Sunday 9 March 2008

Waaassssuuuup !

The sexualisation of children by the media, the glamorisation of Bling and celebrity culture and drugs, the MTV image of women as mere whores in music videos and the anything goes moral breakdown of British society have all combined to turn so many white British women these days into degenerate drunken whores.

A few years ago I visited Tunisia and was sickened by the site of middle aged, overweight, tattooed, drunk white women paying the young local boys and men for sex.

If you go Gambia or any of the other African states you will find vile middle aged, paedophiliac white sluts from Britain paying impoverished young Afican boys for sex.

Whilst the media rightfully attacked the pervert Gary Glitter for molesting children in Thailand, it appears that when white British women do the same to young black males in Africa this is ignored.

Because of their poverty then regardless of the disease risk these women represent to those young men (as many of these white women have had unprotected sex with so many people who may have AIDS that they themselves are transmitting AID's to those men they sleep with) these young men endure the sickening prospect of rutting with these pigs.

The site of these young men being mauled by the degenerate sluts is one of the most sickening sites you can see. These women leave their husbands and partners behind in Britain and then fy to Africa so as to go on paedophile sexual shopping trips, where they compete to molest the newest young boys on the beach.

Then they return to the UK and pass AID's to their partners and the others idiots they have sex with behind their partners backs.

The rates of sexual disease transmission in middle aged women in the UK is now the fastest growing rate of sexual disease spread.

The media in the Uk, like the Daily Mail, even seem to glamorise this sexual abuse.

They print pictures of the movie Shirley Valentine and run stories where some 45 year old British hag is pictured with her 16 year old African boyfriend, mauling him like some vile child molester.

This behaviour is not censured, it is applauded.

Then we have the other side of the coin, where young underage white British girls go to places like Goa or Turkey and then have sex with the locals and then get murdered.

The sexualisation of British young women by the British media has meant that they take their sexual morality with them to nations where such sexuality unleashes violence. In nations that are religious or based on sexual abstinence then the twisted sexuality of British young women creates tensions and violence amongst men unused to such blatant sexuality. A mother who leaves her 15 year old daughter in the hands of an adult alone in a place like Goa and lets her hang around nightclubs full of druggies and drunks till 4 AM with a man she should have suspected of having a sexual relationship with her underage daughter is the epitome of negligence.

It appears that the parents, as well as the media, are too blame for the crisis of sexuality amongst British youth that is leading to an epidemic in sexual disease and abortion amongst young people.

It also appears that the pre-defining characteristic of young British women these days as perceived by the rest of the world is that they are the bikes of the world - that anyone , anywhere can have a quick ride on them.

Then we have the middle aged women that visit Kenya and places like that and after one week of knowing their tour guide decide to marry them and live in a mud hut in the bush with their tribe.

Usually the Daily Mail then gives us a set of pictures of her standing there with a dirty crying child in her arms with a sad look in her eyes surrounded by sullen looking locals and a picture of her husband with his three other wives standing next to his new land rover and wearing a nice watch, trainers and gold necklace (all paid for by his concerned in laws).

The fact that just by marrying into their tribes means these women are destroying that culture is irrelevant to them. Just as long as mummy and daddy are shocked is all that is important.

The utter selfishness and greed of British whites is not just destroying our community but others around the world. As our people go on their holidays to places where they vomit, have sex and fight for two weeks they destroy these places.

Members of the Black community in America are suffering a similar problem due to Bling Culture.

The website Hot Ghetto Mess ( link here - watch the White Boy Stepping video for the true definition of a wanker ) carries pictures of Blacks and Whites in the US who have become so controlled by the Bling Culture that they are a complete embarrasment to their community.

There are pictures on the site of Black and Whites getting their babies to drink alcohol and give gang signs.

Those people should have the kids taken away and simply be shot in the back of the head.

The website is an attempt to shock Blacks in the US into realising that Bling Culture is the basis of Gun Culture.

That the culture of black aspiration has been replaced by pure greed.

Blacks and whites that leave school unable to read or write, that are on drugs , that have criminal convictions, that think they can be rap stars - end up becoming gangsters and criminals and then prisoners.

Contrary to the bullshit spouted by the white liberals in the US the reason why so many Blacks in the US are unemployed is not because of racism, it is because they are unemployable.

They refused to learn to read or write at school as getting a good education wasnt cool.

They are drug addicts who are unemployable.

The are criminals whose convictions means they are unemployable.

They are inarticulate, thugs with a chip on their shoulder given to them by white liberal 'its all the fault of racism' propaganda and therefore are aggressive, sullen thugs that no-one either black or white would employ in their shops.

They are unemployed because they are unemployable - not because of racism.

The idea that showing us images of Martin Luther King all the time on the media means that all the blacks in the US are like Martin is utter bullshit.

The media like to hit the 'Blame Racism' button whenever a debate on the failings of the Black community is debated.

The truth is that most Blacks are unemployed because they have made themselves unemployable - not because of the mythical spectre of non-existent racism.

Contemporary black culture is dominated by Bling Culture and Gang Culture - which only makes money for the middle class, white, and primarily Jewish owners of the record labels that produce gangster rap artists.

If you dont believe me then read the writings of Chuck D of Public Enemy - he explains the reality of Bling Culture very well in his books and who really makes money out of the rap industry.

It aint the Black community that gets rich out of rap, it the owners of the record labels. The black community just pays for the funerals of those black kids caught up in the gang wars and nihilism promoted by rap and Bling Culture.

Whilst white and Jewish record label owners get rich and the artists get rich the Black Community suffers from gun crime and death due to the spread of idiotic Bling Culture amongst black youth.

Even sadder than that are the white filth journalist scum that promote Bling Culture as something fashionable in the papers and in their MTV videos.

There is nothing more evil than a middle class, white wanker journalist that uses the image of Bling Culture to indoctrinate our youth with the poisonous Bling Culture ideals of 'Cash At All Costs' and the motto of 50 cent 'Get Rich Or Die Tying'.

I am sick and tired of seeing fashion supplements in papers like the Daily Mail with some over paid stick thin tart advertising a dress that costs twenty grand to kids in our communities who will never see twenty grand in their entire lives.

I am sick of seeing greedy sports stars and film stars selling sports cars and trainers and desgner clothes that cost more than most people earn in a month or a year.

How much money is enough for these insects, just how much do they need to have in their bank accounts before the stop pimping themselves and their dignity to the media.

David Beckham in his stupid suits, his diamond encrusted watches, his hand made shirts that cost more than what most cancer sufferer medicines cost for a year and more than most pensioners earn in a year, just looks a complete fucking cock.

Whilst 30,000 old people in the UK die of cold every winter and 50 % of old people enter hospitals with malnutrition as they are starving and freezing to death on pitiful pensions in sub-standard homes - fucking idiots like Beckham, Tiger Woods, Ewan McGregor and Kylie advertising aftershaves and perfumes that cost more than most pensioners get in pensions per week.

We see the media advertising mobile phones made out of platinum and covered in jewels worth two hundred grand, a fucking handbag that costs a hundred grand and a new pair of shoes that cost three grand.

What sort of sad inadequate bitch needs to spend three grand on a pair of shoes or a hundred grand on a handbag or own three hundred pairs of jeans !!!!!

Then we see the impact of Bling Culture and the media indoctrination on shows like The X Factor where idiots line up to make themselves look utter idiots in public.

I wanna be a singer / rap star/ porn star - they all say.

No-one has ever said to them ' Well you cant sing, you cant rap and your fucking ugly so you aint gonna do any of that as you are an untalented moron'.

These kids have been brainwashed into believing that they too can dump getting an education, working hard at school and having a normal life and instead believe they are destined to be stars with millions of pounds.

It is like the media has made our children delusional, sick and psychotic.

The media have poisoned their minds, poisoned our society and profits from perpetrating the crime.

Society does not prepare the crime that the criminal commits, the media prepares the crime by poisoning society.

It is the media that promotes Bling Culture, the infantile delusion of easy celebrity and easy money, that everyone can be a rap star - it is the media which is the criminal as the media conditions and pushes the individual towards criminality by spreading toxic Bling Culture that contaminates and sickens our society.

All nations are becoming the same and dominated by the same BLING CULTURE, GREED, STATUS SYMBOLS AND COMMODITY FETISHISIM.

The media need to be punished.

Their powers to pollute minds needs to be taken away from them and their crimes paid for.

Personally I would like to crucify a few newspaper editors, BBC executives and media owners on large wooden crosses along the M25 so as to demonstrate to them personally the costs that our communities have borne because of their greed.

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drf said...

I agree. I'm sick of seeing goods being promoted by celebrities. Do they think we are stupid? Let's boycott anything advertised by actors, actresses, singers, footballers; especially those celebrity magazines. Who's with me on this?