Monday 1 December 2008

Melanie Phillips Lies Again !

Melanie has an interesting article in todays The Daily Mail - but yet again Melanie lies in it.

Here is what melanie says in the article ;

The Mumbai attackers targeted British, American and Indian citizens simply because they wanted to kill as many British, American and Indian 'unbelievers' as possible.

Where they found Muslims, they spared them.

They also singled out for slaughter the occupants of the Chabad House, a pious Jewish outreach organisation with no Israeli or political agenda - underscoring the point that at the core of the Islamists' hatred of Israel festers their hatred of the Jews. "

Lets analyse Melanies lies and propaganda a point at a time ;

1) Melanie says - " The Mumbai attackers targeted British, American and Indian citizens simply because they wanted to kill as many British, American and Indian 'unbelievers' as possible. "

Lie 1 = In The Daily Mail on the 1st December 2008 the actual words of the terrorist captured by Indian police were these - and this is a direct quote from The Daily Mail itself - " He described how its mastermind briefed the group to ‘target whites, preferably Americans and British’. "

So here we see that Melanie has deliberately removed the word 'WHITE' from the actual statement of the terrorist. Why remove this word, which reveals the PRIMARY targets of the terrorists, and then create a false perception of the terrorists real targets ?

Yet again melanie distorts the truth for her own political ends.

So now we need to analyse what Melanies ends are - and here she states it clearly ;

2) "They also singled out for slaughter the occupants of the Chabad House, a pious Jewish outreach organisation with no Israeli or political agenda - underscoring the point that at the core of the Islamists' hatred of Israel festers their hatred of the Jews. "

Melanies aim is to create out of the terrorist attack a public perception that the primary victims of the attacks were Jews, in order to sustain and create the myth that Jews and Israel are the primary victims of Islamist terrorism.

At the same time in order to bolster her ' myth' she has to minimise and downplay the racist nature of the attacks on WHITES by the terrorists.

Note that the Daily Mail article, which quotes directly from the terrorist himself, does not AT ANY POINT state that the primary, or even secondary victims , of the terrorists were Jews or the occupants of Chabad House - the primary victim of the terrorists, as confirmed by the captured terrorist himself were WHITES.

So where does mel get the idea that the terrorists ' singled out for slaughter Jews' - nowhere at all except in her twisted perception of reality.

Melanie is simply a Zionist propagandist - a hypocrite of the highest order who attacks the BNP for defending the interests of BRITISH WHITES , the primary targets of the attacks, but who will use this attack to uphold the myth that Jews are the primary targets of these groups simply because it suits her political agenda to do so.

But no-one in the mainstream media will dare to challenge for her lies and her disgusting distortion of the truth - simply because it means they would be butting heads with the Zionist Media Network in the UK.

This article of Melanie Phillips is a disgraceful article, for her to minimise the suffering of WHITE BRITISH citizens who died in the attacks as a way to uphold the 'martyr complex' of Jews and to support Israel is a disgusting thing to do.

This article speaks more about Melanie Phillips real agenda than any previous one of her turgid missives has ever done before.

It reveals how insensitive she is to the WHITE British in the attacks and how she will use this attack to bolster the state of Israel itself.

For Melanie the WHITE British dead are simply propaganda tools to be deployed in her defence of Israel.

This article will be used against Phillips in the years to come as an example of how she will distort the truth, and peddle false perceptions to the public, as a way to bolster her own pro-Israel agenda.

Once upon a time this sort of article was called PROPAGANDA.

It is not truth , it is not even comment - it is the peddling of deliberate lies to the public.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Melanie standing up her own Jewish ethnic group and the interests of Israel, in fact in our Multi-Cultural society she is celebrated and applauded for doing so, yet at the same time as she stands up for the interests of Israel and Jews Melanie attacks the BNP for standing up for the interests of the WHITE BRITISH - that is the most stinking hypocrisy one can imagine.

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Anonymous said...

She shows just how transparent she really is. She must take the public for mugs with her blatant propaganda.

Lee, i remember the video you put up a few months ago about the guy who said they would not attack Iran but other countries and false flags will be used.

Do you think this could be a false flag?

Defender of Liberty said...

The conventional term 'false flag' does not apply to Al Qaeda or the Mumbai attacks.

I believe, and the records show, that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were CIA created, funded and controlled - whilst the terrorists that die and kill for Al Qaeda are willing dupes who think they are fighting for Al Qaeda.

I beleive that the terrorists are real Islamist terrorists who really believe that they are fighting for aL qAEDA - but Al Qaeda itself is probably run by the US Shadow Government and sections of the US military Industrial Block who use it as a tool to get American boots in nations they have a strategic interest in occupying.

First comes the terrorist attack then comes the US troops.

The Mumbai terrorists are real terrorists motivated by Islamism and this was a real attack by Islamist terrorists - but the leaders of Al Qaeda I believe are really the US Shadow Government itself who use puppets like Osama Bin Laden to set up and run Al Qaeda.

The timing of the attack is linked with Obamas new policy of confronting Pakistan - this will allow the US to increase pressure on the Pakistan government to allow US troops to enter Pakistan territory to tackle islamist terrorists in the country - when the reality is that the US plan is to cause Pakistan to split up into sepeperate areas after a civil war which will allow US troops to enter the country, with UN blessing, to secure and guard the Pakistani nuclear weapons or remove them from pakistan entirely so as to remove the Islamic nuclear weapons from the world.

Anonymous said...

Check out red sites for click-links to Melanie Phillips.
If she isn't trafficking with them let her deny it.

Anonymous said...


You are missing the point about these murderous attacks entirely. These evil scumbags certainly are not motivated by racial hatred.

How many white victims were there?

One Briton to date. 5 US citizens -The rabbi and his wife - are they white or jewish? Let's say white and we have 6. Then there's 6 Israelis. Out of a total dead of 172. Only 23 foreigners injured out of 300. How on earth can you seriously claim this is an attack primarily against whites?

You're not asking why the terrorist said they targeted whites. It isn't because they hate the white race it is because it minimises the chances of killing muslims - Islam is first in their heads not worrying about racism.

The aim of these mudering scum is to cause as much harm to kuffar India as possible. By targeting whites they are sending a clear message to tourists: Visit India at your peril. It is classic Islamic intimidation that has been changing our way of life for the last 40 years.

This intimidation also bore early fruit - the England cricket tour was cancelled.

Indian people were the primary target and to suggest otherwise is grossly inaccurate. Racism isn't an issue here the issue - and you also dodge this issue by claiming it is a CIA conspiracy which detracts from the threat Islam poses - is all about how Islam is forcing the whole world to submit.

It's working and that is what we should be alarmed about. We might even have the balls to fight these jihadists if we acknowledged what their aim is. That means waking up to the fact that Islam is waging war against us.

You're bang on about batty old Melanie though. Her hypocrisy is nauseating as was her nonsensical ranting at you on last week's Moral Maze.



Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Chris

1) The attack was aimed at killing whites as the terrorist said - therefore they were racial attacks , just as if a white person set out to kill blacks. That is what the law says - the motivation was RACIST not religious.

2) The amount of white victims would be small simply as they were a tiny minority of visitors in India - but that doesnt mean the attacks were not racist - they were, as the terrorists stated.

3) The attacks wedre against WHITES as the terrorists said they were - just as the Bali bombers targeted whites. Stop trying to avoid the truth - what the terrorists said were the targets is the reality - not what you think they were trying to do !

4) Are you honestly trying to tell me Islamists dont despise us because we are white - they blame us for imperalism, the defeat of Islam in history, the crusades, Arab Nationalism, support of Israel , they groom and rape white girls in Bradford, they kill white lads in Britain such as Kriss Donald, they target whites on the tube trains - THEY ARE BLOODY RACIST ! WAKE UP AND SEE IT - JUST BECAUSE THEY USE THEIR RELIGION AS A CLOAK FOR THEIR RACISM DOES NOT MAKE THEM ANTI-RACIST !

5) Are you honestly telling me that they do not hate us because we are white - because if you are then go to Bradford and live the truth for a while - the Islamists are vile racists who hate us because we are white. That is the truth. They are also racist against Jews and blacks such as in Sudan.

They are racists. Racism and religious hatred are not mutually antagonistic - in this case they complement each other perfectly.

6) The aim of these scum is simply to kill - they are trained dogs let loose by maniacs.

They targeted whites - in the terms of British law that is the definition of a RACIST ATTACK - that is not my opinion, that is what British law says.

If this terrorist was prosecuted in a British court the admission that he targeted whites would mean he would be charged with an aggravated racial offence under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 - this crime is a racist crime.

Read up on the law - thats what the law says it is.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you are perfectly correct with what you say

"These evil scumbags certainly are not motivated by racial hatred."

"It isn't because they hate the white race it is because it minimises the chances of killing muslims - Islam is first in their heads not worrying about racism."

As I said in a previous comment (which Mr Barnes has chosen to publish) remarks such as Defender of Liberty,s above are very damaging towards the BNP.

When it comes to striking at the neck of infidels (non-muslims) islam is colour blind

Anonymous said...


Why are you using British law to describe what these Pakistani muslims did? The only law muslims acknowledge is sharia as all others are man made. Sharia is sent by Allah as his will. We're examining THEIR motivation not how British law applies, indeed, British law is totally irrelevant here.

You have also changed from "primarily targetting whites" to "killing whites". But the terrorist didn't say they attacked whites because of racial hatred. This is your conclusion and I disagree with it. There are much bigger issues here than racism, mainly hurting India in as many ways as possible and getting maximum exposure to help achieve it.

These Islamic butchers are a bit more cunning than just racists killing because of colour.

You have also contradicted yourself and proved my point. Of course muslims kill whites, chinese, blacks, jews, slavs, armenians, zoroastrans, hundus, sikhs and they'd kill martians if they landed here. This is because they are commaned by 9:05 and 9:29 of the qu'ran to kill the non-believer. That is the whole point of jihad. It is not about racial superiority it is about Islamic superiority. These people are not racists they are Islamic supremacists who target people of all colours and all faiths INCLUDING MUSLIMS who have not submitted to the will of Allah.

There is no colour discrimination in Islam, they hate everyone who isn't muslim. And it happens in each and every land where the Islamic cancer festers.

You also state that they are racists who blame whites for everything and that they have killed whites here. You then tell me to go to Bradford and live the reality because I disagree with you.

Let me tell you a reality about muslims in the UK: They aren't just at war with whites (they just love grooming hindu girls) they are at war, especially in Birmigham with African and Hindu people. Another example of how Muslims blame everyone and anyone regardless of colour to justify muslim aggression.

Finally Lee, muslims do not use their religion as a cloak for racism and I cannot believe you seriously believe this. For muslims, their religion is a complete way of life that defines how they act for every minute of their lives. The fulcrum is the Prophet Mohammed, the perfect example and it is this example that jihadists seek to emulate. That means waging war against the non-believers - the kuffar, one of the 10 najis (filth), the equivalent of urine, faeces, dog sweat etc. - no matter where they are or what colour they are.

Stating that these attacks and attacks just like them around the globe as "racist" detracts from just how evil the entire Islamic religion is. From the killing of kuffars to apostates, to the sickening abuse of children and women, it's all a part of sharia and it was all personally committed by one of the most vile and cruel of men to have ever lived, the psycopathic paedophile "Prophet" Mohammed.

Until this is openly discussed and acknowledged, the slaughter and the raping and the dismembering will continue to people of all faiths and colours. That's why these monsters aren't racist Lee. They are far, far worse than that.



Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Chris,

I am using British law as I am writing about what would happen if the attacks were in this country.

Chris I agree with you an all your points, but you think that just because Islamists says ' kill anyone and anything that is not Islamist' doesnt mean they are not racists.

I see the Islamists as merely an extension of Arabic Imperalism, which is what Anwar Shaik in his book Islam - The Arab Imperalism wrote about.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point about Arab imperialism Lee and to an extent I agree with you. But I have often thought what would happen if a caliphate was established.

Who would be the caliph and who would hold control - Arabs, Turks, Indonesians, Iranians (not Arabs), Algerians, Moroccans etc.? It would be interesting to say the least and we both know what would happen here.

That's what makes Islam so evil.It doesn't matter which country or which race of people worship the paedophile. They all exhibit the same hatred and intolerance towards people of different faiths and colours. It is a vile death cult.

I have another problem with the word "racist". I believe this word is a marxist-orwellian thought control weapon and I don't believe there is such a thing as a "racist". (It usually refers to a person who has a superior argument to a liberal/marxist multiculturalist).

I don't think I'm a racist because I support the BNP and am against mass-immigration even though I am slurred as a racist - even battered once because of it - and I don't believe jihadists and muslims are racist. They believe in the superioriy of Islam and that all non-believers are filth to be fought, subjugated and killed - for which an eternity in paradise with 72 houris awaits.

Either way Lee I just wish we in the west woulod realise how serious a threat Islam is to our nation and people and start to fight back. I am sick to the back teeth of Islamic hatred, terror, abuse, and intimidation and the cowardice and tolerance shown to this most vile and intolerant faith.

As always Lee it is great to debate here with you, always respectful and always informative. And even though we may have to agree to disagree on this we do so with respect and it's a credit to you and your blog.

Cheers mate


P.S. Would still love to read your thoughts about the Saudis and Pakistanis waging war upon us.

alanorei said...

Islam will kill anyone in 'Dar-al-Harb' the house of war, as Sura 5:33 shows, Yusuf Ali's translation

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

By definition, any non-Muslim (or even 'moderate' Muslim, i.e. an apostate) is an enemy of Allah.

But I agree with Lee that whites are top of the Muslim hit list. Whether overseen by Jews or not, the predominantly white nations are the largest concentration of wealth in the world (Japan notwithstanding). Muslim are interested in plunder as much as anything else. That would serve as a more-than-sufficient incentive for intense and sustained Muslim anti-white racism.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi chaps,

I think we are reaching a mutually satisfactory conclusion here - we all agree that Islamism has a racist dynamic within it linked to Arab Imperialism, but that the primary dynamic in Islamic terrorism is the death of all Kuffar - though Jews, whites, Hindus, sikhs are at the top of the list for death.

I think the Pakistani muslims who are converts are , like all converts to Islam, regarded as mainly as useful idiots by the Arab leaders of Islam. A bit like liberals were seen as useful idiots by Lenin.

Both Sunni and Shiia are led by Arabs. Mecca is in Saudi Arabia - therefore the focus of Islam is always Arabia and Arabs.

In all mosques around the world the front row is for the descendants of the prophet, behind them sit the converts.

This is evidence of the genetic nature of the elite in Islam.

We may disagree on details my friend - but we all agree who the real threats are.

All the best,


alanorei said...

About sums it up, Lee

Though I think we may have to address something sinister behind Islam:

1. They wreak havoc in the West mainly because they are allowed to, and were allowed in in the first place.

2. Islam is not very good at creating major nations by itself. The few mainly Muslim nations in Europe, e.g. Albania, are also the most backward.

i.e. Somebody's helping them.

Again, not wishing to sound like a broken record or stuck CD or whatever, but our British Constitutional framework, including the Coronation Oath, is a ready-made and potentially decisive ideological weapon against Islam in this country.

Used accurately, these state documents can surely show that Islam is a subversive force and should be expelled from the realm.

The leftie supporters of Islamic killers and child molesters etc. surely wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on.

Worth some thought, I suggest.

Anonymous said...

There is know in the Koran Hadithes or Surahs that say kill the whites

There are plenty of verses commanding the Muslim to kill Jews and Infidels.

The three main books are almost void of all racism, and what little racism that can be found, it is directed towards the black.

What is interesting is there are a few verses that state that Mohemmad was white

While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: "Who amongst you is Muhammad?" At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, "This white man reclining on his arm." The an then addressed him, "O Son of 'Abdul Muttalib." Volume 1, Book 3, Number 63. Narrated Anas bin Malik

You may not have a high opinion of Phillips and that can be understood
because of the anti BNP crap she spews, but you should not let your dislike blind you

Phillips was quite right, the main purpose was exactly what she states, to kill Americans and British

She was not quoting exactly what the terrorist said.

If you care to read other reports you will find that to of the terrorist had actually stayed at the Jewish Center, so they did not stumble on it by accident, especially in a city as big as Mumbai.

There is enough evidence about black on white racism, so there is no need to invent it.

Islam is not racist, but the arabs are using islam to enforce racism

If there is evidence of racism it ir not the racism you would like us to believe

Islam is a religion, whose sacred Scriptures contain explicit denigrating remarks about Black people.

Mohammed referred to Blacks as "raisin heads". (Sahih Al Bukhary vol. 1, no. 662 and vol. 9, no. 256).

In another Hadith, Mohammed is quoted as saying that Blacks are, "pug-nosed slaves". (Sahih Moslem vol. 9 pages 46 and 47).

Anonymous said...

Watch and learn -

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03

Thank you for your most informative video about Islamic slavery in Africa.It is a subject I am very well acquainted with. Surprisingly, slavery in Africa isn't the worst abuse of human beings by the paedophile worshippers.

May I offer you the same invitation to learn about how widespread Islamic slavery is with some further educational links:

The disgusting practice of devshirme so beloved of the Ottoman's:

Child Slavery

More On Devshirme

Devshirme In Pakistan TODAY

Then there is the persecution of the Zoroastrians of Iran:

Zoroastrians Persecuted By Muslims

I could go on posting how Muslims of all colours and various nationalities have enslaved, abused and massacred people of erm, various faiths and colours but I think if anyone is serious about educating themselves about Islmaic tyranny, then this site does a far better job than I ever could:

How Muslims Have Terrorised The World Since 622

The problem isn't racism, slavery, terror, oppression or injustice. The problem is Islam.

I end my contribution to this debate here and thank Lee for allowing me to present my argument on here.