Monday 17 March 2008

Free Tibet

Indigenous People Attacked By Government

There is country where the indigenous people are oppressed by a government that seeks to eradicate both them and their native culture.

This is a country that uses the police to terrorise and attack those that dare defy the governments will and where the way of life of the indigenous people is villified and abused.

This is a country where the national culture is being systematically displaced and destroyed and the indigenous people being driven from their own lands by hordes of immigrants.

This is a country where the following happens on a daily basis ;

1) National symbols and flags are banned and those wearing those symbols are liable to be arrested or lose their jobs

2) The indigenous people who protest about the removal of their indigenous culture and traditions are violently attacked by the police and arrested

3) The national culture is repressed, denigrated and banned

4) Mass immigration is used to dispossess the indigenous majority and replace them

5) Political opposition leaders are arrested and show trials held to terrify the public

6) The police and security services can spy on anyone they wish and remove their rights

7) Corrupt political leaders live in luxury whilst the people grow poorer every day

8) Foreign slave labour gangs are used to construct Olympic stadiums to show off the regimes power

9) Vote rigging and fraud are endemic in the political system and used to keep the regime in power

10) The state media is a tool for political propaganda and is used to attack political parties that oppose the government

11) Immigrant voters are used to keep the government in power and dispossess the indigenous people

12) where the police are racist and run by convicted racist senior officers

13) Where racial discrimination against the indigenous people is legal

14) Where the private political beliefs of an individual lead to attacks on them and their property

This country is not Tibet - this country is Britain.

The Marxists of New Labour and the Marxists of the Communist Party of China are both the enemies of liberty and democracy.

The BNP stands alongside the indigenous people of Tibet and all those indigenous peoples of the world that fight for their national and cultural freedoms.


Anonymous said...

great article,


Anonymous said...

UK politics really should have a little humour injected into it....I now live in the USA and am constantly laughing at US politicians. :-)