Monday 5 November 2007

The Masses and their Massers

For those 'stupids' out there that think we live in a democracy heres a primer as regards the facts for you ;

We do not live in a Democracy - we live in a Corporatocracy under the Rule of the Tyranny of the Minorities ( the media, judges, corporations, ethnic pressure groups and immigrant lobby groups both socialist left and capitalist right )

A democracy is based on the will of the MAJORITY of the PEOPLE freely excercised.

We live in a country where the interests of minorities take precedence over the rights of the Majority.

Democracy comes from Demos Kratos - the Greek for People Power.

Note how power comes from the PEOPLE.

In Britain, and all modern civilisations, power does not come from the people.

There are in fact three 'Power Structures ' in our society ABOVE that of the people.

The first of these, and the most powerful and dangerous, is the MEDIA.

The MEDIA use their power to condition peoples minds and to get them to vote for the political parties they support. The media propagandise the political parties they wnt elected and then those political parties once in power do what the corporations that own the media want them to do.

The political parties, and the whore politicians, serve the corporations that own the media not the PEOPLE.

The media use what is defined as 'Paradigm Control' to ensure that public opinion, and the bounds of what is regarded as politically and socially acceptable in society, is defined by solely by the Media.

Those political parties that the media do not own and control are labelled as 'extremists' by the media so the masses, with sheep like docility, will not vote for them - and instead will continue to vote for the whore parties and whore politicians owned and controlled by the corporations that control the media.

This technique of ' Social Control By The Media ' has been used since the early days of the Milner Group -

This influence was not exercised by acting directly on public opinion, since the Milner Group never intended to influence events by acting through any instruments of mass propaganda, but rather hoped to work on the opinions of the small group of "important people," who in turn could influence wider and wider circles of persons. This was the basis on which the Milner Group itself was constructed; it was the theory behind the Rhodes Scholarships; it was the theory behind "The Round Table and the Royal Institute of International Affairs; it was the theory behind the efforts to control All Souls, New College, and Balliol and, through these three, to control Oxford University; and it was the theory behind The Times. No effort was made to win a large circulation for The Times, for, in order to obtain such a circulation, it would have been necessary to make changes in the tone of the paper that would have reduced its influence with the elite, to which it had been so long directed. The theory of "the elite" was accepted by the Milner Group and by The Times, as it was by Rhodes.

{p. 114} The Times was to be a paper for the people who are influential, and not for the masses. The Times was influential, but the degree of its influence would never be realized by anyone who examined only the paper itself. The greater part of its influence arose from its position as one of several branches of a single group, the Milner Group. By the interaction of these various branches on one another, under the pretense that each branch was an autonomous power, the influence of each branch was increased through a process of mutual reinforcement. The unanimity among the various branches was believed by the outside world to be the result of the influence of a single Truth, while really it was the result of the existence of a single group. Thus, a statesman (a member of the Group) announces a policy. About the same time, the Royal Institute of International Affairs publishes a study on the subject, and an Oxford don, a Fellow of All Souls (and a member of the Group) also publishes a volume on the subject (probably through a publishing house, like G. Bell and Sons or Faber and Faber, allied to the Group). The statesman's policy is subjected to critical analysis and final approval in a "leader" in The Times, while the two books are reviewed (in a single review) in The Times Literary Supplement. Both the "leader" and the review are anonymous but are written by members of the Group.

And finally, at about the same time, an anonymous article in The Round Table strongly advocates the same policy. The cumulative effect of such tactics as this, even if each tactical move influences only a small number of important people, is bound to be great. If necessary, the strategy can be carried further, by arranging for the secretary to the Rhodes Trustees to go to America for a series of "informal discussions" with former Rhodes Scholars, while a prominent retired statesman (possibly a former Viceroy of India) is persuaded to say a few words at the unveiling of a plaque in All Souls or New College in honor of some deceased Warden. By a curious coincidence, both the "informal discussions" in America and the unveiling speech at Oxford touch on the same topical subject.

{in a "democracy", such "agenda-setting" by an elite is a process of "seeding" public opinion.}

The next layer of power in our so called 'democracy' are the Judges.

The Judges are able to strike down any laws passed by the politicians. Judges are not voted into power and are not accountable to the people. The Judges in our country are infected with Leftist and Liberal activists following the Gramscian infiltrationist methodology who are using the law ( The ECHR, EU law etc ) to strike down laws which are designed to benefit the British people. These judges serve the interests of the corporations, the left and the immigrant / ethnic lobby groups. The Judges are the enforcement mechanism of the Tyranny of the Minorities. They take the laws passed by the whore politicians, then distort them and change them so they fit the interests of their particular masters.

Most Judges do not serve the interests of Justice or the British people, they serve the interests of the 'shadow government' - that is the corporations, the left, the ethnics and the immigrants.

The next layer are the whore politicians - they serve the interests of the media and the corporations that own / advertise in the media. Without the support of the media the whore politicians do not get elected.

The final - and weakest layer of power in our democracy - are the PEOPLE.

The people are lied too by the media, lied too by the politicians, used by the Judges and finally expected to trot along to the ballot box like conditioned slaves and vote for their 'massers'.

This the masses do like the conditioned slaves they are.

This then brings us to todays article in the Telegraph.

General Musharraf understands how the power structures in Pakistan operate.

The Imams control the Islamists. The Judges serve their particular masters either Liberals or Islamists. The lawyers work for either the Islamists or the Liberals. The media either support the Islamists or the Liberals.

Not one of these sections of society cares about the Pakistani nation or state. They each serve ONLY their own particular sectarian interests.

Therefore Musharraf has acted to shut down these power structures and ensure the survival of the Pakistani nation and state from those Islamists and Liberals that threaten to destroy it.

The Telegraph , with outstanding hypocritical arrogance , has today attacked Musharraf for his 'anti-democratic coup' - coming from a newspaper that is one of the primary agents of the Corporatocracy, the Tyranny of the Minorities and the British Shadow Government, this is laughable.

Musharrafs crime is that he has dismantled the anti-democratic mechanisms in Pakistani society that are destroying the Pakistani nation and State. That includes the shutting down of the media - the primary enemy of democracy in every society.

This is what the Telegraph says ;

" General Musharraf's primary aim was to cleanse the Supreme Court bench. That he has achieved — all its judges have been forced to resign and several, including the Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, are under arrest. The Supreme Court had become a major irritant for military rule, and was due to rule on a petition whether Gen Musharraf could remain president for another five years. "

This is because Musharraf understands that the Judges in Pakistan, as in Britain, are mechanisms for the Islamists and Liberals to use to destroy the Pakistani nation and state. Therefore he has dealt with them the way he should deal with all terrorists.

The Taliban terrorist may plant the bombs, but the Judges free the terrorists to commit the crimes and strike down the laws, such as they do in the UK, that are designed to prevent the terrorists from operating.

" Thus the emergency's first target is not the extremists terrorising northern Pakistan, but the democratic, secular elite. Dozens of judges, lawyers and human rights workers have been arrested while more have gone underground to avoid arrest. Journalists and the media are being targeted and harassed in an unprecedented manner.

Asma Jehangir, Pakistan's leading human rights activist, who is now under house arrest, appealed yesterday to the American and British governments "to stop all support of the unstable dictator".

NGO's are nothing more than front groups for foreign governments to interfere in foreign countries without using their bombs, troops or their intelligence services.

The Human Rights activists are the groups that assist, fund , support and represent the interests of the terrorists in every nation. Just as the US funded NGO's were involved in the Ukranian Orange Revolution - so the NGO's and 'human rights groups' in Pakistan were tools of foreign Wahhabist Islamist powers - mainly Saudi Arabian who fund those groups.

The Telegraph does not care about democracy in Pakistan , it cares only that the Tory Party carries on being its compliant whore.

The Telegraph is owned by the Barclay brothers.

The Barclay Brothers are both Conservative party members and donors to the Tory Party. Their support via the Telegraph is worth tens of millions of pounds in free advertising.

As soon as the Barclay Brothers took over the Telegraph they sacked the only decent journalist on the paper Mark Steyn.

The Spectator, owned by the Telegraph group, is now edited by the simpering chinless wonder, Matthew d'Ancona, is also a Pro-Tory magazine.

For all those mugs that think we have a 'free press' in this country, you need to get a grip.

The price of a 'free press' is lies, the Tyranny of the Minorities, the Corporatocracy and a pseudo-democracy where the media decide who gets elected.

Good for Musharraff for realising where the real 'anti-power' resides in his country and for taking action to deal with it.


Anonymous said...

A stunning insight, one that needs WIDE circulation.

Anonymous said...

Most newspapers now include in their columns blog comment, I guess many BNP'ers comment on these blogs. DT, DM, Times etc.

Though comments are moderated through the PC filter, fairly candid views can be expressed.
Are these blogs nothing more than keystroke punch bags or do they have some merit - what do you think?

Most ordinary folk are not overly concerned with politics per se, but this will change as things get worse.

This is the sort of information that needs to be got through to people - so that they can see through the whole charade of what is mockingly called democracy.

The best way to identify Britain's opponents in the media is to make note of those who vilify the BNP with the required prefix of Nazi, Thug, Racist etc.