Thursday 20 March 2008

Tip Off

Thanks for the tip off. It has been passed on.

The Peter Barker Quiz ;

Now then todays poll - The ' Who does Pete Barker work for' Poll ;

1) The Police

2) Special Branch

3) Searchlight

4) The UAF

5) MI5

6) All the above.

Lets get those poll results going.

From what I have heard Mr. Barker was filmed by an MI6 undercover team wearing a silk red dress, red high heels and stockings and doing the dance of the seven veils with two underage Morroccan rent boys named Abdul and Pepe in a seedy brothel in Amsterdam in 1989. Since then he has led a secret life as a homosexual who uses his website to gather information on nationalists to tout to his handlers in Searchlight.


Defender of Liberty said...

For the dyslexic saddo sea vixen,

I seez dat spelingg and speeking de enjlish lanjuige iz veri harde fur yuo so yuo need to gett somme helpp wiv your writenning.

Eiver dat or stopp getin pissed in da afterroon and den giving it large on da intterrnett yuo compplleete twatt.

Youze kould not win an argumennt wiv a deff dog you nobber.

I blame the schools.

Defender of Liberty said...

This is the actual post put on stormfront by sea vixen -

" Who win a debate detwee sea vixen and lee barnes ;

condider, honesty, bedsid, manmer abusive manner etc."

I kid you not - that was what the idiot wrote word for word.

Stormfront - the home for 'special people'.

Stormfront - keeping the retarded busy since 1990.

Anonymous said...

How did barker get away with this ?

The above is a screen shot of barkers blog on LUAF so the reds were well aware of the threat but still he never gets nicked .

Big laudh the reds cant find out where he works hahaha more like Tossofski wasnt in the loop and Gerry told him to drop it before he got his tout in trouble .

Just ask yourself would any real nationalist have got away with this ?

Barker is state end of .

Anonymous said...

That gave me a good laugh!
Thanks Lee.