Monday 19 November 2007

The Religion of Peace


There is no veil that can shield you forever,
from the truth of your crimes,
when your conscience finally comes whispering,
one dark night, its voice as booming,
as the bombs you once detonated.

This carnage you call worship is insanity, a madness forbidden,
for what God seeks to be fed on flesh and bones,
to be offered on altars its sacred creations,
or seeks ravening praise with profanities, the agony
of the innocent, giving glory to the killer.

Does your God gaze down with pride at all this death,
the rotting belt fed bodies, shell casings and chaos,
and is this the profit that your Prophet sought,
when the angel spoke of all men being brothers in alms
no victory but loss beneath the Crescent and Cross.

When will it be enough, so that no more streams of blood
need flood from the veins of a child in pain,
whose life was the price of the hate you inflamed,
until the silence can finally confirm all your doubts,
at the absence of the angels of your angry God.

Take a moment to ask yourself a simple question,
as simple as a breath, is God Love or is God hate ?
is to kill in Gods name Haram or is it Heavens Gate,
so beware the lie whose path urges murder and sin,
for devils not angels shall await you within.

Was our moon set in the sky as a silvern Jambiya
so that we stumble on stones in the dark,
our world brought forth into being by a hateful hand
the light of the Sun merely a lie to blind us,
or were they meant to guide us and lead us home.

There have been 10,000 separate terrorist attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11.
For those Liberals that seek to propagandise Islam as a religion solely of peace, here is an interesting list of the terrorist attacks undertaken by Islamists in the name of Islam in the last two months ;

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
11/18/2007 Afghanistan Uruzgan 5 0 Five local policemen are kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by religious extremists, who hang the mutilated bodies on display.

11/17/2007 Pakistan Parachinar 46 50 Another forty-six people are killed in sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shia.

11/17/2007 Iraq Baghdad 30 0 Thirty Shia bodies, many of them children, are dicovered in a house in a predominantly Sunni area.

11/17/2007 Iraq Mosul 10 0 Ten people are gunned down or found dead at the hands of Sunni terrorists.

11/17/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 6 Two civilians on a minibus are killed in a roadside bomber attack by Islamists.
11/17/2007 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 2 An Afghan civilian is killed by a suicide bomber.
11/17/2007 Pakistan Mir Ali 1 0 A woman is killed by an al-Qadea bomb planted outside her home.
11/16/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A 'street boy' is killed when Islamic terrorists attack a group of Ugandan peacekeepers.
11/16/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 42-year-old hospital worker is murdered by Islamic gunmen on his way to work.
11/16/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four local policemen are blown to bits by a bomb planted by religious extremists.
11/16/2007 Iraq Sadiyah 2 0 Two brothers are kidnapped and murdered by sectarian rivals.
11/16/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 13 0 Religious extremists kill thirteen local police in two ambushes in eastern provinces.
11/16/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 1 Taliban kill two newly-married women with a rocket assault on their vehicle.
11/16/2007 Pakistan Parachinar 45 100 At least forty people, including two doctors, are killed in a bitter street clash between Sunni and Shia.
11/15/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 6 24 Children walking to school account for the bulk of casualties as a suicide car bomber detonates in front of them. Six are killed.
11/15/2007 Iraq Mahaweel 1 0 A 25-year-old woman is tortured to death by militant Muslims.
11/15/2007 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A female school principal is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
11/15/2007 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 3 Two local soldiers are killed in separate terror bombings by Taliban militants.
11/15/2007 Afghanistan Paktia 3 0 A teacher, killed for teaching English, is among three people shot to death by the Taliban.
11/15/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamic terrorists open fire on an off-duty policeman sitting in his truck, killing him.
11/15/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A woman is shot and killed by Muslim terrorists while riding home with her daughter.
11/14/2007 Iraq Hilla 2 10 Two people are killed by a Fedayeen suicide attack on a home.
11/14/2007 Iraq Iskandariya 2 6 A suicide bomber kills two Iraqis at a tribal chiefs meeting.
11/14/2007 India Srinagar 1 0 Islamists assassinate a political leader outside a mosque.
11/14/2007 Tajikistan Dushanbe 1 0 A street-sweeper is killed by a bomb planted outside a government building.
11/14/2007 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 A police officer is assassinated by Muslim separatists as he leaves his home.
11/14/2007 Pakistan Saidu Sharif 4 4 Two civilians are among four killed when Islamic militants fire rockets into an airport.
11/13/2007 Iraq Mosul 5 0 A woman and child are among five people killed by Islamic terrorists.
11/13/2007 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Islamic fundamentalists kill a 12-year-old boy inside an Internet cafe with a planted bomb.
11/13/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 A policeman is killed in his car along with his 13-year-old son. The boy's mother is injured in the Sunni attack.
11/13/2007 Philippines Manila 4 9 A lawmaker, his driver and two staffers are blown apart by a bomb planted by Muslim militants.
11/13/2007 Iraq Qadir Kam 5 0 al-Qaeda is suspected to be behind the brutal slaying of a family of five in their home.
11/12/2007 Pal. Auth. Gaza 7 50 Hamas gunmen open fire on an Arafat rally, killing seven participants.
11/12/2007 Pakistan Miranshah 1 9 Talibanis bomb a convoy of vehicles, killing a local soldier.
11/12/2007 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 Fundamentalists gun down a university professor.
11/11/2007 Afghanistan Herat 6 1 Six tribal elders are brutally ambushed and shot to death by Islamic radicals.
11/11/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two local guards are gunned down at a market by Islamic militia.
11/11/2007 Iraq Baqubah 1 1 Sunni gunmen attack a university, killing one student.
11/11/2007 Iraq Baghdad 8 9 A 12-year-old girl is among eight innocents killed by Islamic terrorists in various attacks.
11/11/2007 India Sopore 1 0 Islamic militants ambush a road-opening ceremony, killing a security guard.
11/11/2007 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 A suicide bomber takes out three Afghan civilians.
11/11/2007 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 A woman and two children are killed when Talibanis use them as human shields.
11/11/2007 India Kishtwar 1 0 A political activist is kidnapped and murdered by the Mujahideen.
11/10/2007 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 3 A civilian is killed in an attack by a Fedayeen bomber.
11/10/2007 Iraq Baghdad 16 30 Sixteen people are killed in various attacks by Islamic terrorists around the country.
11/10/2007 India Baramulla 1 6 Mujahideen kill one police officer in an attack on a hotel.
11/9/2007 Pakistan Peshawar 4 3 Four people are killed when a suicide bomber on foot darts into their home.
11/9/2007 Afghanistan Zabul 4 2 Religious extremists murder four local cops by firing point-blank into their vehicle.
11/9/2007 Iraq Baqubah 1 6 Islamic terroists kill a child in a bomb attack on a family.
11/9/2007 Iraq Albu Ajeel 3 3 Three villagers are killed in an assault by Muslim gunmen.
11/9/2007 Iraq Balad Ruz 3 5 Three children are killed in a Jihad mortar attack.
11/9/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two civilians are shot to death by Muslim radicals while talking out on their front yard.
11/9/2007 Iraq Khalis 7 4 Seven Iraqis are murdered in a suicide bombing.
11/9/2007 India Pattan 4 3 Lashkar-e-Toiba militants gun down four local soldiers.
11/9/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 A woman and her son are murdered by Islamic gunmen while walking home.
11/9/2007 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two male gynaecologists are killed by Islamic fundamentalists determined that men should not see the private parts of women.
11/8/2007 Iraq Garma 6 4 Radical Sunnis kill six local cops with a roadside bomb.
11/8/2007 Afghanistan Zabul 7 0 Seven local cops are brutally ambushed and murdered by religious extremists.
11/8/2007 Pakistan Tank 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down by Sunni radicals.
11/8/2007 Iraq Tal Asquf 1 5 One woman is killed, and five others injured, when a Fedayeen bomber detonates at a campaign office.
11/8/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A local businessman is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
11/8/2007 Pakistan Bannu 1 0 The Mujahideen shoot a man to death inside his home.
11/8/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 59-year-old civilian is gunned down outside his home by Islamic militants.
11/8/2007 Iraq Mandali 12 0 Twelve Iraqis are killed over a 24-hour period by Islamic terrorists.
11/7/2007 Pal. Auth. Nablus 1 2 Terrorists kill a fellow Palestinian in a roadside attack. The victim was a laborer.
11/7/2007 Thailand Yala 1 5 Islamists attack a security patrol, killing one member.
11/7/2007 Thailand Pattani 3 1 Three policemen are killed by a powerful Muslim bomb that throws them into a canal.
11/7/2007 Iraq Hashimiyat 17 0 Seventeen kidnap victims are found bound and executed.
11/7/2007 Iraq Baghdad 8 0 A female teacher is among eight people gunned down by Islamic radicals.
11/7/2007 Pakistan Razmak 3 1 Three local soldiers are abducted and killed for 'resisting Islam.'
11/7/2007 Iraq Wassit 2 0 Two children are killed by a roadside bomb planted by Islamic terrorists.
11/7/2007 Iraq Diwaniyah 2 3 Jihadis manage to kill two children in a mortar attack on their village.
11/6/2007 Thailand Yala 0 27 Muslim bombers injure twenty-seven people at a fresh food market. Several victims lose limbs.
11/6/2007 Afghanistan Baghlan 75 96 Sixty schoolchildren are among more than seventy innocents blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a sugar factory.
11/6/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two Buddhist teachers are murdered by Islamic radicals.
11/6/2007 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six local policmen are shot to death by Jihadis, who then burn the bodies.
11/6/2007 Iraq Latifiya 4 0 Two people are tortured to death by Islamic terrorists. Two others are beheaded in Dhuluiya.
11/6/2007 Somalia Baladweyn 1 0 A businessman is shot twice in the head by two suspected Islamic assassins.
11/6/2007 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 0 A government official is murdered by Taliban gunmen.
11/5/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two imams are shot to death by religious extremists.
11/5/2007 Iraq Baghdad 20 11 Twenty Iraqis are killed in various Jihad attacks in the capital and in Mosul.
11/5/2007 Somalia Suq Bacad 1 0 An Ethiopian security guard at a market is assassinated by Islamic gunmen.
11/5/2007 Ingushetia Magas 3 1 Radical Muslims enter a brick factory and shoot three workers to death.
11/5/2007 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Muslim radicals shoot three people to death as they are riding in a vehicle.
11/5/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two men are gunned down by Islamic extremists.
11/5/2007 Pakistan Kharqamar 1 1 A local soldier is killed in a roadside bombing attack by Taliban militants.
11/4/2007 Iraq Ramadi 40 0 Security forces discover the remains of forty civilians kidnapped, tortured and executed by al-Qaeda.
11/4/2007 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 2 Religious extremists kill four local cops in a roadside attack.
11/4/2007 Iraq Samarra 5 15 Five Iraqis are killed by a car bomb set by Islamic terrorists.
11/4/2007 Iraq Tikrit 6 13 A child is among six people killed in two separate Sunni attacks.
11/4/2007 Iraq Baghdad 9 7 Two female school principles are among nine people killed is separate attacks by Islamic terrorists.
11/4/2007 Russia Kabardino-Bal. 9 0 Islamic militants capture, bind, and shoot nine civilian hunters to death in a heavily wooded area.
11/4/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 A 12-year-old boy and his father are murdered by Islamic gunmen.
11/4/2007 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 A woman and girl are killed when Jihadis bomb their home.
11/3/2007 Iraq Khalis 7 10 A roadside bombing and separate shooting attacks leave seven people dead.
11/3/2007 Afghanistan Rashidan 2 0 The Taliban kidnap and behead a man and woman.
11/2/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 58-year-old man is shot to death by Islamists while returning home from market.
11/2/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 28-year-old plantation worker is murdered by Islamic radicals while walking home.
11/2/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 5 0 Five Ehtiopians are killed in an ambush by Islamists, who then drag the bodies through the streets.
11/2/2007 Iraq Tuz Khormato 1 1 Sunni extremists gun down a university student.
11/1/2007 Iraq Baqubah 1 2 Jihadis manage to kill one child with a bomb and injure two others.
11/1/2007 Iraq Baghdad 11 25 Two bombs (the second in Saadiya) leave eleven Iraqis dead.
11/1/2007 Pakistan Sargodha 8 40 A suicide bomber rams a bus, killing eight local security personnel.
11/1/2007 Afghanistan Nad Ali 5 3 Religious extremists attack a police checkpoint, killing five officers.
11/1/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 3 10 Islamic radicals kill three men in separate shooting and bombing attacks.
11/1/2007 Pakistan Bajaur 2 0 Two people are killed when Taliban militants shell their house.
10/31/2007 Russia Togliatti 8 50 A bomb set on the floor of a commuter bus by suspected Islamic militants kills eight.
10/31/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamic militias are thought responsible for the brazen murder of a gentle businessman.
10/31/2007 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Sectarian terrorist kidnap and murder nine people, burning the bodies afterwards.
10/31/2007 Thailand Yala 2 7 Islamic radicals bomb a karaoke bar, killing one patron, then shoot a 37-year-old man in a separate attack.
10/30/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Radicals shoot a religious teacher to death.
10/30/2007 Pakistan Rawalpindi 7 24 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates in a public park, killing seven people.
10/30/2007 Thailand Yala 1 3 A 13-year-old Buddhist girl is murdered by Islamic gunmen, who also injure her mother.
10/30/2007 Iraq Baghdad 8 16 Jihadis pick off eight ordinary Iraqis in various bombing and shooting attacks.
10/30/2007 Iraq al-Shahimiya 1 0 Islamic terrorists kidnap and murder an elderly farmer.
10/30/2007 Pakistan Bannu 4 4 Four local soldiers are killed by a remote-controlled bomb set by pro-Taliban militants.
10/30/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A man is shot to death by Muslim radicals while sitting in a tea shop.
10/30/2007 Iraq Samarrah 4 8 Four local cops are murdered by a Sunni car bomb.
10/29/2007 Afghanistan Lashkar Gar 5 10 A teenage suicide bomber kills three Afghans civilians and two police.
10/29/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two civilians are murdered in a drive-by shooting by Islamists.
10/29/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 35-year-old teacher is killed by Muslim gunmen.
10/29/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 A young couple in their 20's are murdered by Islamists while standing outside their home.
10/29/2007 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Four women are among eight killed by Islamic gunmen, who catch half their victims after storming a house.
10/29/2007 Iraq Baquba 30 25 A suicide bomber on a bicycle murders thirty Iraqi police officers.
10/29/2007 Iraq Baiji 8 13 Jihadi car bombers target a pair of homes, killing at least eight people.
10/29/2007 Somalia al-Baraka 1 0 A woman is killed by a bomb set by Islamic militias.
10/28/2007 Iraq Kut 2 0 A woman is among two people gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
10/28/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 8 28 A suicidal Sunni bomber targets innocent Shia at a bus terminal, killing at least eight.
10/28/2007 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Two people are killed in a Jihad bombing.
10/27/2007 Afghanistan Paktika 5 5 A civilian and four local soldiers are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
10/27/2007 Pakistan Swat 9 0 Islamic militants behead two policemen and seven civilians.
10/27/2007 Thailand Yala 1 1 Muslim radicals gun down a 68-year-old man riding home from a tea shop.
10/27/2007 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two local police are killed in an ambush by religious extremists.
10/27/2007 Iraq Baghdad 34 27 Freedom Fighters kill thirty-four innocent Iraqis in various attacks.
10/27/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 Islamic militias kill three civilians in an RPG attack.
10/27/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 50-year-old plantation worker is beheaded by Islamic militants.
10/27/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 14 Muslim radical bomb a restaurant, killing at least one female patron.
10/26/2007 Iraq Muqdadiyah 1 3 A woman is killed by a suicide bomber along a sidewalk.
10/26/2007 Iraq Adhaim 6 5 Sunni radicals murder six innocent truck drivers.
10/26/2007 India Baramulla 1 0 A 25-year-old man is shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
10/26/2007 Pakistan Mingora 4 0 Religious extremists publicly cut the heads off of four security personnel taken hostage.
10/25/2007 Iraq Baquba 19 26 Four children are among nineteen people murdered by Islamic terrorists in separate attacks.
10/25/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 4 7 Islamic militants bomb a livestock market, killing four participants.
10/25/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 0 3 A man and his two sons are shot by Muslim gunmen in a drive-by shooting as they are on their way home from a wedding.
10/25/2007 Iraq Diyala 4 0 Holy Warriors kill four children with mortars.
10/25/2007 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 A Sunni school teacher is among six innocents killed by sectarian Jihadis.
10/25/2007 Iraq Khalis 4 0 Two woman and two children are killed when Holy Warriors lob mortars into a residential neighborhood.
10/25/2007 Thailand Pattani 2 1 A married couple are murdered in their own home by Islamists, who then torch the house.
10/25/2007 Dagestan Adil-Otar 1 1 Isalmic militants shoot a police officer to death.
10/25/2007 Pakistan Mangora 24 33 At least two dozen local soldiers are blown apart by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
10/24/2007 Iraq Baqubah 3 24 Jihadis lob mortars into a village, killing three residents.
10/24/2007 Afghanistan Khost 1 4 A suicide bomber takes down an Afghan official.
10/24/2007 Iraq Zaghanya 3 0 A man and his two sons are shot to death in their home by sectarian terrorists.
10/24/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 5 16 Islamic militias use a roadside bomb to kill five passengers on a minibus.
10/24/2007 Macedonia Tanusevci 1 2 Muslim terrorists kill a police officer and injure two others in a shooting attack.
10/24/2007 Iraq Iskandariya 1 0 Muslim gunmen kill an Iraqi girl.
10/24/2007 Iraq Baghdad 9 25 Sunni radical bomb a Shia mosque, killing nine innocents.
10/24/2007 Pakistan Miranshah 2 2 Two local soldiers are killed when their vehicle crosses a landmine planted by Islamic militants.
10/24/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two young men are gunned down by Muslim radicals as they are walking along a street.
10/23/2007 Iraq Fallujah 15 0 Police discover fifteen people bound and shot to death by Sunni terrorists.
10/23/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two women are shot to death by Islamic radicals.
10/23/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 5 3 Five local civilians are gunned down by militant Muslims in a sudden drive-by attack.
10/23/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 4 Two infant children (ages 10 and 12 months) are murdered by Muslim gunmen.
10/23/2007 Iraq Basra 1 3 Jihadis mortar a home, killing a mother and injuring her three children.
10/23/2007 Iraq Baquba 5 10 A bombing attack and a separate drive-by shooting leave five civilians dead.
10/23/2007 Dagestan Kazbek 1 8 A grenade blast rips through a minibus, killing own woman and injuring seven other passengers.
10/22/2007 Iraq Mosul 6 4 A female lawyer is among six people murdered by Islamic terrorists.
10/22/2007 Iraq Baqubah 3 0 Three men are kidnapped and torutred to death by al-Qaeda.
10/22/2007 Iraq Baghdad 12 21 A dozen Iraqis are cut down by Jihadis in various bombing and shooting attacks.
10/22/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 Three children playing in a street are killed by Islamists using a roadside bomb.
10/22/2007 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 0 Two local soldiers are killed in separate attacks by pro-Taliban militants.
10/21/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 7 0 Seven civilians are killed during an ambush by Islamic militias.
10/21/2007 Nigeria Sokoto 3 5 Shia militants kill three innocent people in at least two separate attacks.
10/21/2007 Iraq Fallujah 2 4 A suicide car bomber kills two Iraqis at a checkpoint.
10/20/2007 Afghanistan Paktia 3 4 Three Afghans are killed by religious extremists in a bomb attack on their vehicle.
10/20/2007 Pal. Auth. Rafah 1 17 Hamas clashes with a rival group, leaving a 50-year-old woman dead.
10/20/2007 Chechnya Grozny 1 0 A local cop is gunned down by the Mujahideen.
10/20/2007 Pakistan Bajaur 2 0 Two tribal elders are shot to death by Taliban militants.
10/20/2007 Iraq Baghdad 10 14 Ten civilians are killed in various attacks by Jihadis.
10/19/2007 Philippines Indanan 2 0 Two members of a rival group are shot to death by Abu Sayyaf.
10/19/2007 Pakistan Dowayzai 12 2 The Taliban brutally executes a dozen villagers, slitting the throats of at least six.
10/19/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim gunmen murder a civilian sitting in the back of a tea shop.
10/19/2007 Ingushetia Chermen 2 1 Islamists are suspected in the machine-gunning of local youth at a street corner.
10/19/2007 Iraq Mussayab 4 0 Jihadis kill three women with mortars and execute a kidnapped university professor in a separate incident.
10/19/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 52-year-old man is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
10/19/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 An 81-year-old Buddhist man is murdered along with his wife by Islamists in their fruit orchard.
10/18/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 2 Three Somalis are gunned down by Islamic militias.
10/18/2007 Pakistan Khyber 1 2 A self-proclaimed prophet is quickly shot to death by Islamists, who also injure his family members.
10/18/2007 Afghanistan Khost 4 3 Religious extremists kill four local police with a roadside bomb.
10/18/2007 Iraq Basra 1 7 Freedom Fighters toss a grenade into a school playground, killing one child and injuring seven others.
10/18/2007 Iraq Hawija 3 11 Sunni radicals kill three Iraqis with a car bomb.
10/18/2007 Ingushetia Magas 4 0 Four local cops are gunned down when Islamic terrorists open fire on their vehicle.
10/18/2007 Pakistan Karachi 138 550 Suicide bombers slaughter over one-hundred and thirty people along a parade route with a double blast.
10/17/2007 Iraq Diwaniya 7 0 Seven local cops are blown to bits by a Jihadi roadside bomb.
10/17/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Jihadis kill a government official and two bodyguards with a roadside bomb.
10/17/2007 Somalia Kismayo 1 2 A Somali man is gunned down by a Muslim militant.
10/17/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 5 A woman is among three civilians killed by Islamic militias in separate attacks.
10/17/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 9 30 Eight civilians are among nine killed when Islamic militants attack a police station with rockets and machine-guns.
10/16/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 6 Three residents of a home are killed when Islamic militias hit it with a mortar.
10/16/2007 Iraq Mosul 16 80 Sixteen innocents are blasted to death by a suicide truck bomber.
10/16/2007 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 Three members of the same family are killed by suspected al-Qaeda.
10/16/2007 Iraq Baqubah 4 0 A father and son are among four people killed by sectarian rivals.
10/16/2007 Iraq Baghdad 14 48 Jihadis rack up fourteen Iraqi civilians over a 24-hour period in various shootings and bombings.
10/15/2007 Somalia Beledwyne 3 0 Three children under the age of 12 are killed when a mortar fired by suspected Islamic militias hits their house.
10/15/2007 Iraq Heit 5 8 Five members of the same family are blasted to a pulp by a suicide bomber.
10/15/2007 Iraq Baghdad 4 25 Women and children are the casualites of a suicide bombing at a park that leaves at least four people dead.
10/15/2007 Iraq Balad 6 8 Six Iraqis are killed by a suicide car bomber.
10/15/2007 Iraq Diwaniya 5 28 Jihadis kill at least five civilians in a mortar and machine-gun attack.
10/15/2007 India Chandigam 1 2 Muslim radicals kill a policeman inside his home. An elderly woman and 10-year-old girl are shot in a separate attack.
10/15/2007 Afghanistan Uruzgan 4 2 Four members of a family are killed trying to stop a suicide bomber.
10/14/2007 Ingushetia Karabulak 3 1 An ethnic Russian family is attacked by Muslim gunmen. Three are murdered.
10/14/2007 India Ludhiana 7 30 A 10-year-old child is among seven people killed when Islamic fundamentalists bomb a movie theater.
10/14/2007 Iraq Baghdad 9 13 Women and children are among those blown apart by the Sunni car bombing of a Shiite mosque.
10/14/2007 Iraq Riyadh 3 2 Three Iraqis are shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
10/14/2007 Iraq Baquba 12 0 A dozen people are kidnapped and killed by sectarian rivals.
10/14/2007 Iraq Ramadi 4 8 A suicide car bomber takes down four Iraqis.
10/13/2007 Iraq Samarrah 18 27 al-Qaeda suicide truck bombers take out eighteen innocent Iraqis in a horrific blast.
10/13/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A 47-year-old Buddhist is killed, and his brother injured, in a Muslim terror attack.
10/13/2007 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 8 29 A Fedayeen suicide bomber rams into a crowded bazaar, killing at least eight innocents.
10/13/2007 Nigeria Gamji Gate 2 0 Two young Christians are murdered by Muslim radicals in separate attacks. One is beaten to death and the other hacked with a sword.
10/13/2007 Pakistan Swat 4 1 Four civilians are killed when Islamic militants bomb their vehicle.
10/12/2007 Afghanistan Helmand 4 7 Religious extremists murder four local policemen in a bomb attack.
10/12/2007 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 1 0 A police officer is murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/12/2007 Thailand Yala 4 0 Four civilians from the same family are cut apart by automatic weapons as they leave their car.
10/12/2007 Iraq Baghdad 4 15 Jihads manage to kill four Iraqis with a car bomb in a commercial district.
10/12/2007 Iraq Tuz Khormato 4 21 A suicide bomber hides explosives amid candy in order to kill three Kurdish kids and one adult at a playground.
10/11/2007 India Pattan 7 8 The Hizbul-Mujahideen bombs a canteen at an army base, killing five local soldiers and two civilians.
10/11/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A Buddhist man and his wife on their way back from a monastery are shot by Muslim radicals.
10/11/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 8 52 Eight Iraqis waiting at a petrol pum are killed by an Islamic car bombing.
10/11/2007 Iraq Baghdad 8 25 A suicide bomber ends the lives of eight people at a caf�.
10/11/2007 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Jihadis kill a father and son with mortar fire on their residence.
10/11/2007 Iraq Baquba 5 6 A husband and wife are among five people gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
10/11/2007 India Baramulla 2 0 Two local soldiers are brutally murdered in an ambush by the Mujahideen on their vehicle.
10/11/2007 Pakistan Mohmand 6 0 Six civilians are executed by Taliban extremists for 'anti-social' behavior.
10/11/2007 Iraq Zubaidiya 4 0 Two women are among four people killed in separate attacks.
10/11/2007 India Ajmer 3 17 Three people are killed in a suspected sectarian bombing of a Sufi shrine.
10/10/2007 Somalia Baidoa 3 0 A suicide bomber kills three Ethiopeans.
10/10/2007 Somalia Kismayo 2 10 Two civilians are killed when Islamic militias detonate a roadside bomb.
10/10/2007 Afghanistan Wardak 3 10 The Taliban shoot two people to death at a mosque and one other in a separate attack.
10/10/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 43-year-old man is shot to death in front of his children by Muslim radicals.
10/10/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 2 Islamic gunmen murder a Buddhist man and severely injure his wife and another relative.
10/10/2007 Iraq Tikrit 6 10 A Jihad bombing leaves six Iraqis dead.
10/10/2007 Somalia Baidoa 3 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three soldiers in an attack on their base.
10/10/2007 Austria Wimpassing 1 0 In an 'honor attack' a Muslim shoots a man, then cuts off his penis.
10/10/2007 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A cleric is gunned down by sectarian rivals.
10/10/2007 Iraq Mosul 7 20 A suicide bomber takes out seven innocents in a blast on a political office.
10/9/2007 Iraq Baiji 22 30 al-Qaeda suicide bombers kill twenty-two Sunni villagers.
10/9/2007 Sudan Muhajiriya 48 80 The Islamic Republic raids another village, executing as many as fifty civilians in cold blood.
10/9/2007 Iraq Baghdad 27 86 Islamic terrorists manage to kill over two dozen innocents in a string of bombings.
10/9/2007 Iraq Hawija 2 0 One man is beheaded and another shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
10/9/2007 Pakistan North Waziristan 4 4 Four local soldiers are killed in two attacks by Islamic militants.
10/9/2007 Pakistan Peshawar 0 25 Fundemantalists bomb an 'un-Islamic' music shop. Over two dozen are injured.
10/9/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three civilians are shot to death by the Islamic militias.
10/9/2007 India Baramulla 1 1 An 8-year-old girl is shot to death inside her home by the Mujahideen.
10/9/2007 India Bandipora 1 0 A woman is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
10/9/2007 India Rajouri 1 0 The Mujahideen force their way into a civilian's home and murder him.
10/8/2007 Iraq Baghdad 6 36 Islamists car bomb two targets, including a university where women and children are most of the casualties.
10/8/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 Fundamentalists murder a barber.
10/8/2007 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two brothers are brutally slain by religious extremists over charges of working for infidels.
10/8/2007 Iraq Tikrit 3 10 A Fedayeen bomber takes out three innocent people.
10/8/2007 India Warpora-Sopore 1 1 A 6-year-old girl is killed when Muslim gunmen fire into a home.
10/8/2007 Somalia Shiidleey 1 2 A gunman fires into a crowd of people waiting for food, killing an elderly woman.
10/8/2007 Iraq Diljah 13 22 Thirteen civilians are murdered when a suicidal Sunni detonates a car bomb along a street.
10/7/2007 Pakistan NWFP 2 0 Two civilians are abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen in separate incidents. One is beheaded.
10/7/2007 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 0 The Taliban attack a road construction crew, killing three guards.
10/7/2007 Chechnya Vedeno 4 10 Holy Warriors attack a police convoy with bombs, killing four local officers.
10/7/2007 Iraq Baghdad 17 18 Various Jihad bombings leave nearly twenty Iraqis dead.
10/7/2007 Pal. Auth. Gaza 1 0 A Christian bookseller is abducted and stabbe to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/7/2007 Ghana Ashanti 1 0 A father beats his daughter to death for immoral behavior and missing a Ramadan curfew.
10/6/2007 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A policeman is shot to death at point-blank range by a Muslim terrorist.
10/6/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 6 12 A suicide bomber takes out five Afghan civilians and one US soldier guarding a road.
10/6/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Two elderly women and one other person are shot to death on the street by Islamic militias.
10/6/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A village leader is cut down on the street in a hail of bullets from Islamic radicals.
10/6/2007 Pakistan Ahmad Khel 1 19 The Mujahideen detonate a bomb near a convoy, killing one local soldier.
10/6/2007 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Islamic terrorists shoot a child to death and behead a college student.
10/6/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 1 4 Islamists shoot a security officer to death and injure four civilians.
10/6/2007 Afghanistan Khost 4 2 Two bombings by religious extremists leaves four local police dead.
10/6/2007 Sudan Haskanita 86 0 Eighty-six villagers are thought to have been massacred in an attack by forces of the Islamic Republic.
10/5/2007 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two clerics are gunned down in targeted sectarian assassinations.
10/5/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two off-duty military men are brutally murdered in their car by Islamists.
10/5/2007 Philippines Kidapawan 2 26 Islamists bomb a department store and a market in separate attacks, killing an 8-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl.
10/5/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 5 2 Islamic militias kill five civilians by hurling hand grenades at them around a main market.
10/5/2007 Afghanistan Sangin 2 0 Two children are killed in a suicide bombing by a Holy Warrior.
10/5/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 90-year-old Buddhist man is murdered by Islamic terrorists.
10/5/2007 Algeria Tebessa 6 0 Six Algerian soldiers are killed in an ambush by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/4/2007 Pakistan Bulandkhel 14 5 Religious extremists bomb a passenger bus, killing fourteen civilians.
10/4/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 An Italian, taken hostage by the Taliban, dies from injuries suffered during the rescue.
10/4/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 An elderly man is among three people shot to death by militant Muslims in separate attacks.
10/4/2007 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two Buddhists (ages 41 and 65) are separately murdered in cold blood by Muslim militants.
10/4/2007 Iraq Baghdad 20 35 Muslim terrorists kill twenty civilians in various bombings, including one on a minibus and another on a gas station.
10/4/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 4 8 Four civilians are murdered by Islamic militias in two grenade attacks.
10/4/2007 Iraq Tal Afar 3 57 A suicide bomber detonates in a marketplace, sending at least three innocents to Allah.
10/4/2007 Pakistan South Waziristan 3 0 Three local soldiers are abducted and murdered in captivity by the Mujahideen. Their heads and hands are chopped off.
10/4/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim radicals shoot a man to death as he is having dinner in his home.
10/4/2007 Algeria Boumeredes 1 2 Islamic fundamentalists shoot a man to death.
10/4/2007 Iraq Iskandariya 5 1 Islamists assassinate the mayor of the town in a bomb attack that kills four others.
10/3/2007 Iraq Baghdad 13 30 Islamic terrorists manage to kil thirteen unsuspecting Iraqis with a car bomb at an intersection.
10/3/2007 Afghanistan Khost 2 0 Two government employees are gunned down by the Taliban.
10/3/2007 Pakistan Swat 1 2 A civilian is killed by a bomb planted by pro-Taliban militants.
10/3/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two civilians are murdered in separate Mujahideen attacks.
10/3/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A local soldier is shot to death in an Islamist drive-by attack.
10/3/2007 Pakistan Spin Wam 2 3 Religious extremists attack a checkpoint, killing two local soldiers.
10/2/2007 Thailand Pattani 4 0 A high school principal is among four civilians shot to death in separate drive-by attacks by Islamic radicals.
10/2/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 12 15 Children are among a dozen innocents massacred by a suicide bomber on a bus.
10/2/2007 Iraq Baghdad 29 33 Thirty people are killed in various suicide bombings and shootings by Holy Warriors around the country.
10/2/2007 Pakistan Hangu 3 2 Three members of a security patrol are gunned down at point-blank range by Islamic radicals.
10/2/2007 Dagestan Ogni 2 0 An Islamists jogs up next to two policemen on patrol and calmly guns them down.
10/2/2007 Iraq Dyala 3 0 Muslim gunmen shoot a family of three to death in their car, including a little girl and her two parents.
10/2/2007 Iran Khash 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down by Sunni militants.
10/1/2007 Pakistan Kurram 2 10 Pro-Taliban extremists kill 2 tribesman in a landmine attack on their vehicle.
10/1/2007 India Doda 1 2 A cop is killed in a Mujahideen attack.
10/1/2007 Iraq Mosul 1 7 A Shahid kills a university professor in a suicide attack.
10/1/2007 Iraq Baghdad 19 6 At least one child is among the casualties of several Jihad attacks around the country.
10/1/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 14 Buddhist monks are among the casualties of a string of bombings that leave at least one dead.
10/1/2007 Pakistan Bannu 16 20 A Shadid disguised with a burka 'martyrs' himself at an outdoor market, taking over a dozen innocents down with him.
9/30/2007 Pakistan FATA 1 0 A young woman is beheaded for 'immoral activities'.
9/30/2007 Iraq Mosul 22 4 Twenty-two innocent people are shot or blasted to death by Jihadis in various attacks.
9/30/2007 Iraq al-Haswa 3 0 Three people are kidnapped nd tortured to death by rivals within the Religion of Peace.
9/30/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 3 Two police officers are killed trying to defuse a bomb planted by religious extremists.
9/30/2007 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 A 15-year-old boy is hanged by the Taliban for having US dollars in his pocket, which are then stuffed into his mouth.
9/30/2007 Afghanistan Ghazni 8 0 Eight local police are massacred in an ambush by Sunni radicals.
9/30/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two civilians are shot to death by militant Muslims while riding a motorcycle.
9/30/2007 India Kishtwar 1 0 Harkat-ul-Jehad Islami militants shoot a man to death.
9/29/2007 India Mangam 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct a police officer from a home and brutally execute him.
9/29/2007 Thailand Yala 1 1 A 42-year-old female garbage collector is among two people gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
9/29/2007 Dagestan Gonada 9 0 Islamic gunmen shoot nine people to death, including a cleric who opposed Wahhabism.
9/29/2007 Iraq Hamdaniya 4 16 Jihadis kill four Iraqis with a car bomb.
9/29/2007 Iraq Mosul 10 21 A suicide bombing and various shootings leaves ten people dead.
9/29/2007 Iraq al-Mazra 6 17 Six civilians are blown to pieces by Islamic terrorists.
9/29/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 30 30 A Ramadan suicide bomber murders thirty Afghans aboard a bus.
9/29/2007 Maldives Male 0 12 Twelve Western tourists are injured when Islamists bomb a resort.
9/29/2007 Nigeria Kano 10 61 Ten Christians, including a Catholic priest, are murdered over a two day period by a Muslim mob, angered over a cartoon written by one of their own. Churches are burned as well.
9/29/2007 Afghanistan Paktia 3 0 Three civilians are killed in a Taliban ambush.
9/29/2007 Afghanistan Sangin 1 0 A farmer is shot to death by the Taliban for seeking seed assistance from a humanitarian program.
9/28/2007 Iraq Qaraqush 1 0 A Christian college student is shot nine times by Islamic terrorists.
9/28/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 4 4 Four local soldiers are murdered in an RPG attack by radicals screaming 'Allah Akbar.'
9/28/2007 Thailand Pattani 3 5 Three policemen assigned to protect teachers are murdered by Muslim militants.
9/28/2007 Algeria Ain Ben Soltane 1 2 A local soldier is killed in a bomb attack by Islamic fundamentalists.
9/28/2007 Pakistan Tank 1 12 Talibanis kill a Pakistani soldier with a remote-controlled bomb.
9/28/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 40-year-old Buddhist is murdered by an Islamic radical posing as a hitchhiker.
9/28/2007 Iraq Saidiya 4 9 Gunmen attack a caf�, killing four civilians.
9/28/2007 Syria Aleppo 1 0 A cleric is gunned down on suspicion of informing authorities of Jihadi activities.
9/28/2007 Algeria Boumerdes 2 0 Two local soldiers are killed when Islamic fundamentalists attack a supply truck.
9/27/2007 Algeria Kabylie 3 0 Three Algerian security guards are machine-gunned to death by fundamentalists at a fake road block.
9/27/2007 Iraq Riyadh 2 0 Two brothers are shot to death by sectarian rivals.
9/27/2007 Iraq Baghdad 14 9 At least two women are among fourteen Iraqis murdered by Freedom Fighters.
9/27/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two civilians are brutally murdered in separate attacks by suspected Islamic militia.
9/27/2007 India Pulwama 1 1 The Mujahideen abduct and torture two civilians. One is then shot to death and the other released.
9/26/2007 Somalia Kismayo 1 0 Islamists kill a religious cleric in front of his child.
9/26/2007 Iraq Shurqat 7 5 Seven Iraqis are killed by two Jihad car bombs.
9/26/2007 Iraq Baghdad 32 28 Thirty-two Shiites are massacred by Sunni radicals in a double bombing on their neighborhood.
9/26/2007 Iraq Sinjar 10 9 al-Qaeda bombers kill ten villagers who opposed them by blowing up their home.
9/26/2007 Afghanistan Helmand 2 1 Religious extremists ambush a Danish military patrol, killing two members.
9/26/2007 Algeria Boumerdes 2 5 Islamic fundamentalists bomb a police vehicle, killing two officers.
9/26/2007 Pakistan Orakzai 23 0 Sunnis and Shiites clash over ownership of a holy shrine. Some two dozen are killed in the violence.
9/26/2007 Pakistan Miranshah 2 0 Two villagers are kidnapped and beheaded by Taliban extremists.
9/25/2007 Iraq Basra 3 20 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders three Iraqis.
9/25/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two cop and a security guard are murdered in separate drive-by attacks by Islamic radicals.
9/25/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 22-year-old construction worker is shot to death by Muslim militants.
9/25/2007 Iraq Baghdad 15 31 Two car bombings and various other Jihad attacks leave fifteen Iraqis dead.
9/25/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 5 Two people are killed when Islamic militias stage a terror attack against a police patrol.
9/25/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 4 Five local cops are killed when a suicide bomber drives up next to them and detonates.
9/25/2007 Algeria Jijel 3 0 Three security guards are murdered when Islamic fundamentalists open up with automatic weapons at point-blank range.
9/25/2007 Thailand Yala 1 2 A man is gunned down inside his home by radical Muslims.
9/25/2007 Algeria Boumerdes 1 0 An off-duty prison guard is shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
9/25/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Islamists ambush a security patrol, killing one member.
9/25/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 Teenage Jihadis shoot a 59-year-old Buddhist teacher to death at a bus stop.
9/24/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two local officials are assassinated by Islamic militias.
9/24/2007 Iraq Abu Maria 6 17 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills a half-dozen innocents at an intersection.
9/24/2007 Iraq Baghdad 16 3 Two children and a woman are among fifteen Iraqis gunned down by Freedom Fighters.
9/24/2007 Iraq Baqubah 26 30 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber detonates inside a mosque, killing over two dozen people gathering for a reconciliation meeting.
9/24/2007 Iraq al-Abara 20 0 A mass grave is discovered containing twenty students abducted and murdered by Sunni radicals.
9/24/2007 Afghanistan Baghlan 4 0 Sunni terrorists kill four people with a roadside bomb.
9/24/2007 Algeria Ma-Labiod 1 5 Islamic fundamentalists kill a local soldier with a homemade bomb.
9/24/2007 Afghanistan Farah 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists kill two Spanish soliders and an Afghan interpretor in a bomb attack.
9/23/2007 Pakistan Degan 2 0 Two local villagers are kidnapped and beheaded by the Taliban in separate incidents.
9/23/2007 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two civilians are kidnapped and beheaded by the Taliban.
9/23/2007 Iraq Muqdadiyah 20 5 Twenty bodies, blindfolded and executed, are found in three locations.
9/23/2007 Pakistan Malakdin Khel 3 3 A woman and her two children are killed in a clash between rival Islamic groups.
9/23/2007 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A young married couple are killed inside their home by Muslim gunmen.
9/23/2007 Afghanistan Badakhshan 12 1 The Taliban claim responsibility for the brutal ambush of a minibus, in which a dozen are massacred.
9/23/2007 Afghanistan Farah 3 10 Three local guards are killed when religious extremists attack a civilian convoy.
9/23/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 24-year-old female teacher is shot to death by Islamic radicals in her home.
9/22/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 53-year-old man is shot to death by Muslim militants.
9/22/2007 Thailand Yala 0 9 Nine children in a teashop are severely injured in a Muslim bombing.
9/22/2007 Pakistan Bajaur 3 8 Two women are among three killed in Taliban shelling.
9/22/2007 Pakistan Swat 1 2 Islamic militants kill a policeman and capture two others in an assault on a checkpoint.
9/22/2007 Iraq Baghdad 9 13 Nine people are killed in sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace.
9/22/2007 Iraq Baqubah 5 0 Five Iraqi officers are captured by al-Qaeda and beheaded in video to shouts of 'Allah Akbar!'
9/22/2007 Pakistan Sorandara Musakhel 2 0 At least two people are killed when a Muslim mob attacks a series of houses following a jirga ruling.
9/22/2007 Afghanistan Kunduz 2 4 Two local police are murdered by religious extremists.
9/21/2007 Thailand Yala 2 0 A woman and man are murdered by militant Muslims in separate shooting attacks.
9/21/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 2 8 A civilian and a French soldier are blown to death by suicide bomber.
9/21/2007 Iraq Basra 3 0 Three women are killed by suspected fundamentalists over 'immoral activity.'
9/21/2007 Iraq Yusufiya 3 0 Three people are kidnapped and tortured to death by sectarian rival within the Religion of Peace.
9/21/2007 Pakistan Islamabad 1 0 A woman is killed with an axe by her brother-in-law for suspected adultery.
9/21/2007 Pakistan Swat 2 4 Pro-Taliban gunmen attempt to assassinate a former official, killing two others instead.
9/20/2007 Nepal Kapilvastu 12 24 Twelve more Hindu victims of Muslim mob violence are counted.
9/20/2007 Pakistan Swat 1 4 Muslim militants kill a local policeman with a bomb.
9/20/2007 Iraq Baghdad 13 20 Thirteen Iraqis are murdered by sectarian Jihadis in at least two attacks.
9/20/2007 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A woman and her daughter are among three people killed by Islamic terrorists.
9/20/2007 Afghanistan Gereshk 6 0 Six civilians, including women and children, are killed when Taliban 'fighters' use them as human shields.
9/20/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 23-year-old civilian is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
9/20/2007 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 A tribesman is kidnapped and executed by the Mujahideen.
9/20/2007 India Pulwama 1 2 The Mujahideen kidnap three villagers, beating two and strangling the third.
9/19/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 2 A government official and a civilian are murdered by Islamic militias in separate attacks.
9/19/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamic militants gun down a 45-year-old woman working on a rubber plantation.
9/19/2007 Lebanon Beirut 9 30 Muslim bombers assassinate an anti-Syrian political leader and eight others in a Christian neighborhood.
9/19/2007 Afghanistan Badghis 4 4 Four local police are killed when the Taliban assault a remote police station.
9/19/2007 India Srinagar 3 20 Three Indian troops are killed in a brutal ambush on their bus convoy by Lashkar-e-Toiba.
9/19/2007 Ingushetia Nazran 4 2 Suspected Islamic militants ambush a police vehicle with automatic weapons, killing two occupants. Two other cops are killed in a separate bombing.
9/19/2007 Iraq Muqdadiya 9 5 A suicide bomber and random Jihad attacks leave nine Iraqis dead.

It appears that Islamists are now operating in more theatres of war than the conflict during the second world war.

This is the Islamist World War 4 - but the West is deep in denial.

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