Sunday 8 May 2011

Hermione Hoby and the Black Rape Rappers

For an example of how pathetic this country is, then take a read of the article in The Guardian by the white middle class liberal idiot journalist Hermione Hoby ( you could not create a posher name if you wanted too ) where she reviews an album by a bunch of black rappers, Odd Future, who have released an album glorifying rape, torture and murder.

Yes - rape, torture and murder.

Link here ;

And yes this white, British, middle class, mummuy and daddys nice posh girl is celebrating this album as an equivalent of the rap albums by Public Enemy.

Look at the picture of her on the article.

She is so white and middle class she could be a poster girl for Laura Ashey.

Yet she thinks she can review rap albums.

Yes Hermione - you are a total twat.

You were only given your job as you are another idiot middle class white femal liberal journalist churned out by our university system that specialises in brainwashing whites with liberal moronism - and The Guardian likes to have young blonde women doing reviews of rap albums whilst the black journalists on The Guardian staff do the important stuff like going to America and interviewing prime ministers and presidents.

Its all about the diversity agenda and chalenging pre-ceonceptions dont you know okay ya.

The problem is that the 'diversity agenda' and 'challenging pre-conceptions' is now the mainstream in our society, and we are all bored to fucking death with this infantile leftist social agenda masquerading as journalism being imposed on us.

Here is some news for you lefty mugs.

We do not celebrate when Robin Hood has a black Maid Marian put in the script or when the Thor the movie has a black Norse god in it or when the new series of Camelot from America has a black knight in it - we just yawn and say to ourselves ' oh for fucks sake, more politically correct casting by some liberal fuckwit. EPIC YAWN. Why do those ethnic people who take these 'pc placement' roles in movies and TV shows not have the dignity to refuse the 'white massers' obvious patrionising hand out and instead accept film roles based solely on THEIR TALENT and not on their race '.

This is the primary problem in Britain and America - white, middle class fuckwits who are so 'race sensitised' that when it comes to judging blacks by the same standards of the rest of society - they prefer to ignore what they are actually saying and seek to find any 'justification' for why they are saying it ( even when there is no justification such as in the case of Odd Future ) or they prefer to ignore their real talents as actors and give them roles that merely emphasise their race ( as in the case of Camelot the new series from America with the black knight in King Arthurs court) .

This is exactly what the ( black ) journalist and writer Erik Rush called 'Negrophilia' in his superb book Negrophilia which exposed the pernicious 'I am so anti-racist that I have become a racist' white liberal sickness in the heart of our society.

Liberals have become so anti-racist that they have become racists - in that they seek to make excuses for ethnic groups that they would never accept for whites and have created a system of race based moral relativism which is akin to liberal apartheid.

The same rules do not apply to everyone equally as some ethnic groups deserve more breaks, opportunities, support, assistance and understanding than any white groups.

Hence the EDL are 'evil' for daring to articulate white working class interests when they seek to expose issues like the endemic Muslim rape and grooming of white children in British society and yet Odd Future who rap about rape are somehow representative of the black anger and social alienation of American blacks and therefore must be listened too.

Oh fuck off.

So these are the morons that infest the British media - white, middle class, liberal, brainwashed morons.

Oh and Hermione - just so you know - Public Enemy were a band that put forward a positive message of black community and self empowerment and who stood for resisting the 'false media' and the system as corrupt power blocs in a corrupt America.

They also made excellent music that has stood the test of time.

You are an agent of the 'false media' that Public Enemy despised and fought against.

These collection of dickheads in Odd Future rap about rape and murder - they do not offer any message except a torrent of filth and depravity.

For you to mention PE in the same breath as these fuckwits is to not only reveal your utter stupidity, it is to demean the very message that PE stood for.

Go away Hermione - stick to reviewing things more akin to your talent, like pony shows or cake bakes at the WI.


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Anonymous said...

white female liberal arty...why am I not surprsied this kind of thing fuking art to these zombies... oh its so --edgy'

I mean if they can call a riot in Brixton an 'up rising....''