Monday 10 March 2008

The Apocalypse Begins

Two hundred million eco-migrants are to enter the EU as a result of climate change.

The time has come to resist this betrayal of our European nations and people.

Those politicians that seek to impose upon us the final destruction of Europe through opening the gates to the human herds that gather outside its border are the greatest traitors in European history.

The idiot citizens of Europe, somatised and tranquilised through consumerism, are about to experience a cruel awakening.

Having grown fat and stupid on easy credit and the degenerate pleasures of a decadent civilisation , they are about to witness their illusions be ripped away and a harsh truth revealed to them in all its brutal glory.

The article here is one of the most important you can read - read it and understand it;

The end bgins now.

Now, according to the EU's two senior foreign policy officials, Europe needs to brace itself for a new wave of migration with a very different cause - global warming. The ravages already being inflicted on parts of the developing world by climate change are engendering a new type of refugee, the "environmental migrant".

Within a decade "there will be millions of environmental migrants, with climate change as one of the major drivers of this phenomenon," predict Javier Solana and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the EU's chief foreign policy coordinator and the European commissioner for external relations. "Europe must expect substantially increased migratory pressure."

The report highlights several forms of conflict that are likely to be driven by the planet heating up:

· "Reduction of arable land, widespread shortage of water, diminishing food and fish stocks, increased flooding and prolonged droughts are already happening in many parts of the world," Solana and Ferrero-Waldner say. Fresh water availability could fall by up to 30% in some regions, causing farming losses, surging food prices and shortages, and civil unrest. "Climate change will fuel existing conflicts over depleting resources."

· Around one-fifth of the planet's population inhabits coastal zones which are threatened by rising sea levels and natural disasters. The Caribbean, central America and the east coasts of China and India are most exposed. "An increase in disasters and humanitarian crises will lead to immense pressure on the resources of donor countries."

· The report notes that major land mass changes are expected in the course of the century from receding coastlines, meaning countries will lose territory, while desertification could have a similar effect. The result may be "a vicious circle of degradation, migration and conflicts over territory and borders that threatens the political stability of countries and regions".

· A similar result may be expected in failing states, where frustration and disenchantment breed ethnic and religious strife and political radicalisation.

· Competition for energy resources is already a cause of conflict. This may get worse, not least "because much of the world's hydrocarbon reserves are in regions vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and because many oil and gas producing states already face significant social, economic and demographic challenges."

Europe, the officials imply, needs to get its act together if there is to be any chance of managing the apocalyptic scenarios outlined. What the report does not say is that if demographics are any measure of potential power, Europe's task is that much harder.

The average European is currently aged 39 and Europeans, including Russians, make up some 11% of the world's population of 6.7 billion.

By 2050 that figure will have shrunk to 7%, with the average age of Europeans being over 47 and the elderly outnumbering children by more than two to one. A weaker Europe may have to cope with the challenges listed by Solana and Ferrero-Waldner, but environmental migrants may enlarge and rejuvenate its population.

Note the bullshit propaganda at the end - we are enterng the era of Peak Oil and Peak Food just as climate change is about to hit. The idea we can even feed who is already here is debatable, but feeding and housing millions upon millions of new eco-migrants in Europe is impossible.

These herds of human beings will devastate Europe, they will be like a Biblical plague upon our nations stripping our resources bare and leaving us in poverty.

The best we can do is create a Fortress Europe and a Fortress Britain and ensure that we take care of our own people.

Their can be no rejuvenation of Europe by immigrants only its accelerated demise.

In the Sunday Times on September 5 th 2004 the nominated European Union incoming Justice Minister, Rocco Buttiglione, stated that the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees may be changed to include the concept of 'Environmental Refugees' and thereby allow into Europe by 2010 up to 50 million 'Eco- Refugees' and up to 150 million more by 2050.

A few weeks later he was removed from his post. Though he had been removed, the plan still proceeds.

According to the Red Cross 'environmental refugees' now number 25 million people, 58 % of the total worldwide population of refugees. Though the Geneva Convention was drafted in order to provide assistance solely for those internally displaced citizens of Europe as a result of the end of World War two it is now about to be used to destroy Europe itself through the process of Eco-Conflict and allowing unlimited immigration into the West.

The threat of Eco-Conflict is linked not only linked to climate change but also to the threat of the 150-250 million estimated refugees that are expected to enter Europe both legally and illegally in the next forty years, and all of them will be allowed by the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the Liberal Party to just enter our nations when and how they wish as they have already been doing for decades. This is treason on a scale unparalleled in British history. It is the total surrender of our nation to first of all a European Union that has already decided to allow Europe to be invaded and then to the incoming eco-migrants themselves. Britain and Europe will both be destroyed.

No other word exists for this other than treason. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and all the other politicians of the mainstream parties that will refuse to tackle this issue in the name of political correctness are traitors and therefore have no moral, legal or political right to rule over us.

The fact that 80 % of the British public want our national borders strengthened not destroyed forever, and the fact that our people have had no chance to vote on this issue which features that most fundamental of all rights - who we let live amongst us in our national community - means this is not a decision that emanates from the people that form our democracy and our nation. This is the decision of a fascist
government and it means that this country is no longer a democracy.

Eco-Conflict refers to the process by which people take either collective action (non-violent protest or violent rebellion) or individual acts of protest or terror against governments or other groups to protect themselves, and the group with which they have aligned themselves, when they perceive that their individual, racial, national, tribal or familial well being or national or ethnic group survival is threatened by environmental change, mass immigration or unequal access to scarce resources. Aspects of eco conflict can renew old intra-national conflicts or substantially protract ongoing ones or create new intra-ethnic conflict as a result of mass immigration into a nation. It will also lead to new surpa-national conflicts and resurrect old ones over water, oil, food and land.

Resource scarcity as an issue can lead to three types of conflict: simple scarcity conflict (where at least two states or groups engage in violent conflict or warfare), group identity conflict (where groups are displaced from a resource scarce region to another region, resulting in tension and conflict), or relative deprivation conflict (where one group feels deprived of a resource relative to other groups)

What, according to various theories, is broadly labeled as 'environmental security matters' involves environmental change (i.e. the decline in the quantity or quality of renewable resources that occurs faster than the renewal of that resource by natural processes and the use of technological processes ) and its political, economic, social and humanitarian consequences. This includes population-induced ecological stress, land scarcity, ethnic conflict, the depletion of water supplies, deforestation, desertification, air/water/land pollution, deforestation, ozone depletion, climate change, natural catastrophes, energy security, nuclear safety issues, famine, diseases and migration (immigration pressures and refugee flows), intra-national conflict , terrorism , the removal of civil rights, the creation of Eco-Dictatorships and the breakdown of the social order of nations. These issues have the potential to influence greatly influence the future of the planet but because they directly lead to a serious and irreversible decline in the quality of people's life and new political tension at the national, regional and global levels their implications are of utmost National Security interest. Thus, both ' British Nationalists ', European Nationalist parties and the British public should be more aware of the significance of the role of environmental change among other more traditionally recognized (political, economic and social) issues that threaten the stability of Britain, Europe and the planet.

Environmental change can generate displaced communities (i.e. environmental refugees) and environmentally induced Eco-Conflicts.

The TEN STAGES of social breakdown that lead to Eco-Conflict are plotted in the list below ;

Stage I (Overpopulation Pressure): Population pressures increase due to dense human settlements, and stem from high birth rates of immigrants (the birth rates of the racially British people are falling beyond replacement levels), increasing urbanization, and the continuing influx of foreign migrants. This causes intra-ethnic violence in the host communities that have to 'absorb' the new migrants and a corresponding adoption of ever more draconian laws by national states to stem this tide of protest against mass immigration by the indigenous people. As the laws on free speech and assembly are restricted by the government, courts and the police to counter legitimate public protests by the host community the 'anger' of the host community manifests itself more and more in urban street conflict against the migrants. Migrants will also begin to battle other migrants for resources as the migrant groups cluster together around racial, religious and cultural issues. In Britain we have already begun to witness this in places such as Bradford, Peterborough and Oldham where relations between the indigenous population and immigrants have reached 'Crisis point' according to the Home Office and the CRE. The movement of millions of Eastern Europeans into the UK has also generated new flashpoints with other racial groups in the ares where they now live.

Stage II (Growing Demands): As the national population increases, human activities increase generating new demands ( more children born , more pressure on the NHS, Schools, Housing and Agriculture etc) and the growth per capita of resource consumption increases as the the demand for a higher standard of living and the production of biological and industrial human wastes escalate. Additionally, the average individual's level of consumption or affluence is raised further by resource consumption and pollution-generating technology development: This level of growth is now unsustainable. Supply cannot ever match Demand. As more and more people are forced to drop into poverty as the 'breaking point' approaches in society in regard to the sustainability of demand increases, their expectations of affluence and more income are simultaneously being raised by the media and other factors in our conscumer society - this generates frustration, frustration turns to rage, rage turns to hate, hate turns to war.

Stage III (Environmental Stress): Increasing mass immigration and its growing demands on the nation increase resource shortages and environmental damage through a vicious cycle - when the resource supply becomes scarce or less accessible, then it requires excessively high costs and greater environmental damage in order to provide resources for additional people. This accelerates the breakdown in the environment and effectively destroys the 'natural resource base' for future generations. In order to sustain the people of the present we must leave the children of the future to starve.

Stage IV (Competition and Tension): Environmental stress, including scarcities and degradation, instigate competition among the affected population (local people and migrants) within a society, generating political,racial, religious and social tension. During times of competition over ecological and financial resources, the affected country's people usually become more self-conscious and self-assertive of their group identity. This is already happening in Britain. As the resources of the country diminish in the coming decades then more tensions will be raised. Already in 2004 we have for the first time become dependent on foreign energy sources to power our national economy. Our North Sea oil supplies are almost empty, the coal mines closed and our economy dependent on Russian gas and Arabian oil. In 2006 24,000 pensioners died of hypothermia in their own homes and in the coming years this will rise even more. The BNP as a political party will continue to rise in strength and power whilst traditional parties, both Left and Right, will become obsolete. Identity Politics will grow in power and under the mechanism of 'Multi-Culturalism' this movement towards an 'Identity Politics' has been encouraged, though so far only for immigrants who have been encouraged to organise collectively as a community to demand ever more resources from the indigenous community. The British state has, at the same time as encouraging identity politics movements for immigrant groups actively attempted to undermine the basic civil rights of the indigenous people of Britain and prevent them asserting their inalienable right to an 'Identity' driven political party and movement, but further attempts to inhibit this growth will lead to more tensions on the streets leading to outbreaks of disorder. Positive discrimination policies in favour of migrants in Britain will lead to further tensions as the indigenous population are driven further down the 'Social Pyramid' into poverty whilst they are forced to watch as immigrant communities are given ever more resources to appease them before they seek to confront the State and demand more resources by force. Terrorism by ethnic group and religious groups that is rewarded and appeased by the government will result in a backlash where the host community will either demand an end to it or begin to mimic the terrorism of the minorities, as they see that the government represses free speech and legitimate protest but rewards terrorism.

The number of children living in poverty rose by 200,000 since 2006, according to a damning report which highlights the Government's failure to tackle the problem.

Stage V (Distribution Disorder): Growing competition over scarce resources places governments under heavy stress concerning the 'orderly' distribution of insufficient resource supplies among an increasing population. The greater the scarcity, the more likely is a breakdown of the distribution order. This is because advantaged groups, often including government elite members and cosseted minority groups composed of immigrants, wield their power to monopolize the ever diminishing resources of the State and Nation at the expense of other groups mostly the indigenous population. This exacerbates internal conflicts and increases the political necessity of an 'Identity Politics' based BNP party for the indigenous British people in order to ensure the indigenous people of Britain are not unfairly penalised for their lack of an 'Identity Politics' political party. This will also further reveal and increase the futility of the obsolete old parties such as Labour, Liberal and Tory based on the traditional 'right and left' ideologies or the purely 'national independence' issues in relation to the European Union as per UKIP as the necessity for an 'Identity Political' party for the British people grows in order for them to have representation in our political system that is predicated on group identity and rewarding the most politically active and cohesive groups in society.

Stage VI (Environmental Destruction): Without appropriate measures to prevent overuse and pollution of renewable resources, ecological stress passes a threshold of irreversibility. Even if the environmental condition is partially reversible, it will be a prohibitively long and costly process. This is what we are witnessing in the North Sea right now in relation to Cod stocks. Over fishing has resulted in damage that, if not irreversible, will take decades to recover. Also the same situation is analogous to our oil supplies.

Stage VII (Economic Decline): Environmental destruction such as depletion of fish stocks, decreases agricultural and industrial production and causes a lowering of average living standards and further impoverishment and malnutrition within developed societies. The spectres of Disease and famine once more haunt the West as The Golden Era of the promise of perpetual economic 'progress' comes to an end. More and more citizens are cast into penury and poverty as wages and living standards fall. Social cohesion breaks down and the state degenerates into a 'Eco-Dictatorship' where order and stability in the Nation are imposed through the utilisation of Para-Military Police, the Army and the removal of basic civil rights and freedoms.

Stage VII (Social Disintegration): Normally, environmental destruction and economic woes have the following social effects before producing violent conflict: disruption of authoritative political, financial, and legal institutions and accepted social relations; the spread of relative deprivation and frustration due to unequal distribution of both ecological resources and economic goods; and population displacement including mass migration of rural workers into cities or across the national borders. Another feature is the importation into the nation of massive amounts of workers and immigrants by capitalists who seek to sustain the national economy and keep it 'productive' in the Global Economy relation to other economies such as China with whom the British nation has to compete. For British workers this means wages will be forced to be on a par with China where the average wage for an industrial worker is twenty pounds a week if the British economy is to compete in the Global Economy. This is why a return to protectionist and autarchic policies and a withdrawal from the Global Economy is the only way to prevent the destruction of the 'British Working Class' who provide the labour for industries, the 'British Middle Class' that run the industries and the 'British Financial Class that fund and create the national industries. Each face total destruction in the face of Global Economics.

Stage IX (Eco Conflict): Environmental destruction and its disruptive effects not only create internal and external conflicts but also protract and exacerbate ongoing internal disorders. Since conflict is a 'process' and not a one-time event, environmental issues can add a new dimension to enduring social, national or ethno-political or religious disputes and newly created ethnic conflicts caused by the influx of mass immigrants into the nation. This is the final stage where the nation state is torn apart by internal conflict and the government has a choice - either impose a true 'Eco-Dictatorship ' or accept the destruction of the civic order and the nation states degeneration into a 'Balkans type blocs of competing groups using terror as a bargaining tool for the allocation of ever diminishing resources.

Unless the Nationalist parties of Europe organise now to deal with this threat to our nations and environment we may witness the death of the West in our lifetimes. This struggle against these plans of the European Union to allow in 'Eco-Refugees' must form part of a great 'Patriotic European Alliance' of all nationalist parties that represent the indigenous folk communities of Europe. We must begin the struggle now and not wait for the nightmare to begin. This struggle is the primary struggle of the 21 st Century for the European peoples and one that they cannot lose.

From Ireland to Greece, from Iceland to Serbia, from Russia to Spain the European people must unite and resist these plans and fight to create a Fortress Europe that will ensure the survival of our Folk, Race, our Environment, our cultures, our Rights and our Nations.


Bert Rustle said...

Aid has assisted a massive increase in population in the developing world, for example in Africa where the population is disproportionately young. Yet Aid has not proportionately provided the further education, employment and health care that many of these same young people presumably see on TV and aspire to. I would hazard a guess that the same people who promote aid also promote the inward migration of these young people to the West. This reminds me of the novel The Camp of the Saints

Anonymous said...

first off lets forget the bullshit global warming side of this it is a red herring.

the real agenda is a continuation of the current one.

flood europe with foriegners to destroy their sense of a people and to lower wages.

wrap it all up in some bullshit global warming idea which the sheep swallow and is the new `Nazi` word.

in other words global warming dogma - its oppressive. if you question it then you are a hater you want to destroy the country and you are a greedy fascist.

so if they say these people are coming due to global warming, you cannot question your own genocide as you would first be a racist and greedy western global warming heretic. two things currently considered worse than killing inocent people or genocide of a nation.

its all about gred and power for the elite.

the elite are petrified that we will become less productive as we age. so we could breed more, get big insentives to do so. but that wouldnt help them with the need to destroy our people as a nation.

the thing they fear the most is a nationalist movement which may want out of the EUSSR. so they aim to remove any sense of a people and a nation.

immigration will break our backs and make us all slaves.

as said at the start just a continuation of the current process.

so whats with the glabal warming etc, well considering nothing much is likely to happen within the next 100 years on that front or possibly a million years, they will use a local catastophy to bring in millions within 10 years or so and our media will be TOLD to state it is an increasing global warming issue and we need to take these people in.

this will continue with every natural and regular issue that hits any third world country.
until we are finally broken down and full to maximum.

we will then be the battery hens our masters are trying to turn us into.

Anonymous said...

What global warming?
New derivation of equations governing the greenhouse effect reveals "runaway warming" impossible

Miklós Zágoni isn't just a physicist and environmental researcher. He is also a global warming activist and Hungary's most outspoken supporter of the Kyoto Protocol. Or was.
That was until he learned the details of a new theory of the greenhouse effect, one that not only gave far more accurate climate predictions here on Earth, but Mars too. The theory was developed by another Hungarian scientist, Ferenc Miskolczi, an atmospheric physicist with 30 years of experience and a former researcher with NASA's Langley Research Center.

After studying it, Zágoni stopped calling global warming a crisis, and has instead focused on presenting the new theory to other climatologists. The data fit extremely well. "I fell in love," he stated at the International Climate Change Conference this week.

"Runaway greenhouse theories contradict energy balance equations," Miskolczi states. Just as the theory of relativity sets an upper limit on velocity, his theory sets an upper limit on the greenhouse effect, a limit which prevents it from warming the Earth more than a certain amount.

Last week, virtually unreported in Britain, the extraordinary winter weather of 2008 elsewhere in the world continued.

Anonymous said...