Sunday 10 February 2008

The New Book Burners

The news today that the Pakistani 'community' in Britain are responsible for a surge in birth defect cases due to them marrying their cousins reveals a lot about the nature of truth in our society.

The MP Phil Woolas who made the statement felt 'moved' to say this was not as a result of a certain community or a certain religion or a certain culture - when we all know it is.

It is this constant excising of the truth that is the most dire product of both mass immigration and political correctness, the way that the facts have to be shrouded in a veil of lies or illusions in case some jumped up twat from an ethnic community or white liberal activist screams ' RACIST !' at you.

Due to Multi-culturalism the very nature and roles of of truth and logic in society have been subverted.

Objective reality has been transformed into a political construct and truth censored in the name of Political Correctness.

The long and the short of it is that the social pathologies of Islamic culture must NEVER be critically scrutinized. To do so would be Islamophobic.

Nor must the actions of other ethnic communities ever be stated as being a feature of their community - such as Blacks and gun crime, Turks and heroin smuggling, Albanians and gun smuggling, Romanians and sex slaves, Vietnamese and dope growing, Colombians and cocaine smuggling etc etc

Truth must always be censored if it conflicts with the dogma of the multi-culturalists.

Journalists have become neutered dogs, that whine and squeal and emit streams of piss whenever anyone accuses them of racism or islamaphobia.

Being a journalist these days and having a story that is critical abut ethnic groups or ethnic religions is a bit like one of the heretics in the Middle Ages.

In the face of lies, stupidity, dogma, barbarity, perversion and terror they must meekly bow and mutter ' Yes, Sir' and acquiesce to the eradication of their articles.

My favorite writer was Mark Steyn, and as soon as he wrote an article atacking Islamists in France he was sacked by The Telegraph.

Such is life in Browns Bullshit Britain, the place where lies replace truth.

The fact that we all have to pay out of our taxes and via the NHS for the sad and pitiful genetic mutants spawned by these idiots is the real tragedy. Not only are the children the victims of their parents selfish stupidity, but for the entire duration of their sad existences we have to pay for them.

Those children who are truly victims of accidental genetic problems then have to face cuts in their care as the NHS budget for their care is spread over an ever increasng pool of acute care cases spawned as a result of those disgusting cases of deliberate incest.

It is not like these people do not know that mating with your cousin causes your kids to be mutants, as they only have to walk down the streets where they live to see the women pushing wheelchairs filled with victims of their sexual crimes.

These people choose to commit this crime against humanity, and that is what it is.

To knowingly bring a child into the world with genetic defects who will live in pain for its entire existence due to some 'cultural ' wish to keep your wealth in your immediate family is a crime against humanity.

It should be regarded as much a crime against humanity to knowingly spawn such a child, as to put such a child in a gas chamber as the nazis did.

The fact that the same community is also one of the poorest communities, most unemployed, produces the most amount of children with birth defects and also is the primary source of Jihadists in the country must never be mentioned. To do so would suggest that their is something about this community that is somehow culturally backward.

The crime is that we tolerate this state of affairs in our country in the name of multi-culturalism, along with honour killings, wife beating, veiling of women, Jihadism, Sharia Law, the calling of the death of homosexuals, gential mutilation, voodoo killings, christian fundamentalist exorcisms in black churches that kill people and many other sicknesses and cultural poisons.

The very fact that we have to contemplate laws to prevent people from marrying their cousins in the 21st century to stop the proliferation of genetic illnesses is proof that we, as a nation and a civilisation, are regressing back to the Middle Ages.

We are once again entering an era of cultural darkness, disease, terrorism, war, repression, book burning and heretic imprisoning.

Instead of burning books and destroying truth and logic, we must instead throw the entire structures, laws and social conventions of Political Correctness and Multi-Culturalism into the Wicker Man of a new national beginning.

Instead of tolerating the intolerable, the time has come to demand an end to this toxic farce.

This entire system and it dynamic are driving us into the abyss of national and cultural destruction.

Sooner or later a tipping point will be reached when for a few moments in time the chance of liberty and escape will exist.

When this system staggers and stumbles beneath the weight of its own internal contradictions, then we must be ready to seize the moment.

We must then re-direct back the hatred and intolerance so long directed at us, back at those who have been in charge of the system and who created this crisis.

So shall they reap what they have sown.


Anonymous said...

Powerful essay Lee, a spotlight of truth exposing the insanity of multiculturalism.

Truth will prevail, we will prevail and justice will be served.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, a most depresing but well written piece matey. I too read the article in the Times yesterday and it filled me with a sense of dread and fear. Me thinks we as a Nation and as a people are heading towards a tipping point of no return. Every politican, every mandarin, every journalist, every celebrity, every law maker, every chief constable, every cleric, every banker, every fact everybody who seems to have a say in our daily lives seems to support the headlong destruction of the indigenous people of these islands. It is dawning on me that the greatest evil is Capitalism, it is the pursuit of Capitalism and its child, Globalisation that is the driving force of this destruction.

Our ONLY hope in the short term is a massive recession or even better still a full blown Depression as hard and painfull as that may be.

The people who get hurt most by immigration are the working class. it destroys their communities and sense of belonging.

Capitalism is the also the cause of global warming, we too are reaching a point of no return as the heating of the planet is starting to accelerate at an ever faster rate. Targets for emmission cuts by 2020 are utterly useless and meaningless. If the West wants everybody in China to have a motor car, every body in Brazil to have a washing machine and every Asian to have an air conditioning unit there will be no natural resources left. The rain forests will be gone, the sea will be heated, the ice caps will be history and most species of animals will be extinct. Whether patterns will be unpredictable.

Economic chaos is the only immediate hope we have to retrench, re-organise and mount an effective defence. Although there is a stirring amongst some sections of the people through political paries like the BNP it will be short lived as the establishment is begining to unite and plan a united front to crush it in the same way it has done to all dissenters in the last 80years.

Anonymous said...


Your rant has no basis in fact.

Capitalism is not the problem globalisation is. The sort of views you post belong with marxists. Not one of us should welcome a recession and I'm sure the sick, the elderly and those families struggling to make ends meet and who will face redundancy will be comforted by your "we need a recession no matter how painful."

Except it hits people at the lower end of society far far harder than it hits those at the higher levels. Recession demostrates how globalisation fails our people. To suggest that we need a recession is marxist-socialist thinking and I for one certainly hope the BNP reject this outright.

As for your apocalyptic view regarding our planet, you have fallen victim to yet another marxist con: Anthropogenic Global Warming. There is no such thing, in fact over 400 scientists have recently condemned the IPCC in the strongest terms and have offered evidence that actually suggests the planet has been cooling for 10 years.

Here are some very interesting articles regarding AGW:

Our enemies are Global capitalism, Islam and Marxism. We need to concentrate on fighting these real dangers and not resort to hysterical rants about phantoms conjured by our enemies as another weapon to control the people.


Anonymous said...

Chris, your talking bollox. There is no birth without blood matey. For your information the Office of National Statistics estimate that 25,000 old people die in this country every year from the cold. 2.2 MILLION pensiomers live BELOW the poverty line of £145 per week. 4.5 million live alone. We need a catastrophy to teach us ALL how to care for our compatriots instead of turning the other way. A damn good re-alignment of wealth will teach us all about community. Villages are dying because of the number of second homes, village schools are closing, young people are being forced away from their towns of birth because of the ever rising cost of buying homes and with the virtual cessation of council house building in this country people are starting to live in over-crowded accommadation. Hardly the social progress our parents enjoyed. The average cost of a home is now a staggering 9 times the average wage.

The piece about Paxman is so typical of the chattering classes telling the have nots how to eat shit. Mass immigration keeps wages low, mass immigration is to supply the middle classes with cheap cups of Starbucks, quick service in Mcdonalds, mass immigration is to keep house prices high and rents even higher for those lucky enough to own property to let. The latest is a Labour politcan suggesting we chuck people out of their homes because they wont take a job that neither you, Jeremy Paxman or I would do. Rah, Rah for Capitalism mate.

Have you read about the sub-prime lending scandal in America, selling people properties and then wacking up the interest until over a million homes have been re-possessed. Middle income earners in America have fixed rates loans for the duration of the 25 years of the loan.....
Globalisation IS the child of Capitalism. Last year 4,000 people in the city of London recieved bonuses in excess of £1,000,000 each....for what? Foreign doms with Billions in the bank paying no tax, they are the very people who wouldn't miss the odd few thousands off their enormous wealth. Listen to the howls of indignation from some of the riches people in the world because they have to pay £30,000 a year to live here. People who think nothing of spending £150.000 on a new motor car or a £10,000 wrist watch. Can you afford £30,000 a year in tax to live in Britain?

Capitalism oils the wheels of wealth, I have heard of the trickle down effect.....its called cheap labour.

For your information I am neither a Capitalist, Socialist or Marxist and nor am I a member of any political party. Whats more I firmly believe in the right to own property, wealth is not a crime....but I see no justice in some people haveing more money than they can spend the interest earned on it, yet so MANY have barely a pot to piss in.

I have long been sceptical about global warming.......but science tells us all that the rise in greenhouse gases is the major cause of global warming. Just how long do you think Mother earth can sustain the pilage of her fruits? Rain forests cut down and replaced with cattle for the west to enjoy cheap burgers. The EARTH NEEDS the rain forests. Which brings me to another point......Aint you seen how many people in this country are getting so hideously fat through greed and lazyness. Fat people get fat because they are eating food's not even real food. They sit all the way to work, sit at a desk all day, ride home and sit in front of the tv eating until its time to get up have a burp and a fart and go off to bed. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the 'west'. Cake is to good for them, "let them eat burgers" We are dying out in the 'comfort zone'. Just where are the resources to fuel global trade going to come from in the future?

You bet I'm having a rant, my Nation, my culture, my people are being screwed by the products of capitalism....greed, greed and more greed. Clearly your all right Jack.