Wednesday 28 November 2007

Cultural review of the Year

Cultural Review of the Year ;

Best Film - 300

Best Actor - Christian Bale for 3.10 To Yuma

Best Actress - Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth The Golden Age

Best Album - Raising Sand

Best Song - Blue Jeans and Rosary - from 'Rock and Roll Jesus' by Kid Rock

Best Band - Foo Fighters

Best Documentary - Zeitgeist

Review of Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist is a superb documentary for all conspiracy theorists, though with the usual fatal flaws that devalue a rare gem. Beginning with the Astro-Theology interpretation for the Life of christ contained within the Bible, then a section on 911 and followed by a section on the North American Union and the Amero, this is a documentary for every level of the conspiracists spectrum - from religion, economics to the New World Order.

Each section demands it own assessment. The first section concerns an astrological interpretation for the life of christ. The Bible says the film, encodes an theological / astrological model of the story of the birth and death christ which is in fact the story of the ecliptic set around the yearly cycle of the constellations that ends on December 25 th at the Winter Equinox. It suggests that sections of the Bible are true and that other parts are simply allegories and not reality. This simple statement of fact should be obvious to anyone but the Christian fanatic and the Liberal atheist.

The film is made in America by obvious Democrat supporting liberals and therefore is designed as an polemic against the Bush Republican wing of Christian Fundamentalism. This obvious political bias is why the film becomes an attack on the existence of Christos instead of an expose of the way sections of the Orthodox Christian faith say the Bible, and the story it tells of christ, is the sole truth of God. Instead of just attacking the Samael like blindness of faith and the orthodoxy of the Orthodox Christian churches, it becomes an attack on the very existence of Christos. The fact is even if orthodox christian chroniclers had inserted pagan and early christian texts with an obvious allegorical astro-theological narrative into the Bible, then this does not mean that the presence of such texts invalidates the existence and life of Christos.

The documentary attacks the story of christ as told by the Church, but does not understand the difference between the christ and Christos.

The real Jesus was Christos, not the christ of the Church.

Jesus did not teach the Bible.

The biblical story of christ is not the true story of the life of Jesus.

The teachings of the Biblical jesus and the Biblical christ are a mixture of truth and deliberate falsehoods brought together in order to create and empower the church.

The Biblical christ is not the living Jesus who became Christos.

Christos taught about the divinity of the Soul, not the Church.

The Bible is a political book constructed by Christians in the Roman Church from the time of Constantine to when Theodosius made it the state religion of Rome, and the allegories it contains were put in the Bible to support its own power and influence in the Holy Roman Empire. It is not the story of Christos.

The Church uses an allegorical astro-theological story for the life of christ because the christ the Church worships is not the true Christos of history or the Gnostic gospels. The christ of the Church is a creation of the church designed to serve the interests of the church and the demiurge Jehovah that the church worships, and therefore the christ of the church is a false christ who worships a false god according to the Gnostic texts.

There are fundamental differences between the manufactured christ of the Bible who is a creation of the Church, and the life and teachings of the Christos who actually lived. The former serves the Church and the demiurge Jehovah, whilst the latter serves the Spirit and the God of Amor who was Abba.

So the fact that the Bible contains both lies and truth should only be a surprise to those who never read it at all or those who read it all the time.

Don't get me started on the lies in all the other so called 'Holy Books' that are peddled as truth.


The second section of the documentary concerns the 911 attacks that were organised and controlled by people within the US government, military and security services who were appointed by George Bush and his father and linked to the Carlyle Group and the Corporaticracy. This is the weakest part of the documentary as it completely misses the point about 911.

The answer to the enigma of 911 is not based on the who, the why or the how but on WHO PROFITED.

The solution to this is revealed when one analyses the stock movements that occurred in the days and weeks BEFORE the 911 attacks. These reveal that investors and corporations linked to the Carlyle Group were aware that the attacks were coming, and sought to profit from the economic fall out from the attacks. The assertion in the documentary that the Muslim Jihadis were not flying the planes simply shows us that even liberals can be as irrational as the Islamists they appease and admire.

The Amero

The final part of the documentary concerns the proposed American Union, the history of the US Federal Bank and the forthcoming Amero that will replace the dollar.

The plan for the American Union is that Canada will supply raw materials and fuel from its tar shale fields to power the industries, the United States will supply the industries and factories to manufacture the products whilst Mexico will supply the workers and other raw materials.

The world will then be divided into four trading zones - The European Union, the African Union, The Asian Union and the American Union each of which will have their own central banks to manage the economies of those trading blocks. The Amero will replace the US, Canadian and Mexican currencies. This will be the final stage in the corporate takeover of the planet by the Corporatocracy.

What is interesting is the way the present Sub-Prime economic crisis fits into the model of manufactured economic crashes asserted in the documentary. The Margin Line crisis of 1907 that triggered a US recession seems eerily similar to the present Sub-Prime crisis in the US. In the case of the 1907 recession this resulted in 1911 in the creation of the United States Federal Bank. The present Sub-Prime crisis may be leading to an manufactured global economic collapse that will allow the US government to abandon the dollar and create a American Union Bank that will oversee the creation of the American Union.

For those that do not understand this essential fact yet - Peak Oil is also an economic reality as well as an energy issue. Oil is the basis of all advanced economic, social and political systems. When the oil stops, economics reverts back to the level of barter and trade.

For all its flaws the documentary is very entertaining and is worth a couple of hours sitting in front of the computer.

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Prophesied in Daniel 7:6, circa 550 BC (and about 900 BCon - Before Constantine).

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