Monday 10 March 2008

The Definition Of Pathetic

So the parents of Rachel Whitear have attacked the BNP for using an image of their daughter, that they released to the media as a way to publicise the menace of heroin.

There is nothing more pathetic than these pitiful people who have seen the loss that heroin causes in their families and yet attack those who want to deal with the real problem, not just the PC version of the problem.

The real problem of heroin is that it is not grown in the West.

It has to be grown, refined, processed, smuggled and imported into the UK from nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Albania, Turkey, Burma etc.

The old expensive and high quality China White type of heroin from Burma has been replaced almost exclusively by cheap low grade Brown Heroin, the type that killed Rachel Whitear.

That Brown Heroin came in the country from either Pakistan or Afghanistan. It was smuggled in by gangs of immigrants who then send the money back to Pakistan and Afghanistan to fund the Taliban and the jihad.

The main funding of the Islamic Jihad comes from heroin.

It is heroin that trains the terrorists, that pays for the guns and bullets and that is used to get the explosives that blow up British soldiers.

The parents of Rachel Whitear wanted her plight publicised, and we publicised it.

Now because the issue is getting attention again via the BNP they attack the BNP.

The parents of Rachel Whitear need to understand this ;

Rachel was a junkie who bought heroin that funds the bombs, the killers and jihadists around the world.

Just as rock stars who snort cocaine are funding Far Left terrorists, Right wing criminals, gangster scum and Narco-States, their daughter and her addiction were funding evil, monstrous people.

She was not a victim, those who live in the countries under attack from the jihadists are the victims.

She chose to become an addict, she chose to buy the smack, she chose to fill the syringe and she chose to depress the plunger and shoot it up into her body.

She was not an angel, she was an accomplice to genocide, terrorism and a funder of the most vicious criminal gangs on the planet as she funded the terrorists and gangsters that cause such misery across the planet.

The idea that she should be regarded as a victim is repulsive.

Every junkie is a criminal, not a victim.

The body of every dead junkie should be photographed and hung on a wall of shame in every community so that young kids can see the real price of heroin.

Their lives should be regarded as a disgrace not as victims.

The idea we should treat with reverence the image of their dead junkie daughter is repulsive - the images that we should treat with reverence are the images of children with their arms and legs blown off by Jihadist bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, not the image of the dead junkies who fund the jihad through their vile addictions.

Rachel Whitear deserved no sympathy from the moment she chose to smoke the first line of heroin and inject the first shot of heroin.

She chose her fate.

Those innocent civilians in Afghanistan who are killed by the Taliban did not choose theirs, their fate was set for them the moment junkies like rachel chose to use heroin and fund those who are killing those innocent people.

She is guilty as those terrorists that pull the trigger and explode the bombs. She was an essential part of the process of Jihad, as without her cash the Jihad could not exist.

Her addiction, and other junkies like her, are the engines of the Global Jihad.

And for the record here is a fact for them to ponder.

My step brother David who I grew up with died of a heroin overdose at aged 30 the same day he was released from prison for stealing to feed his addiction.

Within two hours of being let out of prison he was dead.

Your tragedy is not unique, thousands of families like mine have lost loved ones to heroin.

Yet nothing has ever changed that rise year after year of new addicts.

The old style of dealing with heroin, of seeing the dead junkies as victims has failed.

New ideas are needed and new approaches are needed.

We did not get a picture of David but I wish we had have done.

That way I could put it on this site and show people what death from a heroin overdose looks like.

You chose to release the picture, and the approach you have been using towards junkies has failed.

Junkies feed of our pathetic sympathy, they crave the cosseting and head patting of sympathetic addiction facilitators. They thrive on our love and sympathy and exloit their loved ones for cash.

David stole from me and his family to feed his addiction. I bet Rachels parents either funded her addiction directly through giving her money for smack 9to stop her becoming a prostitue or a dealer) or indirectly when she stole off them.

If she didnt steal off of them then she was even worse than a junkie, she was a pathetic heroin tourist who used heroin as a bit of a laugh, a middle class drug culture tourist idiot scumbag. The sort of people who say to other people ' hey man you can dabble a bit with smack and you will be alright' - a facilitator of addicition, a seducer of others into becoming addicts.

Thats what socity has become, an addicition facilitator.

It sees the junkie as a victim, not a criminal.

They are all criminals, including my brother.

He chose to be an addict as he loved getting high on heroin.

The time has come for a new approach - end the sympathy for the junkies, end the delusion that we can deal with heroin without dealing with those who grow it, refine , import it and sell it.

End the political correctness that says we can only talk about the user and the dealer, and not the grower and the importers.

The era when the sympathetic acted as facilitators of their addicitons has to end.

The BNP places the interests of those kids who have not yet become addicts, before the dead junkies.

The present policies have failed, ours will not.

We intend to stop the importation and the distribution of heroin, not just the use and addiction issues as per individual junkies. That means those communities responsible for growing and importing the heroin will be targeted.

The idea we should ask your permission to use the image of your dead junkie daughter is not something we need to do - her image should already be on a wall in every town, village and community so that when people pass the image they see the price of the use of heroin.

If I had a picture of my dead brother David then I would ask that it go on that wall alongside Rachels image as an image of stupidity and shame - as the only issue that should concern us all is preventing further kids getting on heroin.


Anonymous said...


That is a very harsh article that must have been quite emotional for you to write. It is harsh, sometimes the truth is, and what you've written needed to be said.

The people who view addicts as victims and offer endless sympathy do so out of ego. In creating a victim culture around drug abuse, a dangerous dependency of addict-sympathiser is established and becomes self-perpetuating.

As you say, this addict-as-victim approach is quite clearly failing and I fully support the tactics outlined in your article.

I also fully support the option of the death penalty for all drug pushers. They are the lowest of parasites.

A question: Do you think the encouragement of drug taking mixed with ever-increasing muslim immigration is a deliberate marxist tactic to further destabilise and demoralise our society?


alanorei said...

Excellent post, Lee

The Holcrofts and the BBC interviewer should read it.

I guess you've seen Simon's blog on this issue.

Anonymous said...

after reading this

where it states that Britain was no longer the USA top ally but it is now Germany and France according to Bush!

i was confused, and offended - very litle if any troop contribution from Germany and France for USA wars in the middle east! our boys are dying and Bush disregards us!

mmmm what could be going on i wondered?

then it all started to click, Bush is well aware that france and Germany hold all the influence over the EU, the EU is part of the NWO that Bush is also keen to impliment so its time to cosy up to France and Germany who will be the main players of the EU part of the NWO.

this also indicates how the UK will be disregarded by Europe once the EU gets full power.

Germany gets its third reich and the rest of Europe has to beg for all they get.

i say to bush if gernany and france are such great allys its time to pull our troups out and let you go it alone.

still bush knows that once the EUSSR takes full power of Europe then the EUSSR also get our armed forces most likely through conscription,
forget the horseshit Brown talks of RED LINES if Brown and his fascist friends know full well that with the final constitution/treaty signed, the EU can and will do anything they wish and can grant themselfs any powers they so wish, including the taking over of all armed forces, and this will be an EUSSR priority, The separate nations armed forces are the biggest to the EU should any nation wish to pull away as it would allow any nation wishing to withdraw to be able to protect themselfs fromany EUSSR agression.

so with our armed forces controlled by the EU in the near future, bush and his like will have control over us in the uk through the power of France and Germany who will control the EU an supply any forces the americans want as part of their New world order expanding system and we will be their poodle forever more.

and there is nothing anyone in the UK could do about it as all our young are sent off to fight wars for more globalist corporate greed.

who`s to say that the ever spreading EU will not at some point want to make a grab for Russia for its gas resouses etc?

it would be easy for the EU to engineer a war with Russia, perhaps the EU starts making grabs for Russian controlled Satilight states Knowing full well Russia will not be happy, so Russia cuts of gas to these states to bring them into line - the EU declares this as an act of war.

the EUSSR would know that they could raise a massive force with conscrption and hell what have the leaders got to lose? - a few million working class Europeans who never beileved in any agresion and never wanted any war, and after it all ends as a big game for the globalist leaders, the leaders will still be sitting pretty as heads of a fascist state knowing full well that they cannot be removed.

Anonymous said...

You are one sick twisted individual Barnes.

montecristo said...

I am just contacting you this way,because I don't know how else to.
Can you tell your little friends at combat 18 to fuck off. I know they want to prove to you that they understand what is going on,ie,your article about me,"nationalism and nazis".and your so called,again wrong interpretation of what is going on.
I would like to know at which point combat 18 have sincerely benefitted the "movement" as you call it. Tommy williams pries into people's lives,lives he hasn't been invited into,to extract information and use it against them,making stories out of nothing to give himself a "character" of which he has none. I do what I do and it's nothing to do with him. Tell your goons to go somewhere else. I've tried keeping quiet over things to benefit the party,which is why i don't expect you to put this on your blog. If you do,it will just prove that you don't really care anyway,and it will be something else you have got wrong. I have tried to help the "movement" and remained quiet so no searchlight agency or other can jump on anything. And I think i have done that better than anyone else could have.
Glory seekers and bandwagon jumpers aren't real patriots,they are going to fuck it up.
I know you all know who I am,even Nick Griffin,who couldn't even be bothered to return a "hello" and turned his back on me on a recent national day of action. So you think I am thick? you ought to try going on an activist day out sometime to see the meaning of the word.
I've done more for this party in one year than some people have done in 20 years,the reason it's never got anywhere is because of people who can't manage at the top. I used to feel guilty for not joining earlier,but now I can see why I didn't I don't feel so bad. I wanted to help,so I kept quiet,but I deserve to be left to get on with my own business.

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff as usual Lee, but quite right.

Drugs such as Heroine are not to be seen as acceptable, but shameful.

And the Poppy fields should be Napalmed - If Baghdad can be reduced to rubble in weeks, then we can just as easily remove 90% of the WORLD'S Heroine by removing the Poppy fields.

For an interesting take on this, read 'Jihad! The Secret War In Afganistan' by Tom Carew, which was written some time before all this hit the headlines, but details some strange goings on between the CIA and the mule train operators who were shipping the junk out of that country.

But nevermind conspiracy's - we all know the people who will sort this mess, so the more effort which goes into putting them in power the better.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) Chris - yes I do mate. I also believe that part of the security services linked to Thatcher facilitated the import of heroin into the UK in the 1980's in order to tranquilise a generation of kids who wereunemployed and angry in order to prevent a communist uprising in the UK at the time of Scargill and the Miners strike etc, just as the CIA with Oliver North and the Contras imported cocaine into the US to create a crack explosion in the black community during the 1980s when black youth were being radicalised by bands like Public Enemy and just as the CIA were involved in heroin importing during the Vietnam War in order to destroy the Hippie Movement and the counter culture revolution of the 1968 generation.

Just when society begins to get radicalised then a new drug epidemic starts up - note that the latest one to hit the UK as the working class are turning to the BNP is the cheap, easy to make, highly addictive, working class drug Meth Amphetamine that has destroyed entire white working class communities in the US. The meth amphetamine epidemic is just beginning to hit the UK.

The government would rather have a nation of junkies than a nation of nationalists.

2)I am not sick - it is our society that is sick and twisted, I just tell the truth about it. Now fuck off you junkie loving red scum.

3)Monecristo - I dont know what the hell you are talking about. C18is a proscribed organisation by the BNP and association with it is an expulsion offence. I dont know who you are or what the fuck you are going on about.

From the sound of the crap you are talking in your comments about C18 and the BNP and myself then you could be that delusional bullshitting muppet Gerry Gable for all I know.

Are you on drugs ?

Defender of Liberty said...

Heroin aint Ewan McGregor running down the street in designer clothes to Iggy Pop as in Trainspotting and having a heroin orgasm.

Its young boys having to suck dirty old mens cocks for a tenner on the meat rack behind Kings Cross for cheap bags of brown, its young girls having to sell their body to ten men a day to keep their habit fed, its having to sell five pound bags of smack to schoolkids to fund your habit, its being found a rotten corpse dead in a squat with a needle in your arm.

Thats the reality.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE sign this petition against the Lisbon Treaty. It is for the attention of Her Majesty the Queen - our last bastion of hope to save our democracy:

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Another liberal traitor:

Defender of Liberty said...

The epitome of idiocy and up your own arse,

Lancaster UAF are atacking the BNP for the use of the image of rachel whitear on a leaflet.

Yet at the same time the UAF promote the junkie pete doherty who the UN says promotes drugs to kids.

You couldnt make it up.

Defender of Liberty said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of this and I agree that there is always individual responsibility.

The only thing I'd say though is that junkies, alcoholics etc. can be considered victims if they come from areas that have been seriously depressed by internationalist globalism such that there is no work e.g. erstwhile proud mining areas, ship-building areas etc.

We, the British people are indeed victims of the closing of our industries, the out-sourcing of our jobs, and mass immigration taking the remaining jobs left.

Such mass dispossession would make people vulnerable to depression and getting hooked on drugs.

This has affected the working and lower-middle classes and is now starting to affect middle-class people too as more "white-collar" work is being outsourced abroad.

Taking drugs is a symptom of what is happening, not the cause.

Yes, stop the heroin coming in to this country.

But even without heroin there is booze.

Our main enemy is international globalism and the New World Order.

Defender of Liberty said...

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