Saturday 3 November 2007

Class Traitor Socialist Scum and our Betrayal

Last weekend I read an article in one of the newspapers, the Daily Mail I think, by some tory supporting middle class, stuck up tart who was saying that we should be glad to have the immigrants here as they do the jobs the British wont do.

I hate the middle class Tory arseholes who come out with this crap. I wonder how much a year the tart who wrote article gets a year for writing such crap for the Daily Mail.

A lot more than the fucking minimum wage I bet. Hyprocritcal bitch. How would she like to live on the minimum wage - I bet she spends more on wine per year than most people who live on the minimum wage have to spend on themselves ;

The minimum wage is a legal right which covers almost all workers above compulsory school leaving age. There are different minimum wage rates for different groups of workers as follows:

The main rate for workers aged 22 and over increased on 1 October 2007 to £5.52 an hour from £5.35 an hour

The development rate for 18-21 year olds increased to £4.60 an hour from £4.45 an hour

The development rate for 16-17 year old increased to £3.40 an hour from £3.30 an hour
On 1 October 2007 the rate of the accommodation offset increased to £30.10 per week (£4.30 per day) from £29.05 per week (£4.15 per day)

With the average wage in Poland just £2 an hour, migrant workers are earning up to 10 times as much as they would at home, especially those who are skilled. A bricklayer who would earn roughly £3,000 a year in Poland can get over £30,000 in the UK.

The money made by Poles in the UK is being spent on houses in Poland and causing a boom in house prices - so theres not much of the money made by Poles being spent in the UK.

Poland has jumped to the top of the European house price growth league table after property values there soared 33% last year. Locals and foreign investors who were smart enough to buy property in Krakow, Poland’s ancient royal capital, are toasting a 58% rise. That makes the medieval city Europe’s top-performing location.

The average price of home in Poland is about £50,000 - and that means in two years a Polish plumber working in Britain can buy cash a home in Poland.

The reason why Poles and other immigrants live 30 to a house and work 100 hours a week on the minimum wage is because the money they earn here is being sent home not being spent here - in Poland its value increases by a factor of at least six the minute it leaves the UK. They are here to work, earn as much as possible in a short a time as possible and then retire.

A pole working for £5 an hour on the minimum wage in the UK is actually earning £30 an hour depending on fluctuations on the Zloty exchange rate. This is because the money they earn is not spent here - it is sent home so becomes the equivalent in Zlotys in Poland not the UK. There are 5 to 6 Zlotys to the pound. That means £1 equals 6 zlotys in Poland.

In reality the Polish plumber earns over £ 180,000 per year in relative terms just for doing the same job a British plumber earns the equivalent of £ 30,000 a year doing. This is because the polish plumbers money goes back to Poland where the UK pounds he earns is swopped for the equivalent Zloty - and then is being spent on buying homes causing as massive homes price boom.

In the Uk the price of a home is ;

Average Cost: £210,578
Detached: £323,332
Semi-detached: £189,617
Terraced: £168,134
Flat: £196,505

THE annual income needed to buy an average-price property in the Winchester area is now almost £85,000 and the waiting list for affordable housing in Eastleigh borough has more than tripled in five years.

No British citizen on the minimum wage can get a mortgage to buy a home for £200,000 a year.

Those Britons who are low skilled and low wage workers and who live on benefits and who are lucky enough to have a council house stay on benefits because it the only way they can afford to have a house. If they were forced to work they would be unable to buy a home and would spend most of their income of private rental costs for a home. With all the council houses going to immigrants then the lowest skilled people are consigned to perpetual poverty and homelessness.

The fact that the immigrants are taking jobs and homes from the lowest skilled people amongst us, means the poorest British people are being mde even poorer by immigration. Only the rich benefit and the corporations that own the media, the politicians and that work with the Judges. The poor get poorer whilst the rich get richer - and all the time the dumb fucking socialists and communists all campsign for more immigration and immgrants rights doing just as the capitalist elite want them too.

The report, South East Home Truths: The real cost of housing 2007 - 2012, says the cause of the worsening situation is lack of affordable homes.

It says one in every 18 families in the Winchester region is now on a waiting list for social housing. In over 20 per cent of areas, waiting lists have doubled in five years, and in some places the lists have tripled.

Eastleigh is picked out as a particularly dramatic example of the crisis, with the waiting list there up 239 per cent, compared to the south-east figure of around 50 per cent.

The waiting list is reckoned to have lengthened by 30 per cent in the Winchester area and 100 per cent in Test Valley.

The report includes Oxford Economics house price forecasts which predict drastically worsening affordability over the next five years.

In that time, prices across the region are expected to go up by a further 51per cent.

Lower house price inflation during 2008 is expected to bring house prices back in line with what is sustainable economically, and that is said to make a housing crash unlikely. But by 2012 the average home in the south-east is forecast to be nearly £400,000.

The reason why British people dont take jobs for £5 an hour is because if they do they cannot afford to buy a house, live, or have a family or have a life.

The fact that life on the minimum wage is a life of perpetual poverty and perpetual homelessness is because anyone living on the minimum wage cannot get a mortgage to buy a home.

Immigration cuts the wages of the poorest in our society, raises house and property prices, raises rental property prices and takes council housing.

We get fucked over on every level whilst middle class cunts like those in the Daily Mail, the Times and Torygraph tell us we should live in poverty whilst they get cheap nannies, plumbers and builders. Whilst the media maggots live on £80,000 plus per year for writing their drivel - we are forced to live in poverty whilst they lecture us on our failure to take jobs that ensure we live in poverty and remain homeless. Whilst the Independent and The Guardian run by left wing arseholes tell us to celebrate immigration and multi-culturalism - this is whilst the middle class bastards that work for those papers make an absolute fortune a year.



The dumb fucking socialists, communists and liberals that support immigration are all mainly middle class, university educated, servile state lackeys doing OVER PAID fake jobs in the public sector race relations advisers and diversity specialists. They profit from the system as they support the right of the capitalist elite to exploit the working class, lower their wages and consign them to poverty by supporting immigration. The Left are now the Lackeys of the Capitalist Right - and Socialism has become the last stage in the final collapse of Capitalism as socialism supports Capitalism by supporting immigration that impoverishes the worker whilst enriching the bosses.

The reason why the Far Left attacks the BNP is because they are owned and controlled by the Capitalist elite that also attack the BNP in the newspapers owned by the capitalist elite. The Capitalist elite attacks the BNP every day, but promotes immigration at the same time as allowing the Far Left to attack the BNP in their papers.

The next time some trade unionist or some socialist tells you they support immigration - then spit in their face and call them a class traitor.

Heres one for Trevor Phillips to ponder from his Ivory Tower as he begins his 'inquiry' ( we all know what the verdict will be dont we ! ) into whether immigrants take council homes.

Polish proffesionals such as plumbers come to the UK and get a job on UK wages for £30,000 which in reality is the equivalent of them being on a £300,000 polish Zloty income.

They then send that money home to invest in Polish property which has had the effect of causing a massive rise in house prices in Poland - a 58 % rise last year alone in house prices.

This has then driven the poorest , low wage, low skilled Polish people out of the housing market in Poland. They cannot afford to buy houses anymore in Poland just like the poorest low wage, low skilled people in the UK cannot afford to buy homes in the UK anymore.

What then happens is that the low wage, low skilled poles then leave Poland and come to the UK.

Because they are homeless and destitute they then go straight to the top of the council housing lists for British homes based on their 'need' - and at the same time displace those British families who are dependent upon council homes and who have been waiting for council houses for years.

So the influx of Polish workers into the UK who send money home and raise Polish house prices is also driving the influx of Polish homeless people into the UK who cannot afford to buy Polish homes anymore - and ensuring British families cannot get council houses.

At the same time as homeless Poles take the British Council housing that should be for British families, the ones that work like the Polish plumbers also drive up UK rental prices and housing prices whilst they also drive down British wages and take British jobs.

We get fucked from all sides - whilst only the rich profit, both in Britain and Poland.

Immigration is nothing more than a process to create a new Middle Class in Poland and increase the size of the working class poor in Britain.

Now then lets see what Trevor Phillips reports from his 'inquiry' - and we all know that it will be that there is not problem regarding council housing - as the remit of his inquiry will be structured to ensure no problems relevant to the issue are included in the inquiry.

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Nail on the head Lee. It's so frustrating to know that so few of us are actually tuned in to this reality.