Friday 30 November 2007

The secret history of the UAF / IRA

" In a photograph of Hayes's flat released by the police after his arrest, an AK47 assault rifle lies on the floor, while a copy of Socialist Worker lies on a chair "

The UAF were the main organisers of the demonstration against Nick Griffin at the Oxford Union, but how many of the media maggots that allow the UAF to make statements in their newspapers about free speech understand that the UAF are a front group for the Socialist Workers Party ( SWP) Red Action, the IRA and other violent , terrorist and communist groups.

Weyman Bennet who leads the UAF is a member of the SWP central commitee who set up the UAF. The SWP member is still controlled by the SWP, as are the SWP officials who sit on the board of the UAF.

Having the UAF organise a demonstration in support of free speech is like having rapists organising a demonstration in support of womens rights.

The line from the UAF to the IRA is clear and explicit and in this article I will detail the links between the UAF/ SWP/ AFA/ RED ACTION / IRA.

They are one organisation with many different faces - whilst the UAF is the rapist with the smily face mask that suits them best when dealing with the media, the truth is that the UAF is nothing more than an anti-semitic, far left, IRA supporting terrorist group whose existence and links go from the SWP direct to the IRA and the INLA.

Whilst the UAF talk about free speech, its more militant wing is busy planning terrorism, violent attacks and in the past has attempted to kill hundreds of innocent London citizens.

The UAF is itself a terrorist group and should be regarded as such, the fact that the Police are so cowed by political correctness that they treat the UAF as a legitimate organisation is an example of how the Red Terror has become able to threaten the thin blue line that prevents order from descending into chaos.

The UAF even has serving police officers endorsing it, such as Superintendent Leroy Logan of the Black Metropolitan Police Officers Association ;

Whilst today we face the threat of terrorism from Al Qaeda and Islamists, just a few years ago those people that run the UAF were involved in planting bombs on London streets to maim and kill hundreds of innocent Londoners.

Heres the link to the UAF from the website of the Socialist Workers Party here ;

Those who run the SWP are also founding members of the UAF and stil run it today. SWP also uses its activists to operate undercover in the UAF and other militant groups linked with violence such as Anti-Fascist Action and Red Action who were involved with the IRA Harrods bombings.

According to the book, 'No Retreat', co-authored by two former members of Anti-Fascist Action/Red Action, Steve Tilzey and Dave Hann, Gary O'Shea was the leader of Red Action (page 120).

Red Action has links with the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) and one of their London-based members, Patrick Hayes, was jailed for 30 years for his part in the bombing of the Harrods store.

Gary O'Shea now leads the Independent Working Class Association, a small political party with one elected councillor who is also a major supporter of the UAF.

Full story here - this is an essential read for all those who want to understand the links between the UAF/ SWP/AFA/ RED ACTION / IRA.

The A-E of far left terrorism begins with the UAF and ends with the IRA. The first step begins at A with the UAF and ends at E with the IRA ;

The UAF is also linked with members of the Labour Party and Ken Livingstone, and the UAF is funded by the Labour Party at the same time as it is linked with terrorist groups. The Labour Party in Newcastle, led by Sir Jeremy Beecham, also has links with Anti-Fascist Action as the Labour Party in Newcastle funds the local Anti-Fascist Action organisation.

Heres the link to the Newcastle Anti-Fascist Action group which is funded by the Newcastle Labour Party via the Tyne and Wear Against Racism organisation which funnels money from the Labour Party in Newcastle to Anti-Fascist Action. The Tyne and Wear Against Racism organisation pays for the Anti-Fascist Action website. Note the glorification of terrorism and violence on the AFA website ;

This means both the Labour Party and Ken Livingstone are active supporter of Far Left violence in the UK, as well as an active supporter of Islamist extremists.

The UAF is also filled with anti-semitic, far left Jew haters who regard Israel as a racist state and Jews in Israel as war criminals. This is the reason why the UAF and Searchlight split, due to the UAF demanding a non-Jewish representative from Searchlight be their link man to the Searchlight organisation, and because they despised Searchlight for having many Jewish officials in the searchlight organisation.

The full story here ;

Even the odd idiot Bishop, such as the Bishop of Sheffield, the Rt Rev Jack Nicholls is involved with the UAF, without knowing its links with terrorism and violence ;

The UAF is the direct descendant of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) which was an organisation set up on the initiative of the Socialist Workers' Party with some sponsorship (and a few small financial donations) from some trade unions and the endorsement of a list of prominent people in 1977 to oppose the rise of what they deemed to be far-right groups in Britain. It was at its height between 1977 and 1981 The initial sponsors included Peter Hain MP, a wanted terrorist supporter who fled South Africa due to his involvement in the bombing campaign of the ARM terrorist organisation.

The Minister for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain was born to South African parents who were anti-apartheid activists in the South African Liberal Party, for which they were made "banned persons", briefly jailed, and prevented from working. Friends of the Hain family formed a small resistance group, the Armed Resistance Movement.

The Armed Resistance Movement (ARM) was an terrorist group whose members were mainly white, and friends of Peter Hain's family were involved.

ARM came into being at the time of the arrest of the major ANC leadership. It succeeded in several bombing operations. However, a bombing in Johannesburg station in July 1964 led to the death of an elderly woman.

One of the ARM's operatives (John Harris, a school teacher) was subsequently arrested, convicted, sentenced to death, and executed.

Harris was a friend of Peter Hain's family, and Harris' wife, Ann, and their young son, David, went to live with the Hains in the run-up to the trial. The 15-year-old Peter Hain delivered the eulogy at the service for Harris after his execution by the South African government for planting the bombs that killed and wounded people in the blast.

Conviction for Hain

In 1966 the Hain family fled South Africa and settled in London. Peter became chairman of the Stop the Seventy Tour Campaign which disrupted tours by the South African rugby union teams in 1969 and 1970. A 1972 private prosecution brought by Francis Bennion in regard to his leadership of the illegal direct-action interference with the tours resulted in a ten-day Old Bailey Trial with the jury failing to agree on three charges and hence he was acquitted on those charges, but Peter Hain was found guilty of criminal conspiracy and fined £200. He appealed against the conviction in 1973. The Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal with costs.

As reported in the Daily Telegraph of 23 October 1973, the court said his conviction was "fully justified". Lord Justice Roskill said Hain had not elected to give evidence, adding that "He gave no explanation of his part over the incidents with which he was charged." In 1976 Hain was tried for, and acquitted of, a 1974 bank robbery, after allegedly having been framed by South African intelligence agents.

So we can see that the UAF was spawned in an atmosphere and from a lineage of terrorist violence. Its founding members such as Peter Hain MP were terrorist activists and supporters and the organisation it recruits is leader from, and most of its senior cadres, is an organisation linked with IRA terrorism.

The UAF is nothing more than a front group for terrorists and still acts today as a conduit for Anti-fascist Action and a recruting ground for terrorist thugs.

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