Wednesday 6 February 2008

The Genocide of the White British Working Class

The announcement from vampyric looking Caroline Flint that the government are to get unemployed tenants of council housing to sign ’ commitment contracts ’ whereby they may be removed from their homes if they are held by some jobsworth in the council as not searching hard enough for work, is the height of hypocrisy at the time when four husband and wife couples in the Commons are cashing in on taxpayer-funded housing allowances by claiming twice for the same home.

The couples - who include Labour Cabinet duo Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper - are using a loophole which pays up to £22,000 a year to each of them to fund a second home.

Labour's Alan and Ann Keen submitted separate claims of £19,814 and £18,701 - a total of £38,515.

They share a flat in Covent Garden, as well as a house in Brentford, West London. They did not respond to calls last night.

Peter and Iris Robinson, of the Democratic Unionists, last year submitted separate claims for £19,558 and £20,386.

They share a home in East Belfast and a flat in Docklands, East London.

Yet again the Labour government dreams up a vile anti-white working class, racist policy proposal designed to further impoverish and disenfranchise the poorest people in our society in their decades long slow genocide of the British WHite Working Class.

Mass unemployment is an inevitable result of the Globalist system. The free movement of goods and capital is inextricably linked with the free flow of immigrants. Therefore as long as Britain is held in thrall to the incubus of Globalism, then mass unemployment is a social fact that cannot be eradicated. Due to the ability of capital to move freely around the world in the Globalist system then it is important that each nation has plenty of surplus labour in order to compete for financial investment and industrial development with those other nations in the world that do have plenty of surplus labour.

Because there are billions of impoverished Chinese workers capable of competing with the UK work force for outsourced jobs, then the UK must sustain an increasing flow of immigrants into the nation in order to ensure an expanding pool of surplus labour in order to remain competitive with nations such as China within the global economy. This is like trying to tread water whilst someone is steadily filling your pockets up with rocks and stone, sooner or later you will sink. We cannot compete with China in the 21st century as its status as the premiere gulag for consumerism which churns out the cheap plastic crap the world doesn’t need, is assured.

Our one chance to survive as a nation and as a people as the Globalist system begins to reach its critical tipping points of peak oil, economic collapse, energy wars, eco-conflicts, resource wars, mass immigration, ethnic, racial and civil wars is if we become the torch bearers for the ideal of Environmental Nationalism, and build in Britain the Renewable Energy Economy, energy production technologies and associated social, economic and industrial infra-structure that will set the standard for such a system across the whole planet.

Where we lead, others will follow.

If we invest now in creating new renewable energy technology systems, new forms of energy production, new national integrated infra-structure projects, on new low energy factories and industries, in new forms of energy saving strategies and on building an global energy exporting and trading system based in the UK, then we will dominate the world in the 21 st century as we once did in the 20th century.

Not many know that Charles Merz, the inventor of the first functional British power station and integrated supply system and also the designer of the National Grid, is the true father of the 20th century. Every nation across the world uses his designs and plans for an electricity production and supply system. His vision literally illuminates the entire planet.

Wherever you flick a switch turn on a light on in the darkness, wherever a hospital surgeon is at work with a scalpel beneath the bright lights of an operating table, wherever a street lamp illuminates the night, a TV programme is playing or a mobile phone or computer is plugged in, then that is the legacy of Charles Merz.

The greatest man of the 20th century who is forgotten in his own homeland.

The path of Peak Oil need not lead us into the abyss and doom of perpetual eco-conflict and resource wars, instead we can use the challenge of its coming as the path to a higher form of human existence.

We can embrace the example of Charles Merz and seek a new way forward instead of succumbing to the chaos and darkness.

We must become the torch bearers of a new ideal, that of the Natural Order as opposed to the New World Order.

It is only a nationalist political party with a programme of creating a national economy based on the principle of maximum self sufficiency in most forms of production and industry, that can eradicate the scourge of mass unemployment.

Punishing the victims of the present globalist system, the unemployed and those that cannot afford to buy a house due to their low wages, is merely whipping a dead horse. The White Working Class are dependent on benefits as they are designed to be. Without the pool of surplus labour that are unemployed the British economy could not compete in the globalists system.

Therefore punishing them for being abandoned into unemployment by the government is a cruel and inhuman punishment, and is nothing more than a form of racist collective punishment.

Under the Globalist system, the nation state exists solely as to act a para-military policeman guarding the bankers and the banks that stash the locally plundered loot of those corporations and plutocrats that control the global economy. The nation state, such as it exists in the present system, exists only to serve the interests of the Servile State and The Corporatocracy.

The individual is simultaneously crushed from inside the nation by the Boa constrictor like grasp of the Servile State and its creed of Political Correctness, and at the same time from outside the nation by The Corporatocracy and its all pervasive cult of Global Consumerism.

As the immigrants advance through our borders, our government refuses to stop them. We are simultaneously disarmed and betrayed.

The borders of nations such as Britain have been dismantled and millions of immigrants allowed to enter and settle in the country because it profited both the liberals and the Far Left. The Left gained cheap votes and new Trades Union members and the reactionaries of the Conservative Right as they could hire cheap foreign workers and pay lower wages to their workers.

Most immigrants that enter the UK are low skilled, low wage and unqualified. They do not threaten the job security or undercut the wages of newspaper editors, government ministers or the head of the CBI, instead they threaten the job security and social welfare benefits primarily of the White Working Class.

The more immigrants enter a nation then the more competition for jobs, welfare benefits and council housing occurs specifically amongst the indigenous low skilled workforce, precisely the people most likely to require social housing as their jobs are low wage and short term with frequent bouts of unemployment between jobs.

Those rich American bankers and Russian Oligarchs that come to live in Britain are not likely ever to require council housing so we must exclude their presence from amidst the majority of immigrants that will at some point in the future require welfare services and council housing.

Immigrants, asylum seekers and the other pet minorities of the Servile State will no doubt not be required to sign this ’Commitment Contract’ with the local councils, it will only be White Working Class families and a few token non-whites targeted, most probably of mixed race background, just to tone down the obvious whiteness of the targets of the policy.

This legislations is designed to evict White Working Class families from their homes and then replace them with new ’pet’ immigrant workers and voters.

Their will be no talk of the reciprocity of rights and duties when it comes to immigrants who have lived in Britain for forty years and still cannot speak English.

No new immigrant will be forced to learn English if they are too keep their council house or be given a council house.

No religious sects will be forced to stop wearing the absurd garments of nomadic desert tribes in modern Britain that they describe as part of their ‘religious duty‘.

No religious sects will be forced to stop swaddling their female relatives beneath layers of black cloth before they can leave the house or get a job.

No families will be evicted if they send their daughters abroad if they refuse to marry their cousins.

Not one immigrant will be forced to sign or make a ‘Commitment Contract’ to Britain, democracy or to respect our culture and way of life.

These new immigrants, and also many of those who have been settled here for decades, wont be required to do such ’culturally oppressive ’ things such as ;

1) Learn English to get a job

2) Leave their religions OUTSIDE the workplace and not demand prayer rooms, same sex rooms or prayer breaks in work time

3) Respect the rights of the democratic majority and conform to our culture and ways and stop supporting and funding terrorism, stop denigrating our rights and freedoms including women’s rights and our free speech to call you and your religions to account.

4) Wearing the specified work uniform and following the duties of the job as required, instead of demanding changes to uniforms and job duties specific to your religious or cultural demands

This new plan of the Labour government is simply another attempt to deracinate the indigenous White Working Class people of Britain.

All the Labour, Tory and Lib Dems and the rest of the coterie of establishment partieswant to do is continue to profit from the runination of our nation and the impoverishment of our people.

We in the BNP can give work to millions and transform this nation with our plans.

We can give our people back dignity and pride once more in being British.

We can set the factories working once more, the mines back open, the canals back working, build new railways and trams systems, develop new local energy production and environmental recycling plants, new community farms and localised agricultural markets to supply local communities with fresh locally produced vegetables and fruits etc etc.

We will ensure that all the land currently owned by supermarkets for future developments is used not for new out of town superstores, but instead is given to local councils for new community environmental housing projects and integrated transport systems.

We plan to invest billions on new Community Housing projects in order to re-build communities for extended families and create kin based communities that take care of each other instead of being dependent upon the state.

People will be given a fair wage and a chance to own their own homes and as a result they will be expected to work.

The unemployed will be required to assist in this plan for national renewal with their labour, just as the plutocrats and the corporations will be required to assist us with the taxes we impose upon the profits of that labour.

Those that can work will be found work, even if that is dredging a local canal of the filth and rubbish in it as part of the infinite number of community environmental reclamation projects we have planned.

The unemployed will be used to clean the streets, paint over graffiti, tend the parks and gardens, help clean hospitals, do hospital laundry etc etc as part of state monitored hygiene control systems in their local areas as part of this community projects schemes.

Participation must be mandatory and include an incentivisation plan whereby families may be able to have extra benefits for the extra work they do whilst on the schemes.

That way we have a guaranteed mimimum welfare standard that is high for those who cannot work, and also ensure that those who are not working are able to contribute to their communities and also earn extra money for their families.

If we are to deal with unemployment, then a third way between unemployment and work must be created that unlocks the potential creativity of the unemployed and that acts a mechanism moving them towards full employment again.

This is what the idea of the Community Reclamation Projects do.

The unemployed are required to attend for work and whilst at work will learn new skills on the schemes they are on and then become more attractive to employers. From picking up rubbish, clearing ditches and canals, repairing the homes of the old and council stocks, bricklaying, tree surgery, agricultural production and other manual labour skills.

Others would be funded to go on college courses in the areas of expertise that we will require to create the new infra-structure projects we plan for and become concrete engineers, electricians, steel fixers etc etc so that we are building up a national skills base. Attendance would be compulsory if benefits are to be provided.

The community reclamation schemes would be run by committees of elected local people and overseen by councils who would be given extra funding to reward those on the community schemes.

A pool of stagnant labour, is a breeding ground for strife not creativity.

We must get the unemployed moving again at the level of the local community, at the same time as we begin the massive state infra-structure projects. Once we have the workers learning new skills at the local level, then they can be manouevered into the national projects to fulfill demand for new workers.

See this Labour government plan for what it is, as just another mechanism in the process of the slow genocide of the British White Working Class.


Anonymous said...

Please excuse the unusual approach.
Please can you reinstate the 'Brimstone' articles on the new BNP website - they were so informative and well written.

Anonymous said...

Accelerating the genocide -

Anonymous said...

hey matey, enjoyed your bloggs....more power to your elbow. for resistance

Anonymous said...

Now this!

"Islamic Sharia law in Britain is 'unavoidable"
- Archbishop of Canterbury


Britain First said...

Good article. The genocide of white civilisation is well and truly under way. What makes it even worse is that most white people don't even realise it's happening.

Harry J said...

I've just read a post on a blog called Devils Kitchen that is championing the very globalisation you appear to dislike. In all honesty it's the economic policies of the BNP I'm the most unsure about. Probably because it's an extremely complicated subject which I'm struggling to understand. If you have the time and inclination I'd enjoy seeing you debate this subject with him. If not could you explain to me here, in these comments, why he's wrong?

Defender of Liberty said...

I went to the Devils Kitchen blog ;

1) Allowing anything into the UK from anywhere is an idiotic idea. We already have GM contimanated food from China, beef poisonsed with pesticides from Brazil raised by slaves, fake toothpaste from china with mercury in it, fake pharamcuticals that do not work, clothes produced by children from India, bushmeat from Africa including human flesh for voodoo rituals in British shops in London and also wood from pristine rainforest that destroys the land of indigenous peoples. Free imports destroy the gloobal environment and destroy British industry.

2) The only people that get rich from imports are the fat cats that profit from importing and selling imports in the UK ( and hence are destroying British industry) or those fat cats that have outsourced their companies and are now sacking British workers.

3) The shadow of globalism is worldwide islamic terorism, mass immigration, the destruction of British industry and the destruction of the global environment.

4) The world is about to suffer Peak Oil, and therefore those nations that begin the process of ensuring maximum national security will survive the collpase - those that dont will go under with the collapse.

Anonymous said...

I like to call it National Environmentalism ;)

Great blog and agree with pretty much all of it like always!