Monday 23 August 2010

Another Stupid Stunt

So Griffin is going to organise a protest outside Tony Blair’s memoir book-signing launch at the Piccadilly, London branch of Waterstone's on 8 September.

Rather than just announce that a day of action has been called and that activists should be in London on the day and be ready on the day to be told where and when the demonstration will be held, so that they can have a Flash Mob and hold the demonstration without the UAF, AFA, Islamic extremists and other idiots turning up to target the BNP demonstration, by announcing the demonstration then it just means the UAF and other numpties will turn up just to counter protest the BNP and turn the whole thing into a circus.

All this protest will do is allow the media to compare and contrast Tony Blair quietly sitting in the book shop signing copies of his book and the 'BNP extremists' outside the event, who will be barracked and abused by the reds and Labour supporters that will turn up to 'defend' Blair from the 'extremists'.

At the same time as this BNP demonstration goes ahead, other protests will not get the publicity they deserve - such as the relatives of those killed in Blairs Illegal War who will also be outside the bookshop.

Instead of them getting the publicity, it will be Blair smiling his creepy 'zombie smile' as the media also film the UAF and BNP screaming abuse at each other or Islamists screaming at Blair and the BNP.

Blair will appear sensible, statesman like and calm, as the media depict the protestors as angry and threatening.

This is just what Blair wants.

The book is Blairs way of trying to rewrite history, and in order to ensure this happens the book needs as much publicity as possible in order to be sold to as many people as possible and the lies in it peddled to as many people as possible.

The more publicity it gets the more people will read it.

All Griffin has done is ensure the book gets more publicity, and hence the lies in it are peddled to more people.

There should have been a quiet, dignified BNP demonstration with no advance notice given to the media or on the BNP website.

On the day a small contingent of BNP ex-servicemen and women should have turned up in their medals and laid a wreath for the dead outside the front of the bookshop, and then stood in silence for a small ceremony where the names of all the dead British soldiers in the Iraq War were read out.

Then they simply turned their back on Blair and walked away, leaving the wreath behind them.

This could have been filmed by a BNPTV team and then put on the party website.

The media would also have filmed the BNP protest and publicised it, but without the BNP being able to be accused of exploiting the event for political gain.

That would have been dignifed, respectful to the families and the dead and also got the message across to the public about Blairs illegal war.

By announcing the demonstration in advance, this will now be a fiasco as demonstrators opposed to the BNP will turn up at the event.

No doubt Griffin will steal my ideas for how this protest should have been held.

Unfortunately the decision to announce that the demonstration will go ahead means the BNP can now be accused of cynically using the book signing to promote the BNP rather than being respectful of the dead

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Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to protest against a protest against a war criminal.

anyone who challenges the BNP protest will lose all credibility, if anything this is the perfect protest and should have been done years ago, quit the sniping, get behind it or piss off.

time to stop hiding in the shadows and get active.

perfect propaganda said...

"who will be barracked and abused by the reds and Labour supporters that will turn up to 'defend' Blair from the 'extremists'."

nothing a picture of an iraq baby with its limbs blown off by their great leader will fix, like garlic to a vampire, stop looking for the shite Lee you are undermining your credibility.

we need to maximise these events and expose the real extremists.

Nick announcing it like this will get maximum publicity and with a war looming with Iran it is perfect timing.

Defender of Liberty said...

The idea that the BNP under Griffin is the moral voice of Britain, is contradicted clearly by the fact that Griffin protects sex offenders like Dowson in the party and is so scared of being revealed as a crook that he will not reveal the accounts to the members, and instead expels people who asks to see them.

People despise Griffin and the BNP under Griffin.

To watch the idiot Griffin pretending to care about the British war dead is repulsive - they will protest against the BNP as they see the BNP as there to cynically exploit our ward dead - which is what Griffin planned the demonstration for, just to get the publicity.

They will come to demonstrate against the BNP you mug.

Christ you are an idiot.

As for the idea the BNP will be holding up placards of Iraqi babies with their limbs blown off, only a total fool like Dowson with his insane stunts in the past at anti-abortion rallys where he held up placards with pictures of aborted foetuses would peddle such a sick idea.

The public despise people who do such things.

This is Britain and we dont like that sort of US style extremism, where the idiots try and sicken the public.

You obviously have no idea of what dignity means, as the idea I put forward for the protest would have been dignified, would have made the point without us being able to be accused of exploiting the event for party political gain, would have stopped it descending into a mob and a farce, would have allowed the families of the dead British soldiers not be over shadowed by our mob and would have allowed the media to film it and then later we revealed, after the event, who they were.

Thats how to run such an event - instead it will be a farce and a disgrace.

As for the War on Iran - UK troops wont fight in that, it will be a joint US / Israel high altitude bombing operation only as the US know that there can be no winnable ground war against Iran.

I thought the BNP's position on foreign wars was 'Keep foreign wars out of Britain and Britain out of foreign wars' - so what business is it of the BNP if no British troops will be involved in the US / Israel attack on Iran ?

None, thats what. If they want to attack Iran due to them thinking its a threat then thats down to them, our role is to keep out of it - and not be seen as supporting an theocratic fascist regime in Iran that arrests, kills and imprisons Iranian Nationalists and democrats that want to return Iran to a national democracy as opposed to an Islamist state under a maniac whose second in command calls the English people 'animals'.

Thanks for revealing to us all that the intention is simply to get publicity for the party, you have simply confirmed everything I said in the article.

Anonymous said...

Lee, you've identified a lot of shortcomings the party has but I trust Nick to put these right.

Jane said...

We want the public to know the BNP is the true Anti War party. We want people to KNOW THAT which is the same as wanting PUBLICITY. Of course the BNP doesn't just exist because it likes to advertise itself - we are not "rebels without a cause"!

Defender of Liberty said...

Then your trust will be betrayed.

There is a time and a place for publicity stunts.

This is not it.

This is a time for dignity to remember the dead, not to exploit them.

Defender of Liberty said...

Then your trust will be betrayed.

There is a time and a place for publicity stunts.

This is not it.

This is a time for dignity to remember the dead, not to exploit them.