Saturday 17 November 2007

911 - The Who and the Why

911 was organised and run by The Carlyle Group and George Bush Senior with elements under the control of the Carlyle Group in the George Bush the younger administration and military. 911 had been planned under George Bush snior since before the first Gulf War and required George Bush the younger in power for the plan to happen. This was because George Bush would appoint the men who run the organisation for him, whilst he remained out of the loop whilst it happened. His father ran it for him outside the Whitehouse.

Those involved were Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsefeld and others within the Carlyle Group.

Members of the Bin Laden family who were investors in the Carlyle Group were the link men to Osama Bin Laden and who organised the Al Qaeda network via Osama Bin Laden that under took the 911 attacks.

The Bin Ladens ensured that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were assets to be used for the benefit of the Carlyle Group and the Corporatocracy.

The why for 911 was due Peak Oil about to hit and the resulting demise of American global military and economic superiority.

Check the movement of stocks and shares owned or linked to the Carlyle Group in the days and weeks before 911 and members of the Carlyle Group.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, however I thought that the BNP didn't allow people to say these things, but I'm glad that some of you obviously have your heads screwed on about what happened. I agree it is not a vote winner though, and is best not spoken of too much.