Tuesday 27 November 2007

King Rat and the Red Mob

The REAL fascists

The repulsive spectacle of the rabid mob that assailed the Oxford Union when Nick Griffin and David Irving spoke last night, revealed the true face of fascism in this country, that of the Red Mob.

Even ' King Rat ' George Galloway, fresh from appearing in the Gaza strip licking the arse of Hamas terrorists, appeared to bolster the Red Fascists as they sought to overthrow British freedom of speech.

Have you ever noticed how demented Galloway looks now - he resembles one of those cannibalistic wild men of Scotland that used to live in caves in the Highlands in the 17th century and who would waylay lost travellers before eating them.

The man now resembles a sewer rat on meth amphetamine. The tragic little man has now become a caricature of the caricature of himself.

The mob not content with blocking the gates to the event so that people who had bought tickets could not attend also invaded the debating chamber and stopped the debate going ahead.

Oh how they love to use the word fascist these little fascists. All wrapped up in their ' I love Palestine' trendy headresses, their Che Guevara t-shirts, Nike trainers, dyed blonde hair ( all the products of the evil capitalist class of course) waving their little placards - it was like watching a riot on fraggle rock.

The middle classes when they revolt are a truly pathetic site. The site of one blonde female, giggling on the BBC news at Ten about how her chums had 'inwaded' the debating chamber and were then banging out show tunes on the piano and dancing on the chairs was a truly, truly embarrassing moment. The fact that these simpering chinless wonders will one day be doctors, nurses and business leaders is a frightening prospect. They will be forced in the future to deal with hard headed, tough, determined, patriotic, nationalistic Chinese business people and politicians who will have fought to get into university and get their jobs. They wont have spent their time at university binge drinking, reading Marx, going to Babyshambles gigs and doing the dance of the flaming arseholes at the university ball. The fact we have these whining idiots being churned out of academia is a symptom of our forthcoming national demise.

Then of course amidst the 'useful idiots' as Lenin so insightfully called Liberals, were the real fascists who use violence and death threats to further their agenda.

These were in the demonstration outside and chanting ' Kill Tryl ' which were death threats directed against Luke Tryl who had organised the debate.

I am now preparing a formal legal complaint to the Police on behalf of Nick Griffin about ;

1) The failure of the Police to police the demonstration properly

2) The failure of the Police to arrest those making the death threats and threats to kill against Luke Tryl

And also to the Oxford University in relation to the death threats made against Luke Tryl by students at the university.

All week we had been reading an endless series of pathetic scare stories printed in the papers ; that Nazi mobs would be roaming the streets of Oxford targeting the Mirandas and Quentins in the wine bars and coffee shops, that Nazi perverts would be ravishing the innocent young women of the university and that nasty middle aged, white men with shifty looks would be in the area lowering the tone.

It was like reading the old World War 1 propaganda of the nasty hun, with ever more lurid and farcical propaganda scare stories to stir the country into turmoil and anger. It appears that the people most susceptible to propaganda are always the most intelligent. Spoon fed from birth with their opinions, then patted on the head when they regurgitate those opinions, is it wonder the middle class end up being Idiot Savants, eager to roll over and have their tummies rubbed by the media whenever they ring the bell of a 'public hate'.

Then of course we come to ' Little Lenin ' old Trevor Phillips himself, Britains premier parasite in the Race Relations Industry. Like a blood bloated tick old Trevor rides the race relation gravy train all the way to Cash Town. Old Trevor appeared from his Ivory Tower in London, where his minions wave palms at him like a potentate of old, bestowing his wisdom upon us mere mortals.

Oh Trevor, the rays of enlightenment doth shine from him as a halo. 'Ban them' , said Trevor, and then let them eat cake. I could just see the man with a long blond pompadour wig on his head flouncing around the equality commission building in a ball gown demanding his minions to ' Love Me '.

Unfortunately for Trevor no-one takes him seriously anymore seeing as their now appears to be at least three Trevor Phillips - each of whom have a different view on everything at the same time.

Oh well, now the poor old dustmen will have to clean the mess up in the streets after the demonstrators have gone home to ring mummy and daddy and tell them how much of a jolly night they had fighting the fascists.

Next stop is Iraq to fight the real (Islamic) fascists then is it.

Nah - Thought not.

Typical middle class wankers - leave the real fighting of the fascists to the poor, white working class as usual.


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Worcestershire BNP said...

Hi Lee,

In regard to you proposed legal case for Nick, you might be interested in the following footage, if you haven’t seen it already, where UAF leader Weyman Bennett states “…his (Nicks’s) thugs go out at night attacking people.”


We phoned the Thames Valley Police on the night of the debate and when asked how the protesters had gotten into the Oxford Union we were told that “it was a public meeting there isn’t a lot the police could do about it and the protesters had gone in there calmly and kicked off when they got inside.”

Which seems to be untrue as the protesters stormed the place and the event was ticket only.