Wednesday 11 August 2010

Nick Griffin, the EDL, Bradford and Combat 18

Image - the logo of the Oldham Prayer Club that Griffin met up with in 2001 in Oldham during the riots.

One of the things you gotta love about old Griffo is his chutzpah.

I have just happened to read the article below on the BNP website about the EDL.

And funny enough I spoke to the Fuhrer of the "Nazi Diddymen" and BNP webmaster this morning Arthur Kemp.

He actually said that the only reason why the BNP website was so popular when Simon Bennet ran the site was because of the 'content' ie articles, that he wrote for the site.

The fact that he is still writing all the articles for the BNP site today, and has been ever since the day Simon Bennet left the BNP, and the BNP website has sunk into internet oblivion does not seem to register in his mind.

The fact that today the BNP website is about as popular as the 'International Clog Dancing' website seems to not have registered either in his mind.

Its like theres this world and then theres Arthurs World.

Arthurs World is the world where he is Ceaser / Hitler / Napoleon / Dickens / Goebbels and rules over all those genetically inferior beings who dared to be taller than him.

Even when he does wear platforms.

Anyway I was reading another of Arthurs great articles on the website when I noticed this one ;

""Mr. Barnes is entitled to his opinions, and to urge others to attend, but he cannot do so from a position within the BNP hierarchy. So I have thanked him for his past efforts on our behalf and the sterling service he has rendered the party on a number of occasions, and told him that we have to part company over this issue.

“We cannot risk allowing the media to tar the BNP with the EDL brush, let alone to link us with what could all too easily become a very serious outbreak of disorder and communal violence.

“At times like these, political responsibility ceases to be a pretty slogan on a campaign wish list and becomes an absolute necessity. If people can't see this, and the need to enforce it without fear or favour, then they are menace to everyone, including themselves. "

The words of a true statesman.

Or so it would seem.

Now most new members of the BNP know as much about Griffins past as they know about turnip growing in Croatia.

So they may be surprised to know that during the Oldham riots in 2001 Nick Griffin went to a pub in Oldham where a Combat 18 cell were holding a meeting.

Here he met up with the Searchlight spy Darren Wells and others.

Wells later revealed that Griffin stood in front of the C18 group and said 'we are all on the same side'.

Well seeing as C18 are not a group who are known for their fondness for Muslims, Asians or Islam then there is only one side they were all on - the side that won the race war.

Here is a link to the article and the programme which if I remember showed a photograph of Griffin shaking hands with Darren Wells outside the pub where the Combat 18 lads were having their 'prayer meeting' ;

This was in the midst of the Oldham riots.

He actually went to Oldham during the Oldham riots and met up with Combat 18 in a pub.

The chairman of the BNP.

Combat 18.

The same chairman of the BNP who now blames the EDL for starting a riot that hasnt even happened yet ( how inflammatory is that !) and who seems to think that the indigenous White Working Class English folk of Bradford and the rest of the Britain have no right to demonstrate against the Islamisation of Britain where the Islamists and Islamist groups have a firm footing.

Here are a few articles about Bradford - the same Bradford that Griffin thinks the EDL have no right to demonstrate in, a right our ancestors fought the Nazis and Communists to preserve ;

Rehman, 18, shouted racial abuse as 51-year-old Ronald O'Connor walked to a shop for a loaf of bread, near the gates of Lister Park, Manningham, last December.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Rehman shouted: "Manningham belongs to Muslims. We dont want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out."

A man described as a "key player" in the radicalisation of young Muslims has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Aabid Khan, 23, from Bradford, was one of three men convicted at Blackfriars Crown Court of possessing or making documents promoting terrorism.

Khan's cousin Sultan Muhammad, 23, also from Bradford, was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

The judge said it was one of the most serious cases of its kind to have come before the courts.

Britain's youngest convicted terrorist Hammaad Munshi, 18, from Dewsbury, will be sentenced next month.

He was just 16 when he was arrested on his way home from school. Police later found a guide to making napalm on his computer.

A "library" of films and literature promoting terrorism and the violent deaths of non-Muslims were found during raids at the homes of two Bradford men, a jury was told.

Aabid Khan, of Otley Road, Undercliffe, who was arrested on his return from Pakistan, was a "committed and active promoter of Islamic extremism," it was alleged.

In a community where such things happen, then any community who are the victims of such crimes has the right, and a duty, to demonstrate.

Silence is not an option.

Griffin isnt interested in Bradford being 'at peace'.

He would love a riot to flare up as then he can exploit it politically afterwards.

What Griffin doesnt want is for the EDL to take BNP members away from the BNP.

What he doesnt want is people donating money to the EDL instead of him and Jim Dowson.

Everyone who knows Griffin knows that the only reason he hates the EDL is not because of his conversion to Hinduism and his attempt to become the 'Aryan Gandhi', but because he doesnt want them to become a political movement as well as a protest movement.

You can fool a few of the mugs Griffin, but those who know you know what you really want.

Paul Cromie is only saying what he has been told by Griffin to say or else he will go the same way as anyone who dares defy the will of the mighty Plankton.

This is our country.

The EDL are our people.

They are standing up for our community.

They are on the streets ensuring that the whole of society know that we have had enough of the racist violence from Muslim gangs, violence from Islamist extremists and the abuse of young white children by organised Asian paedophile gangs.

These are crimes against our people, our community our children.

The voice of our people is getting heard finally.

And yet Griffin would rather play politics and attack the EDL instead of defending their right to protest anywhere they damn well like in our country.

If there is a riot in Bradford it will not be the EDL that are involved in it or who start it.

It will be when the EDL leave the area and the organised Islamist groups will then go on the rampage in order to try and reclaim control of the streets.

To blame the EDL for the fact that Bradford has many, many Islamists who have, and will in the future, use violence to supress and deny our democratic rights and freedoms, such as the right to free speech and the right to protest, is pathetic.

This is our country.

The right to protest and the right to free speech are rights our ancestors fought and died for.

The fact that Griffin wants the English folk to sit in silence like bound slaves as our people are victimised and abused is disgraceful.

Nobody wants violence, least of all the EDL.

The EDL are English men, women and children, pensioners and ex-servicemen and our young women.

They are not the the thugs who start violence, it is the UAF and Islamist groups that do that - just as they do when the BNP has a public demonstration.

Griffin and every BNP member knows that the mainstream media will lie as much about the EDL as they do about the BNP, as the EDL are always blamed by the media for violence just as the BNP are whenever we have a peaceful street demonstration.

Tony Ward, Peter Tierney and many others have been the victims of UAF violence, and the media have blamed them for the violence - and anyone who is a BNP member and who has gone to the RWB will have seen how the UAF use violence.

Every BNP member knows that the UAF always start violence.

That doesnt mean we should quit politics, quit having public BNP demonstrations, quit selling BNP newspapers on the streets, quit holding BNP meetings in case of attack and instead stay indoors and hide away in case the UAF may attack us - it means that we just have to get on with what we need to do and realise that the media will always lie about us.

It seems that Griffin and some BNP members think it is okay for the BNP to have street demonstrations where the UAF will turn up and attack BNP members, and thereby allow the media to lie about the BNP, but that the EDL must never have any street demonstrations in case the media blame the BNP !

The man is a fool.

It appears that Griffin will slander the EDL by quoting the same lying media lies that are used to smear the BNP.

But seeing as the EDL threaten Griffins income stream and retirement fund, then the EDL are now regarded by Griffin as the same as the UAF and Al Qaeda, and all of a sudden the lies the media tell are true.

No-one has ever said the BNP should go on the EDL rally.

I have never said BNP members should go on the EDL rally - as BNP members they already have been ordered by their Fuhrer not to go on EDL demonstrations and all BNP underlings must do as their Fuhrer commands as he has issued an Fuhrer Order.

As simple underlings in the BNP you must always obey the Fuhrer Griffin's orders.

The leader demands it, even if no-one had any intention of going on the demonstration anyway !

So Griffin, by mentioning the BNP and EDL in one article has created and reinforced a link between the EDL and the BNP which suggests that unless a 'Fuhrer Order' is issued by Griffin ordering BNP activists not to go to EDL demonstrations, that BNP activists would en masse be attending the EDL demonstrations !

What an utter idiot.

Not only has he made himself look like a Nazi dictator, he has created an impression in the mind of the public that unless the Fuhrer Griffin demands it, the entire BNP would all be out and about on EDL demonstrations starting riots.

Yet more political public relations genius from Griffin.

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Freespeech02 said...

Nice article Lee.

You said "Not only has he made himself look like a Nazi dictator"

If we take this EDL issue plus the undemocratic Constitution changes he introduced and then his unconstitutional handling of the leadership challenge etc. etc.etc. - I believe he has CONFIRMED (at least in my mind) that he is a Nazi dictator and while he remains at the BNP helm the party will not be able to advance the voice of nationalism in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Proofs are to be weighed not numbered; that is, the more worthy or credible are to be believed. [It doesn't matter how many men say something, because the Word of God is superior to all. It does not matter how many people believe a lie, it's still a lie. And in a democracy, a lie is the truth].

Maxim in Law

Anonymous said...

Usually Nick comes up with the goods justifying his actions and i am not refering to propaganda but take a look at the whole SG affair, at the time many had doubts about several things but Nick proved to be above board and was largely in control when things could have been a lot worse.

screwup yes, clarification needed - yes, these articles - NO.

My only real concerns with Nick have been the following -

1. stating I belive to John Walker on radio RWB that he, Nick was to be dismissed from his job as an MEP(as best I remember it) John oddly enough does not question this massive news and no explaination is given, a few weeks later Nicks talks about unessessarily stepping down in 3 years after being re elected to the EU!!!

So Nick goes from telling us he is losing his job in the EU to stating a few weeks later that he wishes to go for a second term and take the party on over the next 3 years stating that many in the party will hate him over the next 3 years as he `modernises` and purges the dead wood!

if anything said `bought` it would be this.

It seems the EU as predicted has destroyed nationalism in more ways than one as it destroyed party politics through its gravy train, if not absolute and direct then indirectly.

Now I hope I am wrong and Nick has generally come up trumps when many have doubted him before, but I would like some clarification on the issue and I would like to see the way nationalists are part of the EU radically changed so their is no personal financial incentive and no leader can be both leader and MEP.

until these safegaurds are in place as I stated many many months ago them we are a potentially
bought organisation and it makes me also wonder why the UKIP leader stood down as leader.

Nick has been exellent in many ways over the years and i hope he can show that he will continue to be and knock his critiques on their arse in light of the big picture, but if so he better do something right and pretty damn sharp.

It is also apparent madness to put all your financial dealings in one basket as you have stated.

So is the dead wood being cut out or deliberately the good wood with some dead wood thrown in for good measure?

As for your views on SB being a hero, this is a joke right?

sabotage the site with a redirection and smear on the day of voting and just before, sounds like a set up regardless of the justification, just too perfect and damaging, or we are simply looking at spite, with the greater good used as the excuse to create even further damgage - the perfect destruction, the fact that the party tried to gain control of its material and site actually makes me thinks that at this time the party were the good guys even if they cocked it up, the intention I believe appears to be good, the other party involved was self interest first and formost at best.

perhaps they are all part of a bigger plot? ever thought of that Lee?

good cop bad cop, both working for the same agenda.

as for EB challenge that was doomed to fail as you say so why the purges and the continued talk of purges?

Nick will find he will lose his position before the year is out if he does not make some changes and listen to the party.

Then no matter what his current
agenda is it will no longer be in his hands.

If Nick takes care of the party then the party will take care of him, if nick looks after his own or other interests then the party will say goodbye, regardless of constitution, either reforming or gaining the numbers, it's largely
up to Nick, no one else what the future holds.

Anonymous said...

How tall are you? If Kemp is around 5' 11" and you think he's a dwarf who needs platforms, you must be a giant among men.

Anonymous said...

Griffin and Combat 18

Anonymous said...

You have all grotesquely betrayed the British people. Your absurd internal rivalries and power games, your Nazi nostalgia, your greed, your endless crap about giant Zionist conspiracies.

The British people are faced with the Muslim takeover of their country and have no serious electoral option to oppose it. The Danish People's Party and Geert Wilders show what the BNP could, should and would have been - if it hadn't been for the fuck-ups at the heart of it.

There is no point going on with the BNP at this point. It is just a waste of energies that might otherwise have made a worthwhile contribution to some other more effective vehicle.

Someone without baggage needs to start a new DPP or Geert Wilders equivalent party in the UK. And just in case you were wondering, Lee - that person is not you.

Defender of Liberty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defender of Liberty said...

I have not betrayed the British people.

I have done what I can.

What have you done eh.

Nothing all I bet.

Who are you - lets see your record you mug.

I have ALWAYS said I would never lead any political party - thats a job for a politician and I am not a politician.

I am a National Revolutionary, not a Parliamentarian.

And just in case you were wondering, - I have always said that I would never lead a political party.

We need a political movement and a political party that doesnt need a 'leader', we need one which is led by 'leaders'.

If you had read my blog instead of coming on here talking rubbish about what I have said and done, you would know that.

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly come across as someone who really hates the German National Socialist party. Congratulations. You knew who to back in WWII clearly. And how happy you must be with the consequences of that victory!

Monotomous said...

Anyone who supports Zionism is either a fool, a Kollaborator or a Kapo in the service of Zionism.

It's very sad to see the British disenfranchise themselves from a future for fear of offending that certain precious brood..Read their own words below, and then understand that recognising and describing the reality of their advocacy does not equate to conspiracy as the perps would have it described...

The below does not include the likes of Henry Makow, Gilad Atzmon or Bro Nathaniel Kapner and numerous un-named captives of Jewish racial theory, at least taken at face value of course.

An establishement Jew Max Dimont wrote in his book “The Indestructible Jews”, that the destiny of Western civilisation was “ The diasporisation on man into one world, and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic ans Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center.”

Now put you thinking caps on and ask yourselves whether or not the immigration directions of both the left and right polarities of the Jewish body politic, as applied to Gentile communities, are consistent with the above mentioned prediction or should we say prophecy.

Do any of you know of any Jewish group that work for Gentile nationalism and the preservation of racial and cultural identity ?

You and I both know the answer, but you refuse to acknowledge the fact for fear of offending these princessly people. Why ? While you stand with their Israel, the center from which you will be ruled as property, they immigrate you into irrelevance as a distinctly different people, AS THEY HAVE CLEARLY SAID THEY WILL. Do like being disenfranchised from your cultural and racial heritage and then subsumed into some sort of directionless, devolved racial porridge manufactured and debased so that others have only the relative appearance of “excellence” in comparitive terms.

Don’t any of you have a sense of shame that you might have been deceived and that you are laughed at by these “friends” who abuse your honest intentions in this way ?

While we may aspire to the truth and innocence of the infinite , these so called “Jews” aspire only to be “better” than the “Goyim”, however this may be achieved.