Thursday 15 November 2007

Nationalism and the Nazis

To be honest I have had enough of reading the endless garbage put out by elements of the Far Right on the internet. Those like David Duke and his merry band of anti-semites who see the influence of 'ze jews' everywhere from the formation of clouds to the price of cornflakes, have become the biggest liability that nationalism has ever had. This is because a small fringe of idiots in the nationalist movement stil think that David Duke and his anti-semitic rubbish is a part of the nationalist spectrum.

Nationalism has NEVER been part of National Socialism, the only people who think it is are either idiots or those who wish to profiteer from the nationalist movement by peddling their books and rubbish to the nationalist community.

National Socialism is not part of the nationalist political spectrum as it is not a political movement in any way. Nationalism is a political movement defined by the borders of the nation state and the protection of the citizens of that state and its national culture - national socialism exists outside the spectrum of what can be defined as political in any way. 8It is not defined by the borders of the nation, it rejects national cultures and its aim was never a political goal in any way.

The reason why some people confuse nationalism with national socialism is because the media like to conflate 'Nationalism' with National Socialism. This is so that the Nationalists and the nationalist movement can be smeared as racist and extremist because of those that join the nationalist movement with their national socialist agendas. At the same time the real idiots amongst the national socialist fringe do not understand either nationalism (or national socialism) and merely believe what the media tell them it is and then go and join nationalist parties. This then means the nationalist movement and nationalist parties are lumbered with a tiny monority of loudmouthed, thick morons who scream and shout about how the nationalist movement and nationalist parties are 'selling out' their principles.

The fact that NATIONALISM has always been a political movement in direct contradiction to National Socialism never permeates their shrunken craniums. This is because they unable to even understand the ideology they profess to follow.

For a start National Socialism was neither Nationalistic nor Socialistic. The socialist wing of the NSDAP were arrested and liquidated by Hitler during the Night of the Long Knives, and the old socialists in the movement like Otto Strasser were regarded as enemies of the movement. Gregor Strasser his brother was murdered by the nazis. At the point when the socialist wing of the NSDAP was removed was when the NSDAP was no longer a political movement at all.

National Socialism was in fact Pan-Aryanism and as such was not a Nationalist movement at all, it was not even a political movement. National Socialism was a movement that was at its heart was merely applied biology. It was not a political movement in any way. As a Pan-Aryanist movement it invaded other european nations and then sought out the Aryan elements from those countries and sought to absorb them into the Third Reich, which was also not a nationalist structure but an Empire of Blood. The Third Reich was based on race not geography.

Germans born within the boundaries of the German nation who were regarded as unfit, were to be removed and replaced with non-germans from outside the German nation. How National Socialism can be defined as a variant of nationalism defies all logic.

Nationalism is predicated on the principles that ;

1) It is a political system based on the interests of the nation as defined by the nation state and its borders

2) It is a political movement that seeks to represent the native people of that nation state

3) that it has clear and definable POLITICAL goals relating to the nation state

National Socialism did not adhere to a single one of these principles of nationalism. Therefore it was not a variant of nationalism at all.

Those that see National Socialsm as a political movement, as a nationalist movement or as form of socialism know nothing about the real nature of the Hitlerite regime. National socialism was a mechanism to create a new form of human being, and its revolution was biological not political.

National Socialism wanted to create a pan-european empire built on the old nation states whose elite would be formed from a mixture of aryan racial elements from all the nation states it conquered so that eventually a new form of aryan superman would be born.

To call this nationalism is the epitome of stupidity. It had more in common with communism than nationalism as the nazis and the communists both ;

1) despised nationalism as a hindrance to their plans

2) were both anti-nationalist and pan-nationalist ideologies

3) both were obssessed with the creation of the New Man - the nazis with the Aryan superman, the communists with the Communist New Man.

4) Both actively exterminated nationalists in the nations they invaded and occupied

5) both collaborated with the other to destroy nations and nationalist movements

The primary enemies of the National Socialists and the Communists in the nations they invaded were the nationalists, this was because the nationalists were the people and the parties that could form the nucleus of a nationalist and patriotic resistance to the nazis and the communists. First the nazis came for the nationalists, then the Jews. Whilst the Communists in Poland etc and the rest of the conquered nations were on a ceasefire with the nazis under the orders of Stalin in the Soviet Union - it was only the nationalists of the conquered nations that actively fought against the nazis. The myth of the Communist resistance is just that, a myth. Until the invasion of Russia the Communists and the Nazis in all the European nations were all pals together. Whilst the Communists collaborated, the nationalists were being arrested and murdered for daring to organise resistance to the nazis that had invaded their nations.

At the same time as the National Socialists were eradicating the nationalists in the subjugated nations of Europe, the Communists were doing the same thing and eradicating the nationalists in the nations they had invaded.

On August 23, 1939 the German Soviet non-aggression pact had been signed. The Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was signed in Moscow in the early hours of August 24, 1939, dated August 23. The Pact is known by a number of different titles. These include the Nazi-Soviet Pact, Hitler-Stalin Pact and German-Soviet Non-aggression Pact. It remained in effect until Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 in Operation Barbarossa.
In effect, the pact meant that Germany was free and clear to invade Poland without fear of interference from the Soviet Union. Also, Germany was to take Western Poland as a part of its new territory while the Soviet Union was to take Eastern Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland from the west.

The Nazis held that the Slavs, like the Jews, were subhuman. "All Poles," Hitler swore, "will disappear from the world." On August 22, 1939, one week before the Nazi invasion of Poland, Hitler gave the Wehrmacht their instructions: "Kill without pity or mercy all men, women and children of Polish descent or language.... Be merciless. Be brutal. It is necessary to proceed with maximum severity. The war is to be a war of annihilation."

In contrast to the Nazi policy of genocide targeting all of Poland's 3.3 million Jewish men, women, and children for elimination, Nazi plans for the Polish Catholic majority focused on the elimination or suppression of political, religious, and intellectual leaders. This policy had two aims: first, to prevent Polish elites from organizing resistance or from ever regrouping into a governing class; second, to exploit the less educated majority of peasants and workers as unskilled laborers in agriculture and industry.

From 1939 to 1941, the Germans deported en masse about 1,600,000 Poles, including 400,000 Jews. About 700,000 Poles were sent to Germany for forced labor, many to die there. And the most infamous German death camps had been located in Poland. Overall, during German occupation of pre-war Polish territory, 1939-1945, the Germans murdered 3,900,000 to 6,400,000 Poles, probably about 5,400,000, including near 3,000,000 Jews. Altogether 2,500,000 Poles were subject of expulsions, while 7,3% of Polish population served as slave labour.

As part of wider efforts to destroy Polish culture, the Germans closed or destroyed universities, schools, museums, libraries, and scientific laboratories. Many university professors, along with teachers, lawyers, intellectuals and other members of the Polish elite, were arrested and executed. They demolished hundreds of monuments to national heroes. To prevent the birth of a new generation of educated Poles, German officials decreed that Polish children's schooling end after a few years of elementary education.

Himmler wrote in a May 1940 memorandum, "The sole goal of this schooling is to teach them simple arithmetic, nothing above the number 500; writing one's name; and the doctrine that it is divine law to obey the Germans. . . . I do not think that reading is desirable".

Officers of the regular Polish army formed an underground armed force, the "Home Army" (Armia Krajowa—AK). After preliminary organizational activities, including the training of fighters and stockpiling of weapons, the AK activated partisan units in many parts of Poland in 1943. A Communist underground resistance group, the "People's Guard" (Gwardia Ludowa), also formed in 1942, but its military strength and influence were relatively weak compared to the Armia Krajowa.

In addition to stipulations of non-aggression, the treaty signed by the nazis and the communists included a secret protocol dividing the independent countries of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Romania into spheres of Nazi and Soviet influence, anticipating "territorial and political rearrangements" of these countries' territories. All were subsequently invaded, occupied, or forced to cede territory by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or both.

Though some on the political left were outraged that the Soviet Union would make such a treaty with Nazi Germany, which was its extreme-right ideological opposite, many went along with the plans of Stalin. Some Communists in Western parties repudiated this action and resigned their party membership in protest. Likewise, a number of Nazis were outraged by this treaty, and some party members went so far as to throw their party badges into the courtyard of the Brown House.

The Soviet Union invaded Poland from the East on September 17, 1939. After Poland was beaten, Stalin and the Nazis both brutalized the population, and while this was going on, Stalin turned his attention to the Baltic States. Lithuania had once been a part of the Russian Empire but had gained its independence in 1921.

On September 25, 1939 Stalin proposed to Hitler that the Soviet Union take Lithuania. This was agreed; in exchange the Germans would take large areas of Poland formerly allocated to the Soviet Union, and a bounty of $7,500,000 in gold.

In practice, Stalin started with Estonia, the smallest state with a population of 1,130,000. On September 24th, the Soviets demanded the right to establish naval, military and air bases on Estonian territory. Foreign Minister Karl Selter was informed that Estonian neutrality constituted a danger to the Soviet Union, as the authorities had permitted a Polish submarine to escape from an Estonian port and sink a Soviet steamer near Leningrad (this was a fabrication). Estonia was thus forced to sign a “Treaty of Mutual Assistance”. Either that or face invasion by the Red Army, estimated at that time to be 3,000,000 strong. The Soviet government stationed 25,000 Red Army troops in Estonia at this time.

Latvia, with a population of 1,951,000 was next. On October 5, another Pact of Mutual Assistance was signed and this time 30,000 Red Army troops were stationed in Latvia. The political bureaucrats accompanying the Red Army had a difficult time explaining to the troops how it was that the miracles of communism had left them in poverty, while the Latvians were obviously very prosperous. With Marxist logic, the discrepancy was explained this way:

In a similar manner, Lithuania, with a population of 2,575,363, was forced to sign an agreement on October lOth.

So we can see that contrary to the myths promoted by the media, it was the nationalists in all the nations of Europe that resisted both the nazis and the communists.

This is why now nationalism is attacked and denigrated by the media, the left and the liberals as the nationalists have always been the main defenders of the nation state. In an era when the destruction of the nation state has been an essential part of the Globalist process and the Leftists Internationalist process, then nationalists are attacked by all sides for their determination to defend their national sovereignity. The media want the nazis to join nationalist movements as then they can attack the nationalists as nazis, and thereby undermine the one political movement throughout history which is nationalism, that has fought against all those forces, communist, nazi and Liberal and that has always defended the nation state and its people from all aggressors both external and internal.

When they destroy nationalism as movement, then the people are helpless.

For far too long the nationalist movement has tolerated the intolerable amongst its ranks, and the time has come for nationalists to reclaim their movement from the media and the extremists.

The time has come for nationalists worldwide to remove the Media Nazis from their ranks. The Media Nazis are those who believe what the media tells them Nazism and nationalism stand for, who follow the plan of the media to undermine and discredit nationalism by joining nationalist parties and who are too thick to educate themselves about what their own chosen ideology is and who accept what they are told it is by the media.

The only thing more stupid than a Media Nazi is a Media Liberal.

It is the media that call the nationalist parties 'nazis' who encourage the media nazis to think nationalism = nazism. Every media nazi that joins a nationalist party across the whole of the planet is in fact a stooge of the media.

Every Nationalist party that accepts media nazis into their ranks, or who buys into the bullshit of the media nazi propagandists, are underming nationalism and demeaning the memory of all those nationalists who fought to preserve their nations and cultures from invasion and occupation.

A true nazi is someone who understands what national socialism as a movement actually was, a true nazi does not believe they are what the media tell them they are.

A true nazis is the enemy of nationalism and nationalists.

A true nazis does not join nationalist parties, as to do so it to go against the very beliefs they profess to hold.

A true nationalist regards the media and media nazis as both the same enemy.

A true nationalist will work to remove all media nazis from the ranks of their nationalist parties.


Anonymous said...

I understand your reasoning in wanting to seperate the crimes of the Nazis to modern nationalism.

But to deny that the Nazis were nationalistic is a bit much. They were 'extreme' nationalists, but their concept of nation was based more on ethinicity than any other nationalist movement.

I am a nationalist, and I believe ethnicity cannot be denied. I have read your concept of 'Britishness' and you also clearly seem to believe that ethnicity plays a role.

No you don't have to have anglo-saxon blood to be English, but neither is 'Englishness' simply a concept or a system of morals, laws and beliefs.

Hitler believed the races of Northern Europe to be under threat, hence mobalising it to fight. He didn't want to go to war with Britain, whom he saw as blood relations (certain amount of truth) and it is funny that it only took fifty years from that war to the entire continent being under dire threat of 'ethnic/racial' disenfranchisement/replacement.

And, I'm afraid, I cannot fool myself into believing that Hitler's enemy no. 1 has has not played a leading role in establishing the multi-culturalist, white guilt philosophies that have led to our present condition. Unpleasant as it may sound.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hitlers No1 enemy was his own sense of racial inferiority - it was this that drove him into the abyss of genocide. Hitlerism, which is what replaced national socialism after the expulsion of the Strasser Brothers and the Rohm Putsch, was nothing more than Hitler trying create an idealised and purified version of himself ( the aryan superman) in order to compensate for his own internal feelings of racial inadequacy due to the inconsistencies in his family background and the genetic problems relating to inherited mental illness within the extended shickelgruber family.

Nazism was nothing to do with Nationalism for the reasons I explained - primarily because the goal of nazism has nothing to do with the nation and the culmination of nazism was biological not political.

Nationalism is based on geography and ethnicity -as stated on the wikipedia definition of nationalism (and note how they also try and conflate national socialism with nationalism to undermine nationalism ).

Nationalism has nothing to do with RACE - as race is a supra-national reality not rooted in the nation state.

Ethnicity is linked to nationality and therefore is directly relevant to nationalist principles.

Race is beyond geography, whilst ethnicity is predicated on geography. Therefore race has nothing to do with geography or nationalism.