Friday 20 August 2010

PC Cowards and The Bradford EDL Demonstration

It looks like the Tories and the police have decided to ban the controlled, and planned, EDL march in Bradford.

Now as we all know the police cannot stop a STATIC DEMONSTRATION by the EDL from taking place in any part of Bradford.

So what the EDL need to do now is simple - hold a series of static demonstrations all across Bradford rather than all going into one place.

The decision by the idiot Home Secratary Theresa May, a woman who is as intellectually vapid as the 'fame' she has obtained simply on the basis of her choice of shoes, has decided to surrender our liberty, civil rights and freedoms to march and protest to the politically correct coppers, politicians, UAF scum, Islamists and Islamist apologists that infest Bradford.

Note that the police will ban an EDL march but will protect Islamist filth when they want to march and abuse our troops in British streets.

What was truly sickening for me though was having to read Nick Griffins witless screed on the BNP website last week about the EDL where he attacked them as being responsible for the violence at EDL demonstrations, when as all Nationalists in the BNP know, the ONLY people that cause trouble at any Nationalist, BNP or EDL demonstration is the UAF.

By smearing the EDL and telling lies to support the UAF, Griffin has directly supported the UAF and assisted the media in telling media lies about the EDL and the UAF.

His attack on the EDL has allowed the media to now depict the UAF as some 'benign' organisation and as the victims of violence, when we all know the UAF is a collection of cowardly thugs that attack Nationalists and who then use the media lies to hide behind and blame the BNP for their violence.

How any Nationalist can say anything to support the UAF lies amazes me, but then again seeing as Griffin betrayed Jay Slaven by refusing him admission to the meeting last night in London, and Jay was the BNP security guy who saved Griffin from the UAF mob on College Green in London, then I am not amazed any more at what bilge, tripe and nonsense comes out of Griffins big mouth.

It appears that the police and politicians think they can kick the English people to the ground and they will just lie there and take it.

Heres what the EDl need to do ;

1) Each unit of the EDL organises their own rally points outside the town. Preferably from well outside Bradford and then they head into Bradford in small, unobtrusive groups. From each rally point outside Bradford the EDL groups then converge on different locations across the city and town at the same time - this way the police will not be able to contain them in one place or batter them for the media.

Use the tehcnique of Flash Mobbing to have static demonstrations all over Bradford.

The leaders of each EDL unit contact each other with text messages revealing where each flash mob rally will happen and pass them onto their own trusted activists.

As the police close down one flash mob location, then simply form another one elsewhere in the city.

To ensure total security amongst the leadership then the EDL unit leaders need to buy 'pay as you go sims' for their phones and put a tenner on them.

On the morning of the EDL demonstration, each EDL unit leader rings up the other EDL Unit leaders and each gives the other their new pay as you go mobile phone numbers.

Pass the new mobile mumbers to your lads on the day and then text them where each new flash mob is going to form in the city.

This means you can communicate with the leadership and each other and the police cannot intercept the numbers, or if they do they will not be able to react as quick as the flash mob units as they form and dissolve in the city.

Keep moving, keep having new flash mobs and as one is closed down, form another elsewhere.

2) The EDL lads need to mingle with the shoppers in the area and then form 'spontaneous' public demonstrations wherever they wish in the town centre - and the more the merrier, as the more the police realise that it is in their best interest to treat the EDL with respect in the future, and also respect their fundamental right to demonstrate, the less chance there is in the future that they will seek another idiotic and draconian ban on their marches.

3) The EDL should not organise a single joint demonstration as this is what the police want them to do - the more the EDL organises autonomous units that form random 'street flash mobs' in the area, the less chance there is of the police using their liberal fascist bully boy tactics to shut down the demonstrations.

Splintered demonstrations and flash mobs cannot be contained.

4) Remember that for all peaceful demonstrators the Video Camera is our AK47 - make sure every EDL demonstration has spotters and camera teams ready to film any police or UAF brutality.

Position people outside the demonstration area and just away from the location of the demonstrations and have them ready to film the police if they get thuggish.

The more camera footage of the police being thugs the harder it is for the media scum like The Daily Mail to peddle lies about the EDL to the readers, and as we all know most of the the readers themselves support the EDL and regard the Daily Mail journalists simply as lying politically correct scum.

Film any police brutality and load it onto Youtube yourself when you get home or send it straight to an EDL appointed webmaster and video technician so they can load the footage straight onto the EDL site.

If the EDL play this right, and show the police that banning the EDL demonstration was simply idiotic and counter productive, then the police will not do so again.

Once they have demonstrated then the EDL must leave town straight away and avoid any confrontation with the Islamists or the Far Left thugs in the UAF.

The violence will come after they leave the area when the local Islamists and their supporters will be incited into violence by the UAF.

Let the Islamists and the UAF reveal what they truly are to the people of Bradford, so they know what sort of monsters they have allowed to grow in their midst.

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Bhanu Tiwari said...

The instant I found a link to the The End Of Nations Hubpages Hub I said that 21st Century British Nationalism's commentators really should be able to pass judgement on this link:

Channel 200 on Sky. said...

The EDL should say that unless the ban is lifted they will inform all their members to travel to Notting Hill for a drink in the many pubs there.
They can't ban the EDL for drinking...can they?

Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

Has to be mentioned Lee that Jay had a long wait to see if he was going to be arrested for defending NG.
Jay is a 100% Nationalist and well liked within the party.Never heard a bad word said against him.
Another own goal by NG.

unotheform said...

Sound suggestions, Lee.

A bit heavy on NG though.

The EDL need discipline and better strategic deployment. Also, they should appear smartly dressed and leave the booze behind.

What an ugly old bitch that Theresa May.
A nasty old woman. Mutton dressed as Lamb. (Just look at the face and garb on the old hag) Like her feminazi "sister" Harman.

Anonymous said...

Over two and a half years ago, we were in the same situation, but Griffin always comes up smelling of roses, very interesting video of questions raised in Parliament in December 2007 by a Labour MP about Griffin's dealings, (nothing ever came of this inquiry,) it's uncanny how similar it is to today's situation?

Anonymous said...

you dont protest you all agree to go for a walk in the same area at the same time, wearing the same tshirt nothing wrong with that!

errolli said...

though i am not from bradford lee, i feel it is a little unfair to say the people of bradford allowed this infestation of thier streets, as on a national context no one ever "asked" US if we want immigration.
all the best mate

Paleface said...

Wonderful advice, Lee. Let's see if the collective brainpower of the EDL is capable of putting it into action, eh? What do you think the chances are?

Alf Garnett said...

I say good on them coz were never goin to get anywere the way things are are we ? so on the streets is the best way

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you using the weasel word Islamist instead of Muslim. Do you really think a few violent Muslim thugs have well-thought out theories about the role of Islam in politics?

Defender of Liberty said...


The primary killers of Muslims on this planet, are Islamists not Infidels.

Muslims well know the difference between Muslims and Islamists.

The Islamists are the ones killing the Muslims with bombs and bullets.

Thugs are thugs, regardless of what race / religion they are.

They are just simply thick most of them.

Terrorists are not thugs, they are terrorists.

Amy said...

Lee the EDL hate us and i'm not keen on the black and white unite crap.

Anonymous said...

The EDF are no threat to the establishment and they are infiltrated with special branch anyway. They will serve as a nice little diversion for the masses who occasionly look up from the latest episode of X factor.

Ade said...

In the time it takes to get to these demos and organise them they could have created thousands of DVD's

Anonymous said...

if the author were from bradford he d realise that breaking up into small groups will get u killed. bad move bad bad move.

Defender of Liberty said...

The EDL expect 10,000 plus to go into Bradford.

When I say small groups, I mean small groups in relation to the EDL.

A small EDL group is anything from a hundred to five hundred.

The last thing the EDL must do is have a massive single demo, as the police will contain it, they will then provoke the EDL into responding to the police attacking them and then the media will film that and blame the EDL for the police violence.

Small groups of around 100 - 500 at a time who stay together and form constantly moving flash mobs around the city are what is needed.

Then get out of town quick, as you are correct - Bradford is run by Islamist gangs and the UAF / AFA will be there looking for trouble as well.

Do not split up into groups any smaller than a 100 a time as that way you can be picked off, and in the event of the UAF / Islamists attacking a group - then simply retreat back into a larger group with other EDL supporters and do not respond.

If attacked, simply retreat and re-merge into bigger and bigger EDL groups that will by their size ensure the attackers back off - but do not attack them back as that will be used to slander the EDL as causing the problems and violence.