Tuesday 18 March 2008

Latest Race War Against Indigenous Whites Crime Figures For The UK

Image - Kris Donald - murdered by racist Asian Muslims. Yet another victim of the real race war against indigenous whites by racist alien colonists.

Racist Crime Violence Analysis for England and Wales.

Analysis of Racist Crimes of Violence (England and Wales, 2005)

This analysis consists of a comparison of the expectation of the number of victims (as a proportion of the total, based on ethnic population proportions), to the actual number of victims (as a proportion of the total, based on reported crime incidences). The model assumes that the prevalence for racial violence is the same within all the ethnic groups listed.

A) Ethnic Group Population
B) Proportion (1)
C) Expectation of Victimhood (%)
D)Number of Reported Victims of Racist Violence2
E) Actual Victimhood (%)

(a) (A) White (B) 0.9240 (C) 1.90 (D)75,912 (E) 61.98 = 32.6 times more victims than expected

(b) Black 0.0239 24.40 7,408 6.05 = 4 times fewer victims than expected

(c) Asian 0.0405 23.98 28,634 23.38 = almost exactly as per expectation

(d) Jewish 0.0053 24.87 82 0.067 = 371 times fewer victims than expected

(e) Other 0.0063 24.84 10,446 8.53 = 2.9 times fewer victims than expected

(1) From the Office of National Statistics (figures for England and Wales for 2005).

(2) Data for the White, Black Asian and ‘Other’ ethnic groups from the British Crime Survey (BCS) for 2004-2005 (the BCS operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice - formally Home Office - and provides the Government with data and analysis in respect of peoples’ experience of crime in England and Wales).

Data for the Jewish community from the Community Security Trust (CST) report for 2005(the .CTS describes itself in the following terms: “The CST is the only organisation that records these [anti-Semitic] incidences nationally, and is recognised by Police, Government and international bodies as the authority on anti-Semitic incident levels in Britain”.

The results of this analysis, specifically the disproportionate number of violent racist attacks against members of the white community in 2005 (of over 32-fold greater than expected, based on population ratios) bears an interesting correlation with studies into interracial homicide. In previous studies for the period 2000-2005, using Home Office data (of actual criminal convictions) it was found there was an almost identically disproportionate number of unlawful killings of white people by members of the BME community (of 30-fold greater than expected).


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