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The Carlyle Group - The Ultimate Corporation

More on the Carlyle Group - note how they have employed a guard of ex-presidents and prime ministers to protect them as a corporation.

There is no chance of any court impeaching two ex-presidents with treason and investigating a corporation with the ex-British Prime Minister John Major on its board and Baroness Symon protecting Carylye with Dick Cheney ;

As documented in the widely circulating broadside, "BAE Scandal Demands Cheney's Immediate Impeachment," Vice President Dick Cheney attempted to bury the BAE scandal in both Britain and the United States, precisely because investigation of this $80-100 billion British/Saudi slush fund could reveal the authors of very "black" Anglo-American covert intelligence operations, amongst them 9/11. According to British and other news accounts, Cheney prevailed upon Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.K. Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to shut down the British Serious Fraud Office's investigation of BAE, on "national security" grounds.

Ongoing investigations also shed new light on the role of Cheney crony Baroness Elizabeth Symons in covering up the BAE operation and in British black propaganda attacks on Cheney's leading U.S. political antagonist, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Based on this background, it is hardly remarkable that Symons baldly proclaimed to Reuters news agency on Feb. 27, 2007, that the British criminal investigation of BAE was shut down because there was no evidence of bribery—"the reason they did not find anything is because there was nothing to find." Symons' attempt to bury the matter occurred just at the time that the cries of "coverup" were reaching a crescendo in the British press, and major investigations of BAE were developing internationally.

This is the ultimate corporation.

Defense investments represent about 1% of the Carlyle group's current portfolio though this translates, for example, into a 33.8% ownership of QinetiQ, the UK's recently privatized defence company. This means they must be making a fortune from kit ordered by the British government and now being sent to Afghanistan and Iraq. Carlyle also has a stake in BAE.

Now we also know the real reason why the Labour Government cancelled the trial of BAE for bribery - its because the trail leads back to the Carlyle group and international money laundering.

Carlyle is the largest private equity firm located in Washington, D.C. - its corporate headquarters are located on Pennsylvania Avenue. Some have also linked Carlyle to some of lesser-known companies that have been linked to US Intelligence, such as Centre Analytics and In-Q-Tel.

In the book House of Bush, House of Saud, author Craig Unger states that Saudi Arabian interests have given $1.4 billion to firms connected to the Bush family. Nearly 85% of the $1.4 billion, or about $1.18 billion, refers to Saudi Arabian government contracts awarded to defense contractor BDM in the early to mid 1990s. Carlyle, however, sold its interest in BDM before former President George H. W. Bush joined as an advisor.

The Saudi Arabian relatives of Osama bin Laden were also investors in Carlyle until October 2001 when the family sold its $2.02 million investment back to the firm in light of the public controversy surrounding bin Laden’s family after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The bin Laden family has publicly disowned the al-Qaeda leader.[5] Osama bin Laden has not publicly known or acknowledged economic interest in Saudi Binladin Group (SBG), whose investments were in part managed by the Carlyle Group until the arrangement was terminated by mutual consent.

Great video on Carlylr Group here ;

The BAE Axis into Riggs, Carlyle and Bush
Posted: 2007/07/05

"Our investigation is now bringing to light a nexus of action and an institutional interlock between Riggs Bank, the host of the BAE slush funds; the Bush-family-tied CARLYLE GROUP, which is the U.S.-based corporate partner of BAE; and the Bush networks in government"

(LPAC) - Covert billions that the British poured into American bank accounts of former Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, originating with the BAE Systems-Saudi Arabia Al-Yamamah deal went through Washington DC-based Riggs Bank, as recent headline coverage in the British press on the BAE scandal has revealed. Our investigation is now bringing to light a nexus of action and an institutional interlock between Riggs Bank, the host of the BAE slush funds; the Bush-family-tied CARLYLE GROUP, which is the U.S.-based corporate partner of BAE; and the Bush networks in government.

JOHN CARTER BEESE, JR., a veteran of the Bush-connected Baltimore investment bank ALEXANDER BROWN & SONS over most of a 20-year span, was a pivotal figure in the founding of the merger-and-acquisition giant private equity fund, Carlyle Group.

Beese's contacts with the Bush networks go back at least as far as 1980, when he was the financial co-chairman of George Herbert Walker Bush's failed Presidential bid. It was at that time that Beese is said to have met Bush's Texas friend JOE ALBRITTON, just when Allbritton was buying into Riggs Bank. Bush had previously become director of Allbritton's Houston Interstate Bank after leaving his post as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1976. Allbritton would eventually control 41% of Riggs' stock, and Beese would become a Riggs executive in 1998.

Beese, who committed suicide earlier this year, began his career with ALEXANDER BROWN in 1978, directly after graduating from Rollins College in Florida, where he had befriended Dubya's brother Marvin. Beese evidently became the protege of Alexander Brown's chief executive A.B. "BUZZY" KRONGARD, and by 1987, at the age of 30, Beese had become a principal of the Brown firm.

That same year, 1987, Beese became a founding director of the Carlyle Group, along with a small handful of people closely aligned with then-Vice President George H. W. Bush.

Beese was central in arranging the funding for Carlyle, which likely ran through Alexander Brown, and, reportedly, Mellon networks.

After helping to create Carlyle, Beese then shifted into the federal government, taking a George H.W. Bush appointment in 1990 as the director of the Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC), an office which directs government aid to U.S. corporations doing business abroad.

In 1992, Beese became a Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, where he was "a strong voice for 'market-based solutions' to securities regulatory issues."

In other words, he sought to essentially abolish the organization he was working for. In 1994, with this experience under his belt, Beese went back to Alexander Brown.

In 1998, after having previously carrying out a bond sale for them through Alexander Brown, Beese joined Riggs Bank directly. Beese convinced his old friend Joe Allbritton to set up a $100-million venture capital division called Riggs Capital Partners, which Beese then chaired. While not much is known about this division's activities, this is just after Riggs had absorbed J. Bush & Co., the private banking business of Dubya's uncle (George H.W. Bush's brother) Jonathan Bush. Jonathan Bush had founded his business in 1970, with the explicit intent of "provid[ing] discreet banking services for the Washington D.C. embassies."

Investigators would later report that it was in 1998 that overseers first began to note irregularities in Riggs' activities.

In 2001, Beese became a director of Riggs, with specific responsibility for compliance issues--in other words, keeping the bank clear of regulatory oversight.

Carlyle Links to BAE Bribing Crisis ;

June 28, 2007 (LPAC)--Carlyle Group, -- the private equity group closely linked to British BAE Systems, which is in the middle of the "scandal of the century" and multiple U.S. and foreign investigations,-- has announced a takeover of a division of General Motors. Both BAE Systems and the Swedish Bofors Defence Group which BAE bought from Carlyle, are accused of bribing government officials on a large scale all over the world, to get big defense contracts, and building up slush funds for political use, through these contracts.

On the same day Carlyle announced the planned takeover of GM's Allison Transmissions division for $5.6 billion, Carlyle had to cut back a scheduled IPO of a bond investment fund, because of increasing liquidity problems on the speculative junk-bond markets on which Carlyle plays. Many financial analysts are now fearfully forecasting the failure of some large private-equity "leveraged takeover," bringing on a general junk-market collapse--and Carlyle's GM takeover could well be the one to fall apart.

Carlyle Group in 2005 sold BAE Systems a large chunk of its U.S.-based military contracting corporate group, until then known as United Defense Industries. It also sold Bofors to BAE that year. BAE is now trying to add to that, Armor Holdings, the firm which makes armor for U.S. Armed Forces' Humvees.

For the U.S. auto industry, the takeover, if it goes through, will mean seven more technologically productive and well-tooled plants, and 4,000 employees--all in the Indianapolis, Indiana area--going under the control of speculative private-equity funds and hedge funds, along with Chrysler Corp., GMAC, Delphi Corp., and scores of smaller firms. Allison Transmission also has 1,500 distributors and dealers in 80 countries.

Carlyle has a junior partner in the planned takeover, the Canada-based private-equity group Onex Corp.

Carlyle group, Dick Cheney and the Balkans War profiteering - the start of the cash cow

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alanorei said...

Re: This and 9/11 posts

Interesting that in the Old Testament, even the Devil is described as a merchant in Ezekiel 28.

Corporatism clearly goes way back.

Another interesting fact, one organisation has for centuries successfully combined leading roles in economics, politics and religion - this last being the means of inciting sacrificial death, as you indicate w.r.t. to suicide terrorists, who don't perceive themselves as dying for big business, though they do in reality.

That organisation is the Vatican, Revelation 17, 18.

The pope is worth monitoring. He is arguably the richest man on earth.