Tuesday 6 November 2007

Review of Elizabeth The Golden Age

There are some films that MUST be seen at the cinema.

Elizabeth the Golden Age is such a film.

This film is an archetypal experience and for every true born Briton through whose veins still flows the blood of our ancestors who lived through those years, they will find it an awesome experience.

The scene where Queen Elizabeth the 1st stands alone on the white cliffs of Dover watching as the invading Spanish fleet sinks beneath the storm darkened churning waters of the Channel whilst the horizon glows a fiery roseate red as the burning galleons are despatched by the roaring cannons of the British fleet is a glorious spectacle.

There stood a true Queen of England, one who dared defy the mightiest Empire in the world, whose invading fleet bore the beast of the Inquistion in its belly, whilst today we are ruled by the sad reflection of a queen who bears her name but who bent her knee before the whore master politicians and traitors who sold our nation out to the pipsqueak of the European Union and the masters of capital and credit.

No roaring cannons under royal command defended our nation from those traitors amongst our own people who betrayed it from within and from those who came to our shores with the intention of surrendering our liberty and replacing the Union Jack with the Black Flag of the Khilafah.

To the sound of cash tills, pomp and ceremony our country and our liberty have been surrendered and betrayed.

There are few amongst those who today are bestowed with titles and knighthoods that deserve them, and the charlatans that wear their titles with pompous pride disgrace the heroes that once deserved and earned those honours.

See this film not as a paen to an age long gone, but as reminder of who we are, where we came from and what we can be again.

Today we fight not for Parliament or the Crown, but for our freedom.

If we are not to be led by those who were born to rule, then let us follow those who know what it still means to be British and who fight for what we know we still can be.

There will be no twilight over England, but the rebirth of sacred Albion.

Our true Queen is Britannia, let us honour her with our deeds.



Anonymous said...

Written with blood curdling passion...well done. If you could orate as well as you can write you'd be up there with the likes of Enoch... or better!

I Must see this flick, which, by the way is directed by an Indian who recently touted that country as Britains succesor on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame our present Queen isn't a bit more like her ancestor. When she goes on a walkabout she seems to make a bee-line for the nearest black face.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt about it, there is a direct parallel between Her Majesty Elizabeth II's reign and the decline and fall of Britain.

One could say, The present Queen's reign is an exact mirror image of the free fall of Britain's descent 1953 - 2007

Anonymous said...

Actually, Your Queen is a fine example of fortitude and dignity. It's not her fault the Monarchy have been neutered.