Thursday 15 November 2007

Lost White Boys

A very interesting article in The Times today ;

This article is about how white working class boys are the main underachievers in British society. Whilst the Race Relations Industry, the ethnic minority grievances professionals, the black and asian ethnic lobby groups, the liberal media all like to talk about 'racism' and black and asian underachievement, the problem of white children failing at school is usually ignored.

This is because white children do not have a single charity, legal representation group, lobby group, pressure group to represent their interests. Though we live in a multi-cultural state where the ethnics are allowed, funded by the state and encouraged to work as a community to represent their community interests, the moment whites do this we are called racists.

Though our children are the majority who are suffering in our society we are not allowed to organise to represent our interests. The bastards at the Charity Commission even tried to close down the one charity that was set up to help white English deprived children The Steadfast Trust ;

This is because the race relations industry is not about helping the poor whites in our nation, it is interested solely in creating a new black and asian middle class buuilt on the rubble of the old white working class. We who are white and poor are not to helped we are simply to be despised.

For those interested there is an excellent film on this on Teachers TV here ;

More info here ;,,2108862,00.html

The persistently poor educational achievement of white working-class British boys was highlighted in a report released last night that reveals that these pupils accounted for almost half of those leaving school with low qualifications or no exam successes at all.

White Britons of both sexes who begin failing at primary school are more likely than pupils from ethnic minorities to be towards the bottom of the class as they near the end of secondary school, the study also finds.

The report, for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, challenges common perceptions that African-Caribbean, black or Bangladeshi pupils do worse than white pupils. Once allowance is made for neighbourhood disadvantage, receipt of school meals, and other factors, these pupils are at less risk of low achievement.

Boys generally outnumber girls as low achievers by three-to-two and have poorer reading and writing skills at primary school. Children with such early problems are more likely to be low achievers at 16.

Chinese and Indian pupils are most likely to succeed. African-Caribbean pupils are least successful, although their results are improving faster than average, and they are over-represented among pupils who do well at primary school but end up as poorly performing school-leavers.

In 2006 nearly 5% of pupils in state schools - 28,000 - got no GCSE passes, and almost 25% - 146,000 - got no more than D grades. White British pupils accounted for 80% of all pupils in the data studied by researchers, so any problems of theirs would account for a large share of the total, the report says.

"The great majority of low achievers - more than three-quarters - are white and British, and far more are boys than girls. They come mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, but many students from the same backgrounds succeed. The girls come from the same families and mostly go to the same schools, but do much better."

and The Independent article here ;

The Rowntree report shows that 62 per cent of white British boys on free school meals are in the bottom 10 per cent of performers compared with 43 per cent of Afro-Caribbeans - the next lowest ethnic group. It cites as a reason the fact that children from middle-class homes have three times as much conversation with their parents than those from deprived areas, thus helping them to become more articulate before they start school.

In addition, the working-class youngsters have to battle against an "anti-education" culture among their classmates.

The report tells of one youngster who stuffed books under his T-shirt to take home with him because he did not want his classmates to see that he intended to read.

The report, by Robert Cassen and Geeta Kingdon, said that, overall, Afro-Caribbean boys had a worse educational performance than white Britons. However, among those from lower-income families, the white boys fared worse as their overall figures included youngsters from more affluent homes.

"The great majority of low achievers - more than three-quarters - are white and British, and boys outnumber girls," it concludes. Nearly half of all low achievers are white British males with 50 per cent more boys failing than girls.

They are also much more likely to persist in low achievement. If they fail in their national curriculum tests by the age of 11, they are likely to continue to fail at secondary school.

Asian and African youngsters, by contrast, show a tendency to improve, possibly because they have mastered English at a later age and can only get to grips with learning after that.

Low achievement is categorised as failing to achieve any GCSE passes, not getting any D grade passes or above or failing to get maths and English passes.

Telegraph here ;

The Times article is about

" Some professionals are uncomfortable making ethnic distinctions, but those who are prepared to do so agree that black and Asian families offer more structure and discipline and that their communities offer the sense of belonging that poor white boys struggle to find.

At Fairbridge, Steve Belcher and his colleague Philip Rattigan believe that white boys lack a sense of cultural identity. “The sense of community around the black and Asian minority groups is stronger than for the white British lad,” says Rattigan, a development tutor. “Both the social community and the religious community. A young black lad who hasn’t got his father around will still have a male role model within the church or the youth centre or the community.”

Belcher talks of a sense of belonging in nonwhite communities. “Black kids are proud to be black, Asian kids are proud to be Indian or Pakistani. There’s not a lot of cultural identity for white Anglo-Saxon males.”

Several head teachers in inner-city schools tell me that, in their experience, white boys are more likely to play truant than boys from other ethnic groups. One believes that single mothers collude in truancy because they like to have a male around for company and to do shopping and odd jobs – even if he is at primary school."

The reason why single mums on estates want their kids around is because they are surrounded by so many druggies, junkies, criminals and drunken thugs that they are never safe. The only time they feel safe is when they have their kids around them, and the kids also have a gang around them to protect them.

Heres an idea - instead of the media calling the BNP thugs and racists for us organising to represent the white working class community, how about they invite us in and debate and learn from us.

Why is it the Labour Party and the Tory and Liberals have black only sections of their party, and thats not racism. But when the BNP as a party seeks to represent the white working class then we are called racists for doing so.

The fact is that the Labour, Liberal and Tory party are run by middle class, ivory tower, proffessional politicians - virtually no working class people are in the political power process. The ones that were working class like 'Three Houses' Prescott and John ' two houses ' Cruddas are now just middle class poseurs. They no longer represent the interests of the white working class - for the Labour Party the white working class are to despised and ignored.

The ONLY party that represents the white working class is the BNP.

This is why we are getting voted into power by the white working class.

But at the same time as we the voice of the white working class we are called racists for doing so - whilst the other political parties all have black only sections of their parties that can lobby the middle class arseholes that run the parties and therefore ensure they get constant money and support.

The interests of the white working class in the traditional party machinery of Westminster are lost and minimised, whilst the interests of the loud mouthed ethnics that scream about racism are prioritised.

This means the white working class must have a political party that represents their interests and a voice that speaks for them.

That is the BNP and that voice is me.

For a full copy of the Joseph Rowntree Report go here for the PDF download ;

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