Tuesday 11 March 2008

The Difference 2

What is the difference between the Far Left / UAF that pimp out their anti-racism 'Hate Britain, Love Heroin' campaigns by using junkie scum like pete doherty and who hate Israel, hate Jews and who support the Palestinians and the Stormfront Scum nazis that support the Taliban and Al Qaeda as they despise Israel, hate Jews and support the Palestinians.

Not much.

UAF/ Stormfront = The True Axis Of Evil.


Defender of Liberty said...
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Anonymous said...

As a member of Stormfront and of the BNP, I ask you this:

What are you gaining by launching such attacks on Nationalists on alternate internet forums?

It really is shocking that you, as a fellow nationalist, would do this.

Anonymous said...

As I said to Purging the Droid, Creepy, BAD MOVE.

Anonymous said...

Naughty, naughty, fat boy.

Telling people who and am and lies to accompany the outing. You and I are going to have to meet up real soon, Lee.

And we will.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha loks like the stormfront maggot farm collective of reds, searchlight trolls and general morons are unhappy because the big mouthed larry whitehurst / Jack Black doesnt like it when the people he bullshits about, lies about and makes accusations about know who he really is.

Dont like it when your stone is kicked over do you cockroach.

Like all cockroaches they hate it when the light is shone on them.

Another threat of violence again is it jack, like the last tme you were pissed and acting the big internet warrior frm behind your keyboard - ooooh i am trembling.

Unlike the stormfront shit, BNP activists and officials work in the public realm and face attack every day as they dont hide behind a fake name on a US internet site.

The BNP activists that take the flak for being in public are the heroes, people like Larry Whitehurst who hide on the internet and fling shit at them from behind a fake name are cowards and filth.

You are a wanker Larry - now fuck off you big mouthed maggot back to your fifty strong stormfront maggot farm of reds and malcontents.

Anonymous said...

You are such a little mean rat and not worth being a member of any party. You are a disgrace to all genuine English people who respect the passionate work of J.B. on S.F.

Anonymous said...

You are the lowest of the low with you anti-nationalist games.
Enjoy your gloating but remember you have upset alot of "maggots" and nailed your colours to the mast as a grass.

Anonymous said...

The difference I can see is that one wants to help save our race why all the others wish to destroy it.
I think the British people are walking a knife edge between Zionist criminals and Jihadi terrorists, neither side has the interests of the British at heart.

Let them stick up for their own struggles and the British stand for ours.

Why I see no need to hate Jews, Israel and its political policies should remain open to debate without it being made out as being hate or anti-semitic, thats just buying into the political correct hate crime bullshit, which is their agenda to silence opposition.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what some of the SF lot want - they seem to revel in their own sociopathy.

Anyway, it has always seemed cowardly to me to attack real people from behind pseudonyms. If you won't say it to someone's face, don't say it at all and don't whinge when you are unveiled.

Is that something else the nutzis and muslims have in common?

Defender of Liberty said...


Over recent years the Stormfront Britain site has degenerated from a useful tool for the nationalist movement, into a swamp of red trolls, searchlight spies, scumbags and sectarian filth that use the site to smear and attack individual nationalists.

The gutless cowards on the Stormfront site hide under false names and attack brave nationalists that stand in elections and who have their names, and addresses, publicised, whilst the Stormfront cowards hide behind false names on the site.

The real heroes of British nationalism, the candidates of the BNP and activists of all parties that work in the public arena to promote British Nationalism face daily abuse and attacks not just from reds, the government, the police etc etc but also from so called 'nationalist' gutless scum and slime that hide under fake names on the Stormfront site.

From now on the policy we have adopted on Stormfront is this ;

Those who post attacks on individual BNP members and activists on the site and who hide their real names behind stupid fake names like Jack Black, Doriot etc etc will have their real names posted onto my site and their identities distributed to our people nationwide.

If you attack us - then we will respond and we will post your name on this site so that the public can see who you really are.

We already have a long list of the names of those who post on the Stormfront site and we will publish all those names if any more gutless and cowardly anonymous attacks on individual BNP candidates and activists takes place by individual stormfront posters.

Attack the policies of the party by all means - but the minute some gutless bastard attacks an individual nationalist - then we will out you.

We ask that all nationalists of all parties adopt the same approach - which is that if an individual candidate is attacked by some gutless bastard on Stormfront Britain using a fake name, that you also publish the real names of the person that has attacked them so that we can all know who these people really are.

If you want to open your big mouth and attack others on Stormfront - then expect to have your name revealed to the world in return.

Seeing as the moderators on the Stormfront Site are unwilling to prevent posts that attack individual BNP members, then the only way we can act is to ensure that those who do post attacks on the real heroes of nationalism are outed as the gutless scum they are.

Big mouthed internet Keyboard warriors have been allowed for far too long to attack the real heroes of nationalism behind the mask of anonymity - from now on if you attack one of the real heroes of British nationalism, then we will respond.

The era where the big mouths and enemies of nationalism could speard their lies and bullshit with no response or accountability is over.

From now on, one way or the other, we will hold you accountable.

Anonymous said...

your nothing but a fucking grass barnes.

Anonymous said...

you stupid cunt, youll be carted off by the men in white coats soon, you fucking piece of shit, you lowlife tratorous scum who betrays nationalists not that youre any nationalist you vile little turd.

Defender of Liberty said...

Having some internet connection problems at the moment - hope to be back online on Monday and post your comments up.

In the meantime the tip offs are continuing ;

Hi there Stormfronters - today we take a look at UK Nationalist 26 - or as he is known in the real world as Tom Simpson, aged 28, ex-Law Student.

Also known as 'Lawyer' who posted on the IEI site rather dodgy information concerning his rather lacklustre interpretations of the law.

Also an Ex-NNP member until he had a falling out with the hag.

Also, ironically enough, someone who has mental health issues relating to serious depression - so now we know why he is so quick to make mental health judgements on others. It appears that the real bonkers people are the people calling people bonkers.

Also Seaforth - also known as John Holloway, lives in Switzerland.

Keep the tip offs coming folks.

I will also be posting up a full list of the names of posters on Stormfront who attack BNP candidates, officials and individual nationalists in the next week or so when the report is finalised. We have had people collecting their names for a couple of years and the full list will be released soon.

V is for Vendetta.

Defender of Liberty said...

For mad captain jack on stormfront,

making threats on stormfront to release the home details of BNP activists on stormfront or making threats to attack BNP activists is a silly idea larry - we can find out anyones address in the country within ten minutes. We have people in every city, every town and every village.

It would be very easy to respond to you doing that.

Your little group of keyboard warriors is nothing but an irritating arse rash to us - when it comes to numbers, money and influence we win hands down.

Best not to forget that.

Dont be a silly boy - what you start you will find out comes right back at you.

Stick to spitting your hate on the internet and know where to draw the line.

Putting up our activists home details will be responded too as a direct threat.

Best you just shut up larry.

Anonymous said...

Tom Simpson he makes me laugh. He tries very hard to fit in, the little scamp is always pulling out all the cliché lines and tries to incorporate all the new buzz words of the week into everything he prattles on about. You have to admit his entertainment value is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Bad move mate

Anonymous said...

Something you'll never see the "antifascists" concerned with -



It doesn't matter why.
Just know they'll pay a million times over for it.

And that's just for the above.

Live in fear you "antifascists".

You know we can't be stopped.

You know we know who you are.

You know what's coming to you!

Anonymous said...

BTW. Notice how we let YOU stay at Stormfront?

You see?

You're THAT insignificant.

I do look forward to Monday, after all the hollow threats, what are you going to do, aside from expose yourself further as a blow hard?

Keep making the threats, and we'll keep on laughing.

Remember, you're small, you're insignificant, and you're laughed at, and no amount of bullshit will ever change that fact.

Talk is worthless, if you can't back it up, and you've shown you can't back it up, haven't you kiddo?

Tick tock, tick tock, the clocks ticking Shirley ;)

Defender of Liberty said...

I have been taking a look, whilst holding my noise, at the site owned by the known red Peter Barker.

On the post he made on 1st september 2006 'Stormfront UK moderators bottling it under orders' where he was defending the hag, the rat Barker names Godwinson the Stormfront moderator by name and also makes attacks on John Joy Tree by name elsewhere on his police and searchlight sponsored blog.

Yet the little red rat has started to squeal along with his fellow rats on stormfront about me naming the arseholes that give it large (but dont like it back) on stormfront.

Isnt that right Andy Ritchie / pete barker.

The red rat barker also has a little pop at me on his site I see - where he mocks me as a ex-concrete technician.

Coming from a traitor in the pay of the police and Searchlight that is rich.

Also nice to see that Seaforth, also known as John Holloway, the sheep fondling ex-pat that lives in Switzerland has made threats against me next time he is in the UK stocking up on mint sauce to smear on his pet sheep pre-coitus.

Until then I live in fear from spam being sent to me.

What a sad bunch of wankers these stormfront dickheads are. The worlds greatest keyboard warriors on the frontline of nowhere winning the war with e mails and spam.

I also noticed that 'The Ugliest Lesbian In Britain' Denose Garside has had a pop on her blog.

Spend more time at work instead of on the internet you ugly whore and save up for plastic surgery.

You fucking need it bitch - you could ugly for England.

Apparently Spartan, ebanks old flame, on stormfront has resigned. He has decided to concentrate on tieing his shoelaces in the future, and felt that doing the two roles of reading and writing were just too much for him.


Next on my list to be outed is Doriot - your cards marked as well dickhead.

Defender of Liberty said...


Spartan has given a public statment that after resigning from Stromfront he is to resume his former full time career as a proffesional hog fondler.

Police in Alabama have announced that they have taken an unamed female pig into custody for its own protection.

Oink ! Oink !

Anonymous said...

you fucking grass tosser you going to get whats coming grass.

Defender of Liberty said...

P.S Thanks for the info Always White on Suffolk Skin.

I will keep it confidential until its ready to go online.

Very interesting though, and it confirms what you PM'd me about before.


P.S Jackboot - Whatever you do to try and improve securty on the site we will infiltrate, usurp and undermine.

Until you act to impose the following rule - There are to be no more personal attacks on nationalists allowed on Stormfront and the only attacks allowed on the site are only on the policies of political parties - then we will continue to discover who the arseholes are on the site who attack us and we will continue to name them in public, just as they continue to attack us in public.

Those arseholes who like to give it large from behind the anonymity of a computer screen are not going to hide anymore.

We will send people into your little stormfront meetings, we will get people to send us all the information we can get on who posts on the site and we will reveal the identity of all those that attack us on the site until you agree to obey that rule.


Those we discover to be in the BNP on the site and who attack other BNP members will be expelled from the party.

Unless you agree to abide by that rule then no-one on Stormfront who attacks individual nationalists has any security as per their identity.

Attack us - we will respond.

Impose order on the site - and we will respond by not naming people.

The stormfront site was allowed to get out of control by Ebanks and her pet monkey spartan - you can bring it back in line.

If you dont - then the outing of those that attack us continues.

Defender of Liberty said...

For Tom and Larry on stormfront,

The post about Sea Vixen was removed as I was told the wrong persons name and hence it was taken off as I was asked by someone to do so as a favour - the policy though stays the same.

Attack us by name on stormfront - and we will respond by naming you.

It is your big gobs that are damaging the movement as you spend more time talking shit about nationalists than reds you pair of twats.

Oh and Andy Ritchie is Peter Barker not Peter Rushton - rushton is still a red scum bag though.

So then Jackboot - are you going to make stormfront britain obey the so called 'stormfront rules' about attacking nationalists or are you going to let the morons like Uk nationalist 26 ( Tom Simpson) and Jack Black ( Larry Whitehurst) carry on attacking nationalists.

If stormfront still insists on allowing this - then we will keep naming them.

Oh and Tom - best you shut up you mouthy know nothing moron.

And by the way - note that Peter Ruston named Godwinson in 2006 and that other stormfront posters having been attacking JJT by name for a few years.

Best you sort this out - show some discipline and stop arse kissing the morons on the site.

Defender of Liberty said...

I see Caradoc - or Mike Newland as he is really named - has decided to join in the mutal wank fest of the stormfront wankers.

Mike Newland is also Adrian Davis little pet arsewiper E.N.Ronn who likes to post up his usual 'the BNP is bankrupt' stories about onc every six months.

Newland and Davis - the Beavis and Butthead of British Nationalism.

Tom Simpson, or UK Nationalist 26 as he likesd to hide behind, poor manic depressive little saddo, your legal advice to the 'rebels' was so good wasnt it - they were gonna sue us for theft, breaking and entering etc etc etc blah blah blah.


Still sniffing at Ebanks knickers under her petticoats are you , you sad little pervert.

Jackboot - when are you gonna wake up and realise that the ONLY brave nationalists in Britain are those that STAND UP IN PUBLIC for their beliefs, and who dont hide behind stupid nicknames like Hitlers Lost Left Bollock on stormfront - then you will be near the mark.

Until then you idiot realise this -those that piss on the shoes of real natonalists, who post anonymous attacks on nationalists, who lie and spread lies about real nationalists from behind a fake name on stormfront are nothing but shit - and they disgrace the name of nationalism.

The idea that they deserve anthing other than outing for their gutless attacks whilst hiding behind fake names on stormfront is held only by other gutless scumbags who also hide behind fake names on stormfront - just like yourself you fucking cock.

So until you get your pack of dogs muzzled then expect the naming to continue.

Anonymous said...

Is Cardoc Mike Newland the rambling idiot whos own freinds take the piss out of when hes not looking . Can anyone confirm this because his normal speech about Nick being Arther Dailey is missing and you cant see if hes foaming at the mouth while typing and snigger like you can when the old queen gets up for a rant .