Tuesday 20 November 2007

Secret Leader of UAF Revealed - J-Roc

The secret leader of the UAF revealed.

News just in that after the demonstration outside the BNP conference, amongst the red scum, unwashed rabble and walking lice farms the leader of the UAF was present all the way from Canada - the man himself J-Roc, the hero of every white boy at the UAF demonstration.

J-Roc is the real thing, the star of the hard hitting real life documentary The Trailer Park Boys from Canada.

J-Roc is also one of da slickest and baddest white boy rappers on da planet boy !


We have long suspected that the white white members of the UAF had been emulating their hero - and now we have the truth.

For more on J-Roc visit here ;





J-Roc is also to give a free track to the next Love Music - Hate Racism album here ;


Peace out bloods !

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