Sunday 15 May 2011

Capitalism = Socialism

The head of the primary global capitalist mechanism, the International Monetary Fund, is run by a Socialist.

Capitalism controls socialism.

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Adrian Peirson said...

The Elites have always funded Communism, they funded the Bolshevik Revolution.
What they mean by the redistribution of wealth is redistribution up into their Vaults.
Once they have control of the wealth of the world, the intention is to kill off most of the world population, which they are already doing with pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, chemical praying, Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius etc etc.
It's the oldest crime in the world and very simple to understand, it's just Robbery and Murder.

I am the Witness

Henry Makow

Anonymous said...

As usual top marks to Adrian,

this is the key to understanding EVERYTHING, forget everything else, it is trivia - this is the ONLY agenda.

All roads lead to the corporate elites.