Tuesday 10 May 2011

National Revolution NOW !


Creeping Tyranny Meets Creeping Sovereignty Declaration of food sovereignty just the beginning?Tony Cartalucci, Contributing WriterActivist PostBangkok, Thailand May 9, 2011 -

Like a single worn edge of a roof tile on a windy day, the town of Sedgwick, Maine invites the winds of change to tear off entirely the roof of the federal government's growing tyranny over every aspect of our daily lives. Sedgwick decided to go to the literal root of the matter, declaring "food sovereignty" over agriculture and its trade locally.

Thrusting the responsibility and liability on sellers and buyers - as would be indicative of any free society - Sedgwick's new ordinance undermines entirely state and federal licensing and regulatory regimes. Few could argue that we as informed consumers are not better judges of what is best for ourselves and our community than an FDA that has consistently and purposefully failed us for decades.It is no secret that the licensing and regulations being thrown off by the people of Sedgwick are the creation of the abhorrently illegitimate relationship between corporate-financier interests and the state and federal government agencies that shamelessly serve them - quite obviously to the detriment of the nation.

In case you didn't know, corporations like Monsanto drive the federal government's licensing and regulatory regimes, not based on scientificstudies or public health concerns, but rather Monsanto's ever growingmonopoly and bottom-line. Throwing off these illegitimate regimes is your right.

When told "points of law" prohibited another brave town, Montville, Maine, from banning GMO crops, they responded that "a different point of law" permits them to do so. As Americans, we have tolerated long enough a gangster government run overtly by corporate interests. The people of Maine are showing the rest of the nation how to stand up to these gangsters and say "no more." It is time to restore the United States, and the people of Maine have set the perfect example of how this can be done, peacefully and pragmatically - no protests, no burning cities, rather, just the constructive expression of their innately entitled independence.

Do not let Sedgwick stand alone, nor allow them to bask in the glory of this new found freedom alone. All towns and counties should follow suit, as well as stand with and defend Sedgwick, Maine and the growing number of towns following their example. While we debate endlessly the myriad of national diversions paraded before us, this story from Maine and the deeds of these brave Americans should be the biggest story splashed across the headlines as well as an inspiration to get up and get active.This literally is a game changer; a reassertion of long-lost local sovereignty that invites in a hurricane of change, shifting away from the corporate-financier oligarchy that has dominated us for decades, back to localism and reclaiming mastery over our own destiny.

Stripping away the federal government's monopoly over regulations and the licensing of our food supply gives way to freeing up other aspects of business, industry, and commerce locally.This is of course, unless we as a nation stand convinced that more taxes, more regulatory power, more corporate lobbying, more meaningless national elections are going to somehow solve the very problems this ever-expanding degenerate system has created in the first place.We must seize upon this opportunity and show the world how real revolution unfolds.

We must show them that real revolution is not fighting security forces in the streets, not burning our cities down, and not fecklessly carrying placards calling for "different" parasites to infest public office - all of which represents the very division, instability, and chaos that sustains this destitute system. Instead, we must show them that real revolution will come through pragmatic local solutions addressing our problems systematically, constructively, and intelligently.Time truly is short, and like our bodies and minds, our rights and independence must be exercised vigorously and often lest we lose them entirely.What You Can Do Starting Now

1. Spread the word. Repost stories regarding Sedgwick, Maine's assertion of their "food sovereignty." Start a blog and chronicle local movements toward food sovereignty near you.

2. Plant a garden and get active even as just a buyer at your local farmers' market.

3. Get active in your local government. Switch off the national diversions and start drafting a similar ordinance. Get support from your local sheriff's office and if they refuse, vote in someone that will hear and support you.

4. Meet with like minded individuals to replicate the success of Maine in your own local community.

Local governance and vigilance in accordance to the US Constitution is the ultimate expression of being American - not waving a flag, and certainly not bowing in servile obedience to the ever expanding federal government.

This begins the draining of the swamp within which the world's parasites have long flourished. It threatens directly these parasites that have fed off the American people for decades. They will attempt to reassert themselves, digging their parasitic proboscis back in ever deeper, just as King George tried after the first American Declaration of Independence. Our Founding Fathers proved that truth, freedom, and above all, independence were ideals even the greatest empire on earth crumbled before - it is not matter of "if we can do it," simply a matter of "will we get up and do it?"

Often solutions are sought, now a solution is found. Help Sedgwick, and the growing number of towns in Maine blow the roof off this tyranny once and for all. It's as simple as planting a seed, visiting your local farmers' market, and passing a local ordinance.

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Anonymous said...

Well Done the people of Maine.

Indeed ; 'a gangster government run overtly by corporate interests'

And the pace is ratccheted up and up ....

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I have my own garden, I am planning to organise local people all over Britain to network over growing ones own...