Monday 18 February 2008

The real reason Northern Rock was nationalised

The real reason Northern Rock was nationalised was simply to ensure that the impoverished workers of the UK who cannot afford 'affordable' mortgages due to the rise in house prices are able to be offered mortgages of up 5 times their income.

This is being done in order to ensure that British workers can still suffer from the delusion that they 'own' their own houses, even though the mortgages are unpayable and impoverish them.

The moment that working families realise that they are priced out of owning their own homes in their own country due to the endless flood of immigrants coming into the country, then they will not vote Labour.

The nationalisation of the rock is to shore up the Labout vote at the next election, and that a bank still operates to loan workers money they cannot repay so as to sell them illusion that they still own a stake in their own country.

Our families are now foregoing children in order to own their own houses.

Those low paid families that work full time and still cannot afford to buy their own home are no longer British, as they are denied ever having the chance to own a stake in their own country which is supposedly their home.

Whilst immigrants and asylum seekers take up all the private rental stock and council housing stock, we are unable to afford to buy a home in our own country.

We are getting shafted.

The only solution for the government in order to not alienate the enire working Working Class is to own a bank that still supplies them with state subsidised mortgages and thereby ensures they remain childless wage slaves for the rest of their lives, shackled by debt and buying the plastic consumer rubbish imported into the country from China.

Nationalisation of Northern Rock should be declared as an election expense.

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