Tuesday 6 November 2007

Integrationism not Assimilation or Multi-Culturalism

There are some newspaper articles that when you read them you just know that some lefty idiot is going to quote them on Question Time or Radio 4. The article below has such a statement - that until we went to war in Iraq there were no Islamist terrorist attacks on the UK.


This may be correct - but it is not true. The reason why there were no Islamist terror attacks on the UK prior to the Iraq War is because until 911 the UK had been the worlds primary organisational base for the export of the Global Jihad. The Islamists in the UK had not attacked Britain simply because they were busy within Britain organising the Global Jihad against other nations. At the same time as the British state was allowing the Islamist terrorists to claim asylum and organise in the UK, the British state was busy arming Middle Eastern dictators like Saddam Hussein who were creating the conditions for the rise in Islamism.

We offered sanctuary to the terrorists whilst arming the dictators.

After the 911 the UK security Services, government and media ( at the behest of the US and our concerned European neighbours ) began to investigate and uncover the myriad organisations, cells and individuals exporting Jihad to the rest of the world.

Up until the point the UK began to investigate and target the Islamist groups organising in the UK the Islamists had been operating with the approval of the government and the British security services under ' The Covenant of Security '.

The Covenant of Security was a 'deal' that had been struck between the British government, MI5, MI6 and the Police that as long as the Islamist terrorists did not target the UK with their murderous bombings, beheadings and terror campaigns then they were free to do as they wish in the UK and organise all the terror campaigns they wished as long as they were killing foreigners in foreign countries.

After 911 the Covenant of Security was breached by the UK because it began to investigate, and break up, the various terrorist groups that were organising their terror campaigns in Londonistan and across Britannistan.

It was this breaking of the Covenant of Security by the British government that triggered the attacks on London on 7/7 not the issue of Britain invading Palestine or Iraq.

Any moron that says the issues of Palestine or Iraq are the drivers of Islamic fundamentalism in the UK ( or any other non-Muslim country ) are faced with a series of problems they have to accept ;

1) Any muslim of any nation that puts the interests of Palestinians and Iraqis before the interests of the country they were born in and raised in thereby prove the contention that they are not loyal citizens of that nation and nor will they ever be. The proof that Multi-Culturalism is a total failure is that British born Muslims raised and educated in this country, from middle class backgrounds, university educated and from wealthy homes and stable backgrounds blow up their fellow British citizens because of what they say is happening in Palestine.

If they were truly British then they would not target their fellow British citizens with bombs. They are entitled under British law to peacefully demonstrate, go on the BBC and talk a load of bollocks, write articles in The Independent and the Guardian to attack British foreign policy etc.

What they would not do, if they were British, is blow up their fellow citizens in support of muslims in foreign countries. THE FACT THEY DID BLOW UP BRITISH CITIZENS IN THE NAME OF PALESTINE PROVES THAT MULTI-CULTURALISM IS A LIE AND THAT SUCH ISLAMISTS ARE NOT BRITISH CITIZENS. Regardless of what the pathetic peice of paper they hold which is called a British / EU passport says - they are not British.

Not one of the 7/7 suicide bombers was British. The fact they were born here and had British passports is irrelevant - they were not British.

They didnt see themselves as British, they didnt have any respect for their fellow British citizens and they said they were Muslims first and British citizens last. Britain meant nothing to them, other than something to be despised and attacked. The nation that gave them everything, they came to hate for giving them liberty. Therefore the idea that such people should be regarded as British and given the same legal rights as British citizens is illogical. As soon as a British muslim becomes an Islamist or a supporter of Islamism then they should have their passports revoked and be deported back to their own nations under the principle of Lex Sanguinis regardless of how long their parents or grandparents have been in Britain. As soon as they place the interests of Islamism or foreigners in foreign nations before their own nation then they are no longer under the protection of British law.

2) For any so called 'moderate' muslim to employ and use the rhetoric of appeasing, supporting and justifying terrorism either in the UK or abroad thereby proves that Islam and muslims are not capable of assimilating into British or Western Society. I am British as I place the interests of Britain and the British people first before all other factors such as my religion. Someone who is truly British has UNCONDITIONAL loyalty to the country of their birth. I may despise the British government and campaign politically to put in place a better British government , but I do on the basis that I believe that to do so would be in the best interests of Britain and the BRITISH PEOPLE. Those whose loyalty is divided are not truly loyal. The BRITISH PEOPLE see themselves as British first and last.

Those Muslims that say that violence is acceptable in Israel are not British, as being British is to repudiate terrorism. Being British is to have experienced terrorism for decades at the hands of the IRA, loyalist paramilitaries and animal rights extremists. The British people reject such terrorist violence. Our history of being victims of terrorism allows us to empathise with other victims of terrorism. This is why the British people reject the war in Iraq as they despise terrorism coming from terrorists and also the British state. The British people want the British army out of Iraq and Afghanistan not because they support the Islamists but because they reject violence and because they understand that it is for the people of those countries to solve their own problems - not to have solutions forced upon them that only make things worse. This is why the British people empathise with the plight of innocent Palestinian people but depise Hamas and the terrorists of the PLO. Those British Muslims that try and justify Islamic terrorism anywhere in the world are not British by spirit or nature. The British people condemn terrorism and violence and do not support terrorism and violence. We seek solutions in the democratic route, not the terrorist path.

Unlike those from foreign nations who have come into the UK as immigrants, we indigenous British do not have multiple identities. We are simply British. Immigrants have a choice of multiple identities. They may define themselves as simply nominally British. They may say ' My parents came from the country of Pakbaganian therefore I am a Pakbaganian British person', they may say that because the religion of Pakbaganian is idol worship then ' I am a Pakbaganian Idol Worshipping British person'.

Unlike the indigenous British person their Britishness may be a qualified Britishness. The more 'identities' are available to someone to place before their Britishness, the less likely they are to see themselves as British and place the interests of Britain first.

This is the major flaw in Multi-Culturalism and the theory of Assimilationism. Unless the British state is prepared to co-ercively force immigrants and immigrant communities to repudiate and reject all forms of non-Britishness, then the immigrants will never truly be British. The British state though will never force immigrants to repudiate their ancestry, cultures, religions or sense of community. Therefore both multi-culturalism and Assimilationism will never work and we will never defeat the terrorists that live in Britain and that have British passports. This is because they will never be forced to become British.

Their will always exist a large percentage of the British population that see themselves as as aliens within the British nation despising Britain. We cannot ever win the war on terror for the British state is incapable of defending itself. Because our democracies have become so fettered by political correctness we are even afraid to even acknowledge the weaknesses in the multi-cultural / Assimilationist theories for fear of being called racist.

The British state would rather accept perpetual terrorism in British society than acknowledge that the policies of multi-culturalism and Assimilationism cannnot work. It is simply a fact that for a democracy to work which has adopted multi-culturalism as a social model and allowed millions of unassimilated immigrants to live within its borders - then it must force those immigrants to become British.

If a democracy does not forcibly integrate those communities, and deport those who wont integrate, then that democracy will always be afflicted with terrorism as there will always be those who see their status as 'British' as simply as a means and mechanism to attack Britain. They will use their status as 'British citizens' to claim rights and liberties which are the privelige of only TRUE British citizens as a way to operate against Britain. They will use the freedoms we have in this country as the components of their war against Britain. They will turn our freedoms against us and use our tolerance as a weapon of war. They will use the laws and rights which are the bsis of our British freedoms as a way and means of waging war against us and Britain.

A loyal British Muslim regards their religion simply as a matter for themselves. They do not attack Britain on the basis of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Just as a British Catholic should regard themselves as British first and not under the control of the Pope, then so should British muslims regard themselves as British Citizens and not just as an extension of the Global Umma living in the British portion of Dar Al Harb.

If a loyal British Muslim disagrees with British foreign policy then they campaign peacefully for it to change. But they do not use what is happening in Palestine as an excuse for those that bomb Britain.

The millions of loyal British muslims in Britain must become the primary agents of forcing their communities to change. Unless British Muslims expel and excise the terrorists and the terrorist supporters from their communities within Britain then at some point carnage and even civil war will occur. The British state cannot be expected to force the terrorists out from within the Muslim communities as the British state is a weak, degenerate, mewling pitiful thing handicapped by political correctness. Unless the British Muslims that see themselves as British take on the terrorists within their own communities, then at some point the terrorists will become so emboldened by the weakness of the British state that they will turn on their own people.

It is true that the primary victim of Muslims in the world today are Muslims. The sectarian wars we see in Iraq and across the Middle East are what will occur in Britain unless the Muslims in Britain that see themselves as British take up the struggle against the Islamist terrorists that live within their own communities. Sooner or later the terrorists will start to demand total obedience from the entire Muslim community within Britain as they see that the British state is too weak to defend itself from them. Then they will begin the same sectarian warfare against all those thay see as traitors, apostates and infidels as we see in Iraq and Algeria.

First they kill the Kufar then they come for the muslim apostates.

First the British Islamists blew up the Kufars on the London Underground and then they targeted the 'apostate' British muslims they saw as lackeys of the British state. They have already begun this process when they targeted the British Muslim soldiers in Birmingham in 2006. This was the first stage of the 'Islamist Inner War' that runs alongside the Global Jihad where the Islamists wage war against those muslims they see as the inner enemy and who are puppets of the British state.

At that point the British state will be unable to save the muslims that have been loyal to the British state. Just as the Algerian state was unable to protect loyal Algerian Muslims from the Islamist scum that slaughtered them in their tens of thousands, the British state will have become so weak and useless that it will simply stand by and watch the slaughter take place. There will be in Britain examples of Nahr al-Bared occuring in our cities and in those areas the Kufar and the loyal British muslims will be slaughtered the same way.


The raft of new laws to fight Islamist terrorism will fail unless the government begins to force immigrant communities not to assimilate but to Integrate, in other words to accept that when they accepted British citizenship they also accepted our right to demand their total obedience to the British state and our laws.

Assimilation is based as an ideology on forcing communities to mix and breed with each other and implies that each must merge via marriage into the other. We reject that as nothing more than a fascistic racist policy. We demand instead that all communities Integrate. Assimilationism did not work with Richard Reid the shoe bomber who was half white and half black. Just becuse you are of mixed race and mixed religious heritage does not mean you cannot be an extremist. In many ways extremism is caused by race/religious mixing, as those with no clear racial/religious identity become prey to those people who offer them a plastic false identity such as Islamist membership of the Dar Al Islam and the global umma.

Integrationism is the principle that if you live here as a British citizen then you must put the interests of Britain and the British people first before all other factors.

Integrationism says that immigrants have duties as well as rights, and one of those duties is to put the interests of Britain before those of their religion or any other factor.

As part of that process of Integrationism those that refuse to integrate must be deported, and failure to do that will ensure that the next stage in the Global Jihad is a civil war in Britain where muslims and non-muslims will both be victims of the same jihadist lunatics.


Anonymous said...

Thanks lee, another ceracking essay to match the superb ones of the last two weeks or so. Keep it coming, it really is excellent reading.

May I highlight a fatal flaw with the ssay - one I'm sure you are aware of. The fact is that muslims cannot ever integrate in the way you suggest here. To do so would be to put the law of man above the law of Allah, contrary to Islam. This is the core problem, that Islam is a political as well as a religious ideology that controls all areas of an individual's life. And let us not forget that it was the paedophile prophet himself who declared war on unbelievers, meaning that a state of war between dar al Islam and dar al harb has ro exist and is incumbent on all muslims.

A question I cannot find an answer to: Why would anyone who considers themselves to be a decent, honest and peaceful person believe in a man who murdered, looted, tortured, raped, enslaved childred anbd women and who also sexually abused a 9 year old? That we tolerate people who do and allow them to practice their faith in a psychopath is a clear sign that we have lost our moral compass - and is a act of betrayal against us, the true British people who will suffer the consequences.

Keep up the good work Lee, god knows we need more like you.

montecristo said...

The hope that a majority or even portion of the Muslim immigrant population ever came here to "integrate"is complete nonsense. The Eurabia code made "integration" the tool word used to "encourage" European populations to accept and hallucinate the benefit that Muslim populations bring. "Integration" when reading about Islam is an obvious tool word to committ "taqiyya",to decieve the unbeliever to advance Islam.
I think the BNP leadership should perhaps go and visit a current Labour school or college or something, to really get an idea of what sort of immigrant they are dealing with these days. Everyday we are being made to "assimiliate" and "integrate" to their culture, and this is happening to British children, who are now learning the vile rantings of a paedophile.