Sunday 18 November 2007

Immigration = Unemployment

Gordon Brown and the rest his ministerial monkeys are always telling us how immigration is not taking our jobs and lowering our wages and we all know it is bullshit, but now on the economists has broken ranks and revealed the truth.

The reason why employers want to employ migrant labout is because they dont have to pay them psnions and can sack them at will.

Welcome to Slave Labour Britain where immigration equals unemployment for the British worker.

THE most important economists in Britain are warning the PM mass immigration IS harming the job market.

The revelation, from members of the Monetary Policy Committee who set the country's interest rates, is a devastating blow for Gordon Brown.

It undermines his vow that he would create 500,000 "British jobs for British workers".

In a rare intervention, the MPC's Professor David Blanchflower warned that the large numbers of migrants entering Britain have now snapped up most of the spare jobs.

In a memo he also warned that more and more British workers are being forced to take temporary jobs and short-term contracts because employers are cutting costs by axing the number of long-term employees.

It is cheaper to employ a series of migrants in short term jobs than to create longer term posts with additional costs such as pensions.

Prof Blanchflower warns the number of available long-term posts has grown overall by just 1,100 in the past year.

He said: "There have been strong increases in temporary workers who can't find permanent jobs and part-timers who can't find full-time jobs. The number of self-employed has also grown at a rate that is clearly unsustainable."

Prof Blanchflower, warns that certain sectors, especially shops, pubs, restaurants and other parts of the service sector, are now almost completely staffed by temporary workers, many of them immigrants.

He also reveals that the instability has forced him to vote on the MPC against interest rate rises in the hope of protecting the jobs market.

And he has warned that more migrant workers will be coming to Britain over the next couple of years as unemployment continues to rise across the rest of Europe.

Recent government figures have shown employment, growing at about 200,000 a year earlier in the decade, is now barely rising at all.

The number of workers who say they are in a temporary job only because they could not find permanent work has risen by 12 per cent in the last year to 400,000.

And the number who cannot find permanent work has risen from 587,000 in 2005 to 652,000 now.


alanorei said...

The main difference between the present government and a rotten egg is that the former can be beaten, eventually.

It still stinks the same.

Anonymous said...


I am an admin. on the ABEX website
and we are having a disscusion about whether the queen can be done for treason over the signing of various treaties concerning the E.U. It seems as though this is not possible, Due to changes in the law and lack of a written constitution.
Do you have knowledge of any legal moves against the governments planned signing of the next treaty
in 2009 or any other legal challenges against any government dept. concerning our membership of the E.U.
I have no experience in the legal field and would appreciate your views on the subject

Davem (

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Dave,

there is the British Constitution and then there is Judge made law - and the former is meant to be subservient to the former, but the Judges reverse that.

The EU treaty and all EU law is illegal under the British Constitution but until we have a government that respects the constitution, and who sacks the Political Judges and replaces them with Peoples Judges, then the EU will always be put before the constitution.

alanorei said...


Please keep banging on about this. Its importance cannot be overestimated.

As Ashley Mote pointed out in Vigilance, A Defence of British Liberty, ISBN 0-9540124-0-2, p 101-2, "The British Constitution is a written constitution, contrary to popular belief."

As you'll be aware, it is embodied in Magna Carta and the great documents of state compiled in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, Act of Settlement, Bill of Rights etc.

And in the Coronation Oath, although it was tampered with in 1910.

These documents demonstrate the illegality of Britain's EU membership and the treason of those that got this nation into the EU - and who aim to betray Britain finally to the EU via the 'Reform' Treaty next May.

I appreciate that such items may well be archived on your blog but please keep them to the fore. They transcend even Islam and immigration.

Anonymous said...


Channel 4 vindicated over Undercover Mosque:;jsessionid=GZQZDV4CP11NLQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/11/19/nofcom219.xml

The program -

Another "program" -


The bagman cometh -
"Developed countries have historic responsibility for causing climate change ... "
That's right gordon - it's all whiteys fault isn't it.