Monday 23 May 2011

Do Not Mess With This Old White Guy

There are some old white guys out there that you just really do not want to mess with.

In my twenties when I was a life guard in a local pool where I lived, a certain old chap used to come swimming every week during the OAP sessions in the early morning - he was built like a bulldog, small, barrel chested and strutted like an angry rooster in his speedo trunks and goggles.

He radiated energy and confidence.

This old guy was in his late seventies and used to do about sixty lengths a time of the swimming pool without a break - and used to leave the pool without even being puffed out.

Aross his chest were three small round, despressed holes in his flesh.

From the front they were about the size of a five pence peice whilst from his back there were exit wounds about the size of a ten pence coin.

These were bullet wounds where he had been shot with a German machine gun during the war when he was a Marine Commando.

Some guys just remain tough bastards until the last tick of the clock.

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Extant said...

rolmfao, they dont make them like they used too :O)