Monday 11 February 2008

Fergal Keane and the Blood on his hands

There was a very interesting documentary on Panorama last night by the leftist journalist Fergal Keane. This was Keane returning to South Africa after he had fled the country after the fall of Apartheid, an option that most WHITE South Africans did not ever have.

Keane was one of the main propagandists for the ANC during his years as a BBC journalist in South Africa.

Like the rest of the verminous journalist sub species ( Homo Ratus ) Keane was one of the first to jump the sinking ship once he had finished gnawing away at its foundations sufficently to ensure it sunk.

It was journalists like Keane with their biased, political pro-ANC propaganda that ensured the world had a distorted and one sided view of South Africa under apartheid.

It was people like Keane who supported the ANC and who propagandised the ANC who now bear the shame and guilt of the way that South Africa has descended into a corrupt and criminal ochlocracy under the control of ANC thugs and killers.

The idea that anthing decent, noble or moral would ever crawl out of the rotting carcass of the ANC was an idea that only idiots like Keane held.

The ANC was a maggot farm of criminals, gangsters, killerss and psychopaths.

The same thing happened with the IRA / Sinn Fein that was also glorified by the pro-Republican liberal elite in the UK.

The idea that a gang of killers, terrorists and thugs would ever abandon criminality and violence was an absurd idea. Instead they got into power and legitimised the ongoing terror at the level of the streets.

Now we see the communities under the jackboot of Sinn Fein ruled by IRA gangsters and killers who hide beneath Sinn Fein and kill at will anyone who dares cross them.

Members of terrorist groups who used violence and murder as part of their political methodology cannot create functional democracies.

Killers and criminals hold the law in contempt. The gangsters and criminals that ran the ANC became gansters and criminals once they got into government.

The idea that communist terrorists would become democrats was an absurd belief. The sociopaths and psychopaths that ran the ANC just became sociopaths and psychopaths in power running South Africa.

The legacy of the ANC's 'victory' over aparheid was not a democracy, but the culture of violence, death and crime that now dominates South Africa as a nation and a society.

The young children the ANC took out of schools and turned into killers, who they trained to put tyres around their fellow Africans necks and burn them to death, who they taught to hate and kill, who they armed and aimed at anyone who stood against them - are now the poison that eats away at Africa.

The legacy of the ANC was not liberation, it is anarchism, gansterism, murder and crime.

The youth brigades that Keane propagandised to the world as the liberators of South Africa, were nothing more than insane criminals and murderers.

It was Keane and his ilk who sought to portray those animals as heroes, who destroyed South Africa and who know bear the blood guilt of the 50 murders a day that afflict that tortured nation.

The violence of the ANC was depicted as glorious, and because of that violence became accepted as part of South African society.

The ANC turned youth into animals and gangsters.

The youth were taught to feed on crime and death, and the trauma of the violence they lived through during the so called ' liberation struggle' turned them into psychopaths and killers.

The legacy of the ANC and its struggle is that they created a nation of insane children who saw violence as a normal everyday thing and who adopted violence as part of their everday lives.

Today the youth of South Africa are unemployed because they are unemployable.

They consume wealth, because they are not capable of creating it.

They do not work as they are incapable of working due to their drug addictions, their criminality, their violence and their stupidity and ignorance due to lack of schooling.

The violence that the ANC inculcated into the youth has now become Inter-generational violence, and every new generation transmits the poison to the next. The whole of South African society has become toxic and transmits that toxin of violence to every new generation that is born.

These poisoned youth are not the VICTIMS of economic inequalities in South Africa between rich and poor - instead they CREATE the economic inequalities in South African society as they create poverty, crime, murder and destroy society itself.

They are like rabid dogs and as long as the virus of violence is allowed to be transmitted in society via the ANC - then the disease will continue to spread from generation to generation.

The ANC killed South Africa but it was people like Keane who killed the future of South frica when they glorified the violence and crimes of the ANC and in so doing ensured that each generatio would regard violence and murder as noble things.

The white liberals that glorify Mandela and the ANC in the West are the mechanisms that ensure the slow death of all future generations of the youth of South Africa, as they transmit the idea that violence is glorious to the youth.

It is the ANC and the legacy of the methodology that the ANC used in their war against apartheid that is destroying South Africa today, not the legacy of apartheid.

It is white liberal wankers like Fergal Keane who propagandised and demonised white rule who are the agents of this crisis.

Keane was shocked to hear a working class Black African wish that apartheid was back and the National government back in charge.

The decent Blacks in South Africa want order, work and food - not more bullshit about the liberation struggle and black rule.

They know ( unlike Keane who fled the country once he destroyed it by getting the ANC into power) that the ANC are a disaster for South Africa.

The white boss man Keane made sure the natives did as he demanded and got their ANC government and then fucked off out of the country and left them to rot whilst the legacy of his liberal delusions destroyed the country and their lives.

It was the propaganda of Keane that still kills the 50 Africans a day that are dead on the streets.

There was never such a crime wave under apartheid and never so many innocent blacks died.

If idiots like Keane hadnt propagandised the ANC and acted as its recruiters and got innocent Africans to join the ANC movement, then the thousands of deaths caused by the ANC waging wars against its enemies during aparheid would not have happened and nor would South Africa be in the crisis it is in today It was white scum like Keane who beat the drum for the killers in the ANC that bear the guilt of the killings today.

Just like that scum Tony Blair sent the country into war after war after war and has murdered hundreds of thousands of pople in Iraq, those like Keane who also propagandised the same wars bear the guilt of doing the same in South Africa.

It was you Keane who glorified ANC crimes and killings.

It was you Keane who created the culture of death and violence in South Africa that was the resut of the ANC existing and coming into power.

It is you Keane who has the blood of the thousands upon thousands of innocent people on your hands.

You beat the drum for the ANC, you propagandised the ANC, you glorified the children dragged from their schools by the ANC and turned into killers and criminals.

It is you Keane and all those liberal filth with their propaganda and lies that bear the guilt and shame of South Africa today.

You and the rest of the liberal media are the Julius Streicher's of your generation, the pimps and publicists of killers and criminals.

The rivers of blood that flood the streets of South Africa can be traced back to the nib of your pen.


Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail right on the head! Thank you. Truth clarifies, truth is powerful. Someday liars like Keane and the BBC will be seen for the murder-enabling scum that they are. Thank you for putting it in a nutshell - may many read your writings.

Anonymous said...

You're in fine form this week Lee, another excellent piece of writing that hits the naily squarely on the head.

Have you seen this? Nelson Mandela, the darling of the marxists, that "magnificent statesman", who mad red ken wants to honour with a statue:

Racist bastard.


Defender of Liberty said...

Dear Fergal,

If you are reading this please sue me.

That way I can declare myself bankrupt after the trial and cost the BBC hundreds of thousands of pounds when I opt to fight the court case all the way in open court.

Please, please sue me. This blog could do with the publicity.

Taking on the BBC would give me a publicity boost equivalent to a viagra.

To be honest I have only managed to get one libel case into the Royal Court of Justice as a Mackenzie friend and need the experience of fighting one involving myself.

If anyone else wants to sue me for libel please feel free.

I shall check the email on a regular basis for any legal letters etc.

P.S Fergal how did it feel watching the Black African guy say that he wanted the National Party back in power because the ANC was such a nightmare.

Instead of listening to the man you just dismissed him with a ' you must be joking'.

No Fergal he wasnt joking - and the fact you even suggested he was in order to 'shame' him for telling you how he felt was evidence of your liberal bias, contempt for him as a real person (other than as a black who should act as you as white liberal demand he should )and your adherence to the beliefs of liberal bullshit.

He told the truth as he saw it, and you ridiculed him for it. It is you as a white liberal journalist in South Africa at the time of the ANC war who is responsible for much of the carnage that has resulted from the takeover of power by the ANC. But you could not accept that truth, as to do so would mean you would have to accept your role in creating the nightmare.

You and the BBC are the agents of the demise of South Africa as you propagandised and eulogised the ANC, and as such are complict in the murders committed by the ANC and also the social collapse of African society.

Now scuttle along to your lawyers and get your writ typed up.


Anonymous said...

Defender of liberty?

Prat more like.

In your picture which one is Mandela? Looks like two Africans in the picture. Then again as you are such a cunt you wouldnt know anything about the African blood in your good old racist Afrikaaner friends woulkd you.

Anonymous said...

The hipocrisy of people like Keane is nauseating.

They scream "racist" like demented inquisitors to anyone who dares question immigration and multiculturalism. And yet, what is going on in SA and Zimbabwe today where ethnic cleansing and murder of whites is a government pastime, they side with the racists.

They are also blind to black on black genocide that went on before the imperial powers had set foot on African soil and still goes on today.

He and marxist sewer rats like him peddle their ignorance and hatred to naive, self-hating fools and are blind to the horrific consequences of their actions.

But the truth is emerging and they will not stop it and they will answer for their crimes one day.

Here is a great site revealing the truth about Africa:

I urge all readers of Lee's blog to explore this site thoroughly and to pass it on to as many people as you can.

And here is another site, a before and after comparison showing the deterioration since meddling idiots like Keane interefered:

What is important to realise is that the same forces and ideologies that ruined Zimbabwe and SA are at work throughout the west.

Look at the pics and read the truth and ask: Are you going to let it happen here so your kids endure the same nightmare?


Blood of Suffolk said...

Barnsey, your a diamond geezer matey...long may you Blogg.

Your site gives me almost as much joy everyday as the rising of the sun.

Put me down for a donation if Keane does slap one on you. for RESISTANCE

Anonymous said...

You are all a bunch of ignorant,nose-picking, hateful freaks who cannot stand the fact that you are no longer in Africa! Good riddance !- Stop blaming Keane for your inadequacies and failure to move on.
Africa was sweet wasnt it? Now you are shoveling snow and doing your own damn laundry and dirty dishes without Africans to do it for you!
Sorry mateys - the world has changed, deal with it! Then again, I doubt "the author" will "approve" of my comments.