Sunday 4 November 2007

Viva Hate !

I have had a few people e mailing me to complain about my bad language on this blog. I have explained to them that I write in the language of the community that I come from, and that is a working class community.

To adopt some artifice as regards the language I use is not what I do. I communicate in the language of my peers.

I use the language of hate, as I hate what my country has become.

I hate how apathetic, stupid, pathetic and cowardly our people have become.

I despise the facile social conventions, the false cosy consensus of the cowards and the language of the slaves that seek their masters approval.

I hate the people that run this country, the crass and asinine social conventions that are uased to ensure we remain ’in our place’ and the way we are expect to debase ourselves before our 'betters' and adopt the ways of our ’massers’.

I am not a slave, so I speak how I wish not how others wish me to speak.

Those whose lives are so shallow, like the demented saps that visit the UAF sites and the morons from inside nationalism that post on there ( I know who you are ), who are upset about bad language need to get a grip.

I get upset about the fact that 20,000 old people die of hypothermia in the UK every year, that a third of all British children are living below the poverty line, that hundreds of thousands of families are homeless and we are letting millions of immigrants into the country to steal the council homes, that 50 % of old people that enter hospital are suffering from malnutrition, that we have the highest rates of sexual disease and teenage pregnancy in Europe.

Those are things that I get angry about, and I use the language of hate to convey my hatred for them.

I also despise censorship. Censorship is the basis of the conditioning process, as who decides what we can hear, what we can say and how we may say it is the master of our minds.

I decide what I say and how I say, not those who don’t like the language of my peers.

If bad language is good enough for Bob Geldof and Alistair Campbell then its good enough for me.

If people don’t like the language I communicate in then don’t visit this blog.

On this site you get told it straight in the language of the people.

If that offends you and if you want to read purely polite political bullshit, then fuck off and visit the BBC website.

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Anonymous said...

AbsoFUCKINGlutely! Well said!