Wednesday 14 November 2007

The Immigration Debate is a sham

Ever wondered why all of a sudden the Tory press are all talking about immigration - well here is the reason why.

The recent bounce in Tory votes is due simply to the Fop Cameron instead of talking a load of pretentious bollocks about 'climate change' whilst dodging husky shite in Antartica, all of a sudden the Fop has started about an issue that matters to the general public.

That is immigration.

As the media began to start debating immigration - then so did Cameron.

The process works like - the tory media had to break the taboo on talking about immigration that labelled anyone that did talk about immigration as a 'racist' otherwise when Cameron and the tories play the 'Immigration Card' in the next election he would be called a racist.

First the Tory media had to 'de-racialise' the debate on immigration and make it a legitimate topic for debate. This meant that the tory media had to start printing lots of articles by concerned journalists about the impact of immigration and at the same time as they were launching this publicity bombardment they were also saying talking about immigration is not racist.

Once the debate on immigration had been 'de-racialised' and those that talked about it could no longer be called racists, then Cameron could start to discuss immigration without the fear of being called a racist by the media during the next election.

The proces works like this - If the debate is not racist, then those that debate immigration cannot be called racist.

This is classic Paradigm Control - as the Tory media know the only way the Tories stand a chance of winning the next election is if they play the ' Immigration Card ' and do another Thatcher. The Tories must attack Labour on the issue of immigration otherwise they cannot win the next election.

But heres the problem for Cameron - the Tories will not, and cannot, ever do anything about immigration.

Will they deport the 2 million plus illegals in the country - NO. This is because their party would never let them, for as soon as the left wing press began to print front pages with photographs of the crying children of deported illegals queueing on the tarmac at Heathrow - then the Liberal wing of the Tory party would demand an end to the process. This is because the Tories are at heart a party of simpering, chin wobbling, crypto-liberals who regard their standing in the community as more important than the interests of the nation.

Will the Tories pull out of the EU - no they wont, so any Europeans can move here when they wish. The drawbridge to the nation will remain open all the time the Tories are in power.

Will the tories pull out of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol - NO THEY WONT. So we will still be lumbered with a convention that was designed to resettle internal European refugees who had been displaced by their home nations during the second world war but that is now being used to legitimise asylum seekers coming in the country from all over the world. The treaty should have ended in about 1960 - the fact it is still bing used is direct breach of the intent behind the treaty.

Will the Tories enact a law like that in Italy being used to deport the criminals from Romania - no they wont. This means the criminals deported from Italy, and any other nations that adopt a similar law, will all now flood to soft touch Britain.

Will the Tories be prepared to fund and run the network of holding facilties required to begin the deportation process, will they stand against the media and leftists who will use every cynical emotionally manipulative trick in the book to try and undermine the process - of course they wont. They are a party that is based on social climbing and the Establishment patting them on the head and saying 'well done' - they are crawlers not doers.

The Tories cannot do a single thing about immigration, and nor will they.

They will talk tough, with the blessing of the media, and do bugger all if elected into power.

What we are seeing with this media burst of debate on immigration is the media preparing the ground for the tories in the next election - and thats it. The media know the Tories wont do anything about immigration - the media just want to make sure THEIR tory party is in power and not the BNP.

The only thing the media have done is legitimise the debate and thereby proved us right all along.

We in the BNP were never the extremists, it was the unelected liberal journalists, the media owners, the BBC leftists, the pro-immigration groups funded with lottery money and public taxes that were the real immigration extremists and the capitalists who wanted cheap labour and to lower wages.

The majority of the British people have never wanted any immigrants here and do not want any more to come here. The British people will tolerate the ones who are here now legitimately and who obey our laws, but the rst they want gone from our shores as quickly as possible.

The real extremists were those left and right who put their own personal, political and economic interests before those of the British people and who foisted immigration onto us.

It is getting harder and harder for the media to call us the extremists - all across Europe political parties like the BNP are in power or represented in Parliament nations such as in Sweden, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Romania, Poland etc etc. It is the pro-immigration idiots, both left and right, that are the real extremists as they have no electoral mandate and no democratic representation.

The media who call us racists, also have no electoral mandate. They are nothing more than a pathetic minority with the ability only to shout loud through their papers. Their voice is loud but has no real meaning.

The BNP is the only political party with the will and the means to reverse the immigration invasion.

Only we have a party membership who would support the process required to roll back the invasion, only we have the courage and fortitude to defy the traitors amongst our own people that sold us out.

The Tories cannot, and will not, ever deal with immigration. They are hobbled by the cowards in their party and in thrall to the media that owns their party.

As political whores the Tories will merely do as they are told - whilst we will do what is required.

If the present model of democracy, where the Media, politicians and Judges control the country, ever changed then the government would ban it.

Those who will be fooled by the media and the tories talking tough on immigration are the sort of idiots that bought snake oil from the travelling salesmen in the Old West.

As long as we are run by the media, we will never live in a democracy.


Anonymous said...

Interview with Mark Field,Westminster MP

We asked him if he was aware of the EU’s plan, instigated by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to force through a sixth and final EU treaty adopting the EU Constitution, by May 2009. Mr Field agreed that if this happened, British

MP3’s would be out of a job. That didn’t worry him personally, he would just return to industry, but he was concerned for the loss of democracy for his constituents.

He’s fully aware that the sixth EU treaty means the end of the Conservative party, both because Westminster then becomes powerless and obsolete, and because the EU states in clause I-46-4 that national parties like the Conservatives will be discouraged, and only EU wide parties like the EPP and PES will be permitted in the EU parliament, which he realises is powerless. But again he knows that as a Conservative, he will be forced to obey the party whip. So will Mark

Field be another Conservative turkey voting for Christmas in the EU?

We found Mark to be well informed, on top of the issues, and anything but complacent.

It’s on page 7 of the paper

There is more!

& this

rosie said...


Well of course the Tories have watched the successful Precedent set in France.
Neocon Sarkosy who blatantly stole the immigration policies of the National Front.
Mr Len Pen warned the voters.
Sarkosy and party lied through their collective teeth.
Having won on conning the public on the immigration issue he now sets out to fleece and reduce the middle and working class french in to neo slavery, labouring ever harder and longer for the greedy capitalist internationalists whom Sarkosy represents.
Yes a very good comparison indeed.
We will now watch the gallic response on the barricades - would be to God the Brits would get their act together and do the same

Anonymous said...

Personally I hope the Tories do play the immigration card at the next General Election. It's been 10 years since we had a Tory government and people need to be reminded just how useless they are. They won't be able to do a thing about immigration and it's better that people find out sooner rather than later. The only option left will then be for people to vote BNP.

alanorei said...

Thanks again, Lee, says it all on this subject.

And no main stream party will get rid of the armed French police at, I believe, Waterloo Station, for EuroStar, before you go through customs i.e. on British soil.

A foreign invasion by stealth.