Tuesday 19 February 2008

RMT adopt IRA tactics

Image - This is not Buster Bloodvessel, this is 'Fat' Bob Crow.

I have been sent an interesting e mail that reveals the RMT union, led by the retarded Marxist thug Bob Crow, a man who is nothing more than Special Brew Bolshevik and trade union left wing gangster with a gold union credit card, is planning to transform the RMT from a trade union to an illegal para-military organisation dedicated to using violence to 'physically' confront the BNP.

One would have thought the members of the RMT would prefer their leaders to spend more time representing their interests than the interests of the last relics of international socialism.

The RMT is run by a clique of political dinosaurs around their own little tin pot Stalin, Comrade Bob. It is in many ways the last dustbin of British Communism, the recycling bin for all those Trotsykites, old Communists and students that have survived the fall of the Berlin Wall. The RMT and GLA should be declared as living monuments, the final bastions of Communism set amidst the capitalist triumph.

If this resolution is passed then the RMT are about to self designate themselves as a terrorist group.

Does this mean the RMT will adopt the tactics of the IRA and use terror on British streets to support their political ends.


Draft motions to RMT AGM 2008
> Submitted on 17 February, 2008 - 21:17 Rail unions

We therefore believe that to effectively oppose the
> BNP, trade unionists need to:
> 1. Organise against the fascists, politically,
> ideologically, and - where necessary - physically.
> 2. Support self-defence by those communities targeted
> by the fascists.
> Now what does the word PHYSICALLY means?

> It seems to me it's an invitation to assault BNP
> activists and so there is a case to complain to the
> Police.

> Also the world SELF DEFENCE is ambiguous.


Anonymous said...

the unions will all be wound up in another 7-10 years, there will be no unions, the EU and the globalists wont stand for any mass organised movement to disrupt their hold on power - not unless you want to be shot dead in the street by the EU riot squad.

The `workers` can then thank Labour and their neo marxist PC dogma and peusdo Commie Union puppets for allowing it to happen, as their wages and conditions are reduced to the level of the Chinese!

Turkeys and Chistmas!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bob is trying his utmost to shake of the last few remaining union subscribers.


Anonymous said...

THe BNP should sue if this is even discussed at the RMT AGM.

Anonymous said...

the reds would love to draw us into a street war but we've been there fighting on the streets/marching/more extreme polcies and we are never going back ,(l wasn't there personaly l was only born in 1991 but l've read joe owens book and listened to people talk about it and saw clips so l've got a rough idea of what it was like) how ever much provocktion we get from the reds ie barnsley

but there's something esle l wanted to ask you lee,bit random but l didn't know where else to put it apart from under the last blog

l asked an other party member who studies this kind of thing at uni early but he wasn't much use

sometimes when l listen to softer more cheesier music .not intentionally but l start to imagine this music that l am listening to it set to video of my local football team and since it's softer and more pop it totaly doesn't work for the video ,and then l imagine in my head, people watching that video with that music on it ,there like this music is rubbish and there just looking at me like there is terrible.. and in the end l hate what l am imagining so l have to turn the song off and stop listening to it

it happens with tons of tracks random ones not just one and the thing is l'd never put these songs on a bnp video or a video about my football team,cause it wouldn't fit,it's been annoying me for ages so much,l just want it to stop, esp since there's this track l really like,l'm going to be listening to it all summer when l'm out playing football at the park and on holiday but l can't really listen to it because that thing keeps happening where l imagine it being played over something esle and people commenting on it

l collect video footage of my local football team aswell as photos(largest collection on the net l have) and l make videos someimes of the team,l am a bit of a pefectionist with them and when l'm listening to a track and l imagine it been played over a video ,it just doesn't go and in the end l think oh my god imagine if l sent that out to people and imagine myself being associated/lumbed tgt with the youtube crowd who make bad vids which are grainy/terrible font/bad music and l feel crippled and again like l said l just have to turn off the track

l hope you can help it would mean alot


Anonymous said...

Many of the establishment Unions take an anti-BNP line. They are aligned with the Labour Party in the main. That is just one reason why I am a proud member of the Solidarity Trade Union (www.solidaritytradeunion.org) which fights to protect civil liberties for BNP members as well as for everyone else!