Monday 19 November 2007

The Fighter and the Fop

There are two stories that illustrate perfectly how insane, weak, degenerate, cowardly and pathetic our country and society has become.

The first concerns the news that Prison Officers are wearing slippers at work instead of boots so they do not disturb the sleep of the paedophiles and killers they guard for fear of breaching their human rights ;

It appears that Prisons are now like creches, wear the poor little sleeping darlings must not be disturbed by the nasty prison officers.

The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum / Prison / government/ MI5/ MI6 / Police.

The second concerns the report in the Guardian about how Labour ministers are surrendering to Islamist extremists and their liberal apologists ;,00.html

Counter-terrorism officials are rethinking their approach to tackling the radicalisation of Muslim youth, abandoning what they admit has been offensive and inappropriate language. They say the term "war on terror" will no longer be heard from ministers. Instead, they will use less emotive language, emphasising the criminal nature of the plots and conspiracies. The government in future, they add, will talk of a "struggle" against extremist ideology, rather than a "battle".

"We hadn't got the message right," said one senior official. He added: "We must talk in a language which is not offensive." Another said that the terrorist threat must not be described as a "Muslim problem".

A senior official eh - you mean one of the idiots who lives on the public purse and is paid to talk total bollocks and whose success so far in fighting the Islamist terrorists has been NIL.

Dependiong on the those who have failed in the past for solutions in the future is the epitome of stupidity. Only in government and the civil service is incompetence rewarded and promoted.

Arse licking is all thats required to succeed in New Labours New Britain, the country where Gordon Brown-nosing has become literally the best way to get on.

Here we see the suicide of a civilisation right before our eyes.

The collapse of a country and a culture can only occur when its ruling elites are complicit in the collapse, and here we see how this is happening.

Wearing slippers in prisons so as not to disturb murderers and saying the Islamist terrorist threat we face is not a Muslim problem, are both examples of a nation that is entering the final stage of morbidity. Our country has been left paralysed and defenceless by the gutless, cringing, servile, treasonous, pernicious scum that run it.

The Islamist terrorism problem we face is a Muslim problem, primarily as Muslims are the primary victims of the problem. At the same time as the Islamists seek to slaughter the Kafir, they also seek to murder the apostates.

It is the Muslim community who are the primary victims of Islamism at the same time as the Muslim community is the swamp from which the Islamists draw their terrorist recruits, funding and support.

Islamist terrorism is not criminality, as criminality is not defined by its political or theological motivation. Islamist terrorism is simply Islamists terrorism, which is designed to terrorise Muslim and non-Muslim nations into surrendering to the theological demands of the terrorists.

It is ironic that the same IRA arselickers in the Labour government who used to call the IRA 'soldiers' and that theirs was a 'political struggle' have now reversed their stance completely when it comes to Islamist terrorism. Islamists who use violence are called criminals, whilst the IRA were called soldiers.

Just as the Labour government refused to call the IRA terrorists, they now refuse to call the Islamists terrorists.

Crime may have profit as a motive or passion. Criminals seek their reward financially.

Terrorism has either a political or theological motive.

Islamist terrorism seek its reward in heaven or to impose a theological code on society.

Planting a bomb on the London Tube in the name of Al Qaeda or the palestinian people or any other number of bogus greivances, is terrorism not criminality.

The reason why this change of emphasis is being used by the Labour government is because Gordon Brown now realises just how dependent he is for the Muslim vote.

Just as Cameron is dependent upon Immigration being an issue for him to win the next election, Brown knows that unless he recaptures the Muslim vote then he wont win the next election.

What this change of emphasis suggests is quite alarming for the non-Muslim British people.

It suggests that Brown has realised is that a substantial portion of the British Muslim population are active supporters of the Islamist terrorists. Brown therefore must get them on board as well as the moderate muslims. The change in the approach to Islamist violence suggests that ;

1) A very large proportion of the Muslim population support Islamism

2) That Brown needs their votes to get him back into power

3) That the government has realised that all its previous strategies to deal with Islamist terrorism have failed.

The most frightening thing of all is what this new stance portends. It suggests that instead of the government becoming more tough with the Islamists, they have chosen to choose the soft licking their arse option.

Just as tens of thousands of Islamists are present in our country forming cells to attack us, the government have chosen the soft option on dealing with them.

That places us all at risk of murder and maiming, muslims and non-muslims alike.

I am sure that Muslim youth who idolise Osama Bin Laden will be soooooo impressed by Gordon Browns cabal of butt licking lisping popinjays from the civil service being sent to talk them out of being ' wadicals who are wery wery naughty cwiminals '.

Islamism is a force that is an expression of vigorous male energy as Islam is a singularly paternalistic religion. Islamist terrorism is virtually totally male dominated, it is thrusting and aggressive, and it seeks to penetrate nations by force, as it is based on Jihad which is an aspect of rape. This is why the sword and the bullet, which are the main weapons of Jihad, are the basis of most terrorist attacks as both are penetrative weapons. The terrorist bomb is also an symbolic male orgasm. The suicide bomber through the explosion of the bomb on his back seeks sexual release.

The young males on 7/7 carrying their bombs on their backs in the London Underground had symbolically entered the vagina ( the tunnels in the earth ) and then sought an orgasm when the bomb exploded.

The symbolism of Islamist terrorism is clear to those with eyes to see it.

Islamist terrorism exists as an expression of sublimated male sexuality due to the fetishisation of female purity in Islam and the resulting aggression such sublimated sexuality causes especially in young males.

Sexual repression in males always expresses itself as a mania, and the expression of male sexual repression in Islam is Islamist Terrorism.

This is why the Islamist terrorists talk about white women being 'sluts' for going to nightclubs and meeting blokes, that our society is degenerate (eg pornographic) and why they hate seeing images of scantily clad women and paint over adverts in places like London and Birmngham that show women in bikinis. One group even wanted to bomb nightclubs, whilst the Islamist terrorist who self roasted himself at Glasgow airport actually planted a bomb outside a London nightclub. They cannot stand seeing sexual images as they inflame their sublimated urges and drive them to murderous rage. This is why the Taliban force women to wear the veils - not for the 'protection' of the women but to stop the men themselves being driven to sexual rage and temptations by the sight of female beauty. This is also why rape and gang rapes are so prevalent in Islamic societies and in Islamic immigrant communities such as in France. This is also why they seek to groom young white girls into being prostitutues in araes like Leeds and the North of England.

Islamist violence is an aspect of sexual terrorism.

Islamist terrorism is an emanation of a male dominated religion, culture and psyche.

The way to defeat this male force is to meet with a similarly vigorous male response - terror with terror.

Instead Gordon Brown and his limp dicked cabal of advisers, many of whom are ex-public school boys sodomised throughout their schooling, or are liberals dominated by their female sides, are unable to understand the nature of the religion itself nor why so many young men fall prey to it. They are not men in the government or civil service, they are the pathetic remnants of men - the Liberal New Men or Eunuchs as they were once called, the feminine men of a feminised society.

As the Native Americans realised you cannot win a war when you are led by Berdaches -to win wars you need to be led by warriors, not half women.

Whilst White British youth (who are not Christian fanatics like Gordon Brown) are busy getting laid most days and drunk most nights - Muslim young men either have to get married to get sex or go without. This causes massive aggression problems.

This is why those young men in society who are busy getting laid are usually the ones least likely to cause trouble.

The government and its cabal of feminised advisers want to make Britain Islamism's bitch.

They want us to stick our arses in the air, pull our cheeks apart and then say to the terrorists ' We`surrender ', just as many of them once did, and still do.

This is why we need to have a strong nationalistic party to deal with Islam, and to force the 99.99999 % of young men who are muslim terrorists, who are impressed by Islamism.

Perhaps Gordon Brown and his advisers should be asking themselves why it is that nearly all of the terrorists in Islamism are males and why so few are females.

When he understands that Islam and Male Muslims, who are raised in the mindset of the strong male archetype, are impressed only by STRENGTH and not weakness, then we will be a lot safer as a society - and he might start winning a few Muslim MALE minds , as the males are the ones that are doing the killings and bombings.

It is not Muslim women we need to win over but Muslim males - and for that we need to display strength and certainty.

when you put Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist fighter , next to Gordon Brown, the labour happy clappy 'love the world ' Christian, then who will young muslim males be impressed by.

The Fighter or the Fop.

I think the answer is pretty clear dont you, except for the fops in government and the civil service.

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