons attack in order to act as a pretext for the US or Europe to impose martial law as a result of the looming economic collapse that will destroy the entire corrupt power structures our nations.

This would also explain why the US have started to order massive amounts of anti-radiation sickness pills in anticaption of a nuclear terrorist attack (4)




(4) Fri September 12, 2003 01:52 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Friday it was trying to entice someone, somewhere, into making drugs to treat people for internal radiation poisoning.

It said it had identified two compounds that could be made into safe drugs and called on companies to come up with plans for making them.

The compounds, pentetate calcium trisodium (Ca-DTPA) and pentetate zinctrisodium (Zn-DTPA), can be safe and effective for the treatment of internal contamination with plutonium, americium, or curium, the FDA said.

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Anonymous said...

The USA need to worry about martial law with the use of militarised private security like Blackwater however i have absolutely no doubt whatsoever, martial law imposed in the UK would be like an episode of dads army.

Adrian Peirson said...

I'd go for the latter option, IE, these wikileaks suggest they are preparing the public mind for a false flag attack of some kind.

The Zionists are planing to do to the West ( and westerners ) what they did to Russia.

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