Sunday 4 November 2007

"YOU VILL INTEGRATE OR ELSE " say Liberal Fascists

More plans for social engineering by the Liberal Fascist elite ;

Not content with destroying White working class communities in the 1950's and 1960's, they now want to break up ethnic enclaves and force them to 'integrate'.

Just as the break up of the old white working class communities in the 1950's and 1960's created the vast epidemic of social problems we see today - the Middle Class Liberal Fascists now want to do the same to ethnic families.

In the old white working class communities the nuclear family and the extended family lived in kin based communities, where each could assist the other. If the parents needed time out then the kids could go and stay with gran down the street. If mum was ill then the aunts and uncles along the road would help her out. If the young couple had financial problems the entire family would help them out. If Granny was ill then instead of relying on the state to send a carer to help her, the extended family would all come together to help her. When the kids played in the streets the entire family could keep an eye on them and keep them out of trouble. Every family and person had a direct stake in their local communty, for it was where the family and the extended family all lived. The extended family network that was at the heart of the old working class kin based community was the glue that held the community together. When the white working class communities were torn apart during the 1960's and the families moved out and split up - then the family and extended family network was itself destroyed.

This destruction of extended families and kin based communities then destroyed the basis of the family itself which was marriage.

Before the era of the Liberal Fascist social engineering schemes, Young couples would get married so they could get on the council housing list and would wait to be given a home next door to their parents or other family members in their kin based communities. The waiting list was only for local people and was used to reinforce and sustain the extended family networks in kin based communities.

The Liberal Fascists changed the housing rules in the late 1960's so that the waiting list based on communities was replaced with 'need' relating to individuals and this thereby rewarded the single mother and the immigrant instead of the married couple. The unmarried homeless single mum or the immigrant with three children went to the top of the housing list as they were said to be more in 'need' of the housing, whilst the married couple went to the bottom of the housing list. This simple change in the allocation of council housing spawned the benefit culture and trans-generational welfare dependency we have today.

The Liberal Fascist social engineering plans of the 1960's were a crime against humanity. They created the epidemic of crime and social problems we have today. When the married couple was punished for getting married by no longer being rewarded with a council home then marriage went into decline, single parenthood rose and families, extended families and kin based communities were destroyed. This simple change in the allocation of social housing resulted in the creation of the normalisation of welfare dependency as it destroyed the family, the extended family and kin based communities the same time as it rewarded social and sexual irresponsibility.

The middle class social engineers still streat the working class like pawns on a chessboard. They are moved around from one poverty stricked location to the next to ensure that they remain forvere alienated and checkmated.

These social engineering plans for the working class and ethnic families always involve moving them from one poor area to another poor area.

They never involve the working class being moved from a poor area and into a nice middle class area, or into a nice detached house in the countryside or next door to any of the middle class morons that write these reports.

Never must the King and Queen, the Bishop and the Knight live next door to the Pawn.

For those ethnic families who will consider taking part in this scheme take a drive around the multi-cultural areas of London, Liverpool and Manchester.

If you survive the experience then realise that is the future in store for you. Your kids will grow up as messed up as those kids on the estates they want you to move into.

For your own sakes, as we in the White working class have learnt, stay within your own ethnic enclaves.

When the Liberal Fascists say ' Do as we say ' instead of ' Do as we do ' then simply tell them to fuck off.


Red and White said...

I also liked the link to the "Migrants can enter Britain in 73 ways" article. Why don't we just scrap that list of 73 ways and say "just come on in"?

Either the British government has gone mad or I have.

Anonymous said...

What the liberal fascists have done to the East End of London is a crime against humanity. The East End has been ethnically cleansed of white people which is against the UN convention on human rights.

Resolution 1994.45, quote: All indigenous peoples have a right to survival as a basic human right.

I lived in the East End in the 1950's and people really did leave their street doors open all day without fear. Everybody knew everybody else and they looked out for each other.

This latest insane plan to force people to integrate will be opposed by the ethnics as much as by the whites. They no more want to integrate with us as we do with them. With all this going on you would think people would be falling over backwards to vote BNP but they are not. This is largely due to the Nationalist idiots of the past with their anti-Jewish rants and their Hitler worship. I have had experience of this on the doorstep when canvassing. People have said to me "I had enough of fighting you lot during the war".

Defender of Liberty said...

My nan came from Lewisham and one of the old white working class communities that the idiot leftists destoyed - the impact of their actions is the Broken Society of today.

As for the anti-Jewish idiots in the BNP. Those people make me sick. I am frequently accused of being Jewish because I fight against anti-semitism in nationalism.

I regard the Jewish community and the way they have taken care of their own people as the ethno-centric model we should follow and adopt.

They should be congratulated and envied for their intelligence and for keeping their community alive.