Tuesday 10 May 2011

The Nationalist Model Of Society

The Nationalist Model of Society

The question that people never ask in the debate on the welfare state versus privatisation of public services is the fundamental question of 'why as a society do we require the welfare state or private companies to take care of us instead of us taking care of each other ?'

The right wing promote the idea that the problem is the welfare state itself and the answer is more free market globalist open borders neo-liberalism to replace the welfare state where profits from ex-public services go to international corporations and big business.

On the other side we have the leftists who support a globalist open borders neo-liberal free market where the state supplies public services and is required to employ millions of parasites on the servile state.

Neither are able to see the real issue.

What we need is a a society that empowers people to take care of their own needs, their own families and own communities.

The reason why the state / private business are required to undertake the delivery of vast amounts of public services is for one reason - over the last fifty years both left and right have smashed apart our indigenous communities and created a broken society.

People used to live in communities based on extended kin networks where families lived near to each other and took care of each other. Then the left in the 1960' s undertook its social engineering projects and demolished these communities - resulting in communities being torn apart anbd families re-settled in tower blocks and council estates that were not based on families living near to each other and therefore being able to take care of each other - and hence the welfare state grew to take care of people instead of people taking care of each other.

When the right wing were in power they began importing in millions of immigrants to act as cheap labour who then colonised the new estates, who took the council housing and forced local families to leave their own communities, who took local jobs and forced people to travel out of their own communities to seek work and therefore who helped transform our communities into a broken society.

Both left and right are the problem.

What we need to do is think national and act local.

We need new laws that require councils to house local families near to each other, so that instead of the state taking care of people - families take care of each other.

Instead of big business taking charge for delivering local services - local people should be able to set up small businesses to do the work for themselves and put the money they earn back into the local economy instead of into the state to employ more lackeys or into the global economy via multi-national corporations

doing the work.

No more immigration to under cut wages and force people to move from their communities to seek work.

No more immigrants taking council houses - entitlement should be based on creating family based communities, not housing international benefit tourists.

We need to dump the Servile State of the Left.

We need to dumpt the Free Market Model of the right.

What we need is a nationalist system that prioritises community building and that empowers individuals, families and communities to take care of each other - as opposed to the left wing servile state and right free market model where multi-national corporations take care of people.

Public services should not be run for the benefit of the public - THEY SHOULD BE RUN BY THE PUBLIC FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PUBLIC and not for the benefit of the Servile State or the profits of private corporations.

There is no financial benefit from privatisation, seeing as most of the contracts go to multi-national corporations who give the lowest bid and who then export their profit out of the UK.

What is required is a Local Economy Model where public services are delivered by local people within their own communities and who are employed within, live in and hence care about their own communities.

That means we shrink the servile state and devolve power down to local people to establish businesses to run those services dso the profits go straight back into those local economies.

What we dont need is the present 'lowest bidder wins model' which always rewards the biggest, usually international, corporation.

How about a 'Community Bidding Model' which awards contracts to local companies that employ local people and whose profits go back into local economies.

That way we dont need the servile state to run everything for us and profits are not exported out of the UK and into the pockets of the massive foreign companies that are awarded the lowest bids contracts.

Our slogan is 'Think National, Act Local'.

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Anonymous said...

The Servile state? What do you think of Belloc?


Defender of Liberty said...

Belloc was a genius - he saw the state would become a slave plantation where the massers control the slaves with a state hired class of lackeys.

Anonymous said...

Lee what is your view on the libertarian movement?

Personally I see it as a fast track rout to slavery through land ownership and corporatocracy.

I am not a communist but i believe that people should be given a land plot birthright, either a family plot or otherwise.

Not to own but to maintain as you so wish as if it were your own.

This would mean that you will be able to opt out if you so wish totally free and become self reliant.

Land ownership is slavery, state ownership is slavery.

Defender of Liberty said...

I agree - the motto of this should be a amended version of the distributionists motto - mine is based on ' Three Acres and Green Energy' in other words enough land to supply a family and to become energy independent - those that want to work on productive land and opt to establish small family farms should be able too.

Anonymous said...

or, Localism Not Globalism

New 'cottage industries '?

Anonymous said...

I agree too, that here should be a small plot of land for everyone to grow their own food, if they wish to.
I think capitalism should not be misused by globalists to enslave the world. Capitalism should assists more individual entrepreneurs who wish to venture out locally in their own country.