Monday 30 May 2011

Culture and Evolution

Races do not create cultures, ethnic groups create and sustain cultures.

Change the nature of the ethnic group, via population replacement such as immigration, and you weaken and destroy the indigenous culture of that ethnic group.

Once a ethnic group is no longer the demographic majority in its own territory, then its culture will collapse and colonists impose their own.

But no ethnic group, race or individual is genetically superior to any other.

Each individual and race and ethnic group is comprised of individuals who are the inheritors of genetic defects that can cause thousands of inherited defects.

There is no racial or individual superiority - only equal genetic inferiority.

No human being alive today is free of all inherited genetic defects - but they all could be in the future once the technology of genetic engineering is developed and grows.

There is though Cultural superiority.

Some Cultures are self evidently culturally superior than others - in terms of art, technology, morality, values and living standards.

This is because the ethnic group or nation that creates a superior culture has a higher collective IQ than other ethnic groups or nations.

The strength of nations should not be measured in terms of their economy or military power, but in terms of their collective IQ count.

The higher the collective IQ of a nation - the more advanced culturally it will be.

Whilst all races, individuals and ethnic groups are equally inferior in terms of genetics, ethnic groups can and do produce superior cultures due to their collective higher IQ's.

This is not due to a superiority of race, but a superiority of intellect.

That culture at some point in its history had imposed population policies that raised its internal collective IQ, thereby a higher culture arose.

All racial and ethnic groups must therefore adopt the same policy of IQ quality of population over quantity of population.

The challenge for us is to create a society that does so in a democratic context

This means such things as ;

1) before being allowed to marry each person undergoes a genetic screening to discover possible genetic problems for their children. If discovered then gene line therapy is offered BY THE STATE to ensure those children do not suffer those problems.

2) cousin marriage is outlawed

3) taxation polices based on ensuring the citizens with the highest IQ's have more children

4) that government research into genetic engineering is increased to investigate cutting preventable inherited diseases like cancer and other conditions

5) that people who refuse pre-screening and treatment and who produce children with inherited preventable diseases are prevented by law from having further children. It is not the role of society to facilitate selfish individuals producing children who suffer -it is the role of society to ensure such children are not born to suffer in the first place.

6) That society recognises the right of all children to be born without suffering a serious preventable genetic condition, and that the role of the state is to secure them those rights even when the parents refuse to recognise their reproductive responsibilities and take treatments to prevent those conditions occurring in their chldren.

7) That the state must protect the rights of the disabled by acting to ensure such preventable disabilities are not inherited by children due to a failure of the state to educate and inform the parents prior to conception of a possible problem.

8) That whilst the right of abortion is retained, foetal screening of all children must be offered to all parents at the earliest stage of pregnancy so that they can be informed of any possible problems and be offered a right to terminate that pregnancy.

9) That the state takes an active role in raising IQ levels by creating an education system predicated on ensuring children get a fully and healthy breakfast, dinner and evening meal as part of an optimum nutrition plan, plenty of excercise to improve physical health and also an education system based on developing both health and intelligence.

The Cultures that place priorities on ;

1) raising the IQ of the nation state and measuring the strength of the state not on GDP but on the total IQ level of the national community

2) raising the health level of individuals whilst eradicating disease and inherited genetic defects within society

3) ensuring the ethnic group that created that indigenous culture remains in perpetuity the dominant demographic in that society

4) That an ethnic group must live in accord with the carrying capacity of its own territory and at the same time ensure its population and state reproduction polices are predicated on environmental sustainability, energy and agricultural autarchy, raising the IQ level of the nation, improving the genetic health of the population and imposing policies of collective population responsibility, will continue to evolve and progress.

Will be a culture that continues to evolve and develop in strength.

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Antony said...

I believe there are superior genetic traits but they are contextual. Pale skin is superior in dim northern climates just as dark skins are superior to pale skins in equatorial regions. Africa and the humanitarian disasters there are a good example of what can happen when a non indigenous culture is forced onto indigenous people, whats more a clear majority is not always necessary where a clear cultural or genetic advantage exists.

Anonymous said...

Race - Ethnic Group - Culture - IQ

Which of these has a genetic basis? Perhaps all of them?

Any attempt to disassociate IQ and genetics needs to refute the work of JP Rushton at the University of Western Ontario on the heretibility of IQ.

THis task is becoming increasingly hopeless as shown in the following link:

Anonymous said...

Economic superiority does not improve any culture if the culture is infiltrated by another greedy alien backward nonwhite migrant culture.
UK may have economic superiority during various times of history and up to present but immigration from africa, middle east and asia together with their predominantly nonwhite culture had caused UK to be worse off.