Tuesday 16 December 2008

Who Is Sadie Graham ?

Word reaches me that sadie graham has confessed on her facebook page that her real name is in fact Sadie Black and that she changed her name at university.

Would this be the same time she was also a member of the ALF and infiltrating the far left animal rights movement when in Brighton - as revealed in Notes From The Borderland by Larry O'Hara ?

I WONDER HOW MANY OF HER SO CALLED 'FRIENDS' were aware of what her real name is ?

I wonder of Sadie Black is also her real name as well ?

No doubt we can expect a sunday telegraph story in the new year where Sadie ??????? reveals her real identity and motivations.

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alanorei said...

Wonder if she'll be offered a BBC Political Correspondent role when she gets out of gaol?

Stranger things have happened, when you consider the recent Scotland Yard appointment of Mohamed Ali Harrath.

I thought she had a married name these days or is she trying to initiate an anti-BNP fan club by keeping everyone guessing? (Pop stars do this a lot, I think.)

Anonymous said...


Towards a Higher Man said...

Sadie is a Snitch.

Joe Owens