Sunday 15 August 2010

The BNP and The Japan Junket

We each of us have a treasure trove of family stories from the Second World War that are passed down to us from our parents and grandparents.

Some of mine concern my Grandmother's brothers, Eric and Donald Holmes.

They were both captured at the Fall of Singapore on February 15th 1942, the greatest military defeat in British history.

After this they were kept in Changi prison and also worked on Burma railway.

Donald survived the war but died a broken man from injuries and ill treatment received during his time in the hands of the Japanese Army and their British Commonwealth Sikh and Hindu traitor allies who decided to work with the Japanese after the British army surrendered.

In May 1998 I went to the Mall to protest about the state visit of Emperor Akihito and turned my back on the Japanese Emperor with the war veterans that were at The Mall because of the two facts below ;

1) The government has always said the issue of compensation was closed by a 1951 treaty, under which British PoWs were given roughly £76 compensation each by the Japan.

This treaty was disgusting.

The men who lived through those camps, and the families of the dead, deserved far more than just a token £75 pounds for their ordeal.

2) The Emperor has expressed his "deep pain" over the Second World War but the Japanese constitution prevents him from giving a formal apology to the UK.

As no apology had been offered by the Emperor on his own behalf at that point for the actions of the government that undertook the war in his fathers name, I attended to show my disgust for this.

I am not anti-Japanese.

When I was studying at the Law School in Kent University I shared a house with three other students including a Japanese student called Toro Yakamoto.

He was a great lad.

We introduced him to a full British roast dinner including brussel sprouts, which he quickly became almost addicted too.

But until the Japanese Emperor makes a full and formal apology for the war undertaken in his fathers name and also offers the surviving veterans and the families of the dead some decent compensation, then the BNP should not have visited Japan to attend a Far Right meeting there.

Japan is not in the EU.

Japanese Nationalist parties are not in the EU.

Therefore European Nationalist political parties flying over to Japan for idiotic, wasteful junkets is a pathetic waste of resources.

There are far, far, far more important things to do with spare cash in the European Nationalist movement than squandering it on trite visits to nations who have no role to play in a future European Nationalist project.

There is no strategic role for Japan in a future European Nationalist movement.

Sure we will regard them as a valued trading partner, but there is no need for junkets to Tokyo.

The BNP should have kept out of this meeting, as to be seen to be cosying up to a Far Right Japanese political party who regard the idea of the Emperror apologising for the crimes of the Japanese against the British troops as anathema, and who venerate the scum that killed thousands of British troops is disgusting.

The BNP can work with Japanese Nationalists, but it cannot work with parties that venerate as saints war criminals and murderers of British soldiers.

It appears that the entire strategy of the European Nationalist parties is run by incompetents.

The group should concentrate on Europe, not posture as internationalists in Japan with a political party that venerates the murderers of British soldiers.

Get a grip.

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extant said...


You will be a Nationalist till the day you die, so will I and thats why I would never ever throw my disatisfaction around, it would damage my credibility long term.

Come on mate, enough ..

Lets move on with our fight, its going to be a long one !

If you ever want to call me to get it off your chest , you are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Lee first the entire european nationalist block decide to go to japan not just the BNP
second WW2 has been over for 65 years the current emperor was not even alive then
third you sure as hell do not beef when the BNP joins with German Austrian and Italian nationalists and i have seen your squawks about people who try to link your support of nationalism to Naziism before on your blog.
fourth You are blurring the distinction between nationalism and imperialism and as such you do the entire nationalist movement a disservice as you do with your attempt to charactorize the Green Arrow as a rat.
Fifth you print wild accusations of financial fraud against the bnp as opposed to the truth which was that the regions spent more money than the party had on the election,
sixth we have no firm figures on the debt, but even if it is as large as you say it is it only anmounts to five hundred pounds for each seat contested this May,(national and local) and if you and others like you had not been scaring people with your bullshit much of that would probably have been paid back already.
seventh you are a fourteen words type in other words a RACIST You only care about WHITE nationalism, as is apparent in everything you write. As such you are a drag on all cultural nationalism because-just in case you did not notice- most of the world is not caucasion and most of them believe that cultural nationalism as espoused by caucasions is a cover for western imperialism. so our potential allies in a world wide fight against globalism refuse to join with us.
In other words Lee you and your fellow neanderthals are a drag on the nationalist movement.
Eighth Go away and crawl back under a rock somewhere

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan lee, but do not know where you are heading with this.

Don't get dragged into it all. It will all work itself out in time.

We, as a party need you onboard

Anonymous said...

So far Lee I am the only one who has voiced my disapproval of this. I've even read comments from nationalists claiming "The rape of Nanking" is a lie. Sick of these fools who plague British nationalism.

For those who think Imperial Japan wasn't that bad, meet Unit 731, one of the vilest crimes the Japanese committed:

Ally with a party who respects Japanese war criminals? Never. And thank you Lee for stating what should be bloody obvious to all British Nationalists.



Anonymous said...

I dissagree Lee, we must show our support for all nationalist groups around the world, until we do we will never truly break free, such is the grip of the globalists.

now costs is another matter as is the war crimes a totally separate matter, on this i think you are wrong on near every count.

Anonymous said...

"email from Adam Walker in Tokyo and he should be sending in a report and some photos for us soon. He's already done quite a few interviews including one for the Independent and the Economist"

This is EXACTLY what we need, the problem with nationalism is that it is seen as isolated and racist, it also needs positive publicity.

THIS is what nationalism needs, to put this down smacks of clutching at straws.

Some of you would complain if you were handed a bar of gold, saying it were not shiny enough!

c'mon lee, get a grip, i support you on 90% of what you say generally but this is getting daft, both sides still as bad as each other sniping away at shite, creating more shite as the country sinks.

Talk about changing deckchairs!

Defender of Liberty said...

1) T mate, until Griffin and Dowson go then its game on.

2) The idea that BRITISH NATIONALISM and THE BNP will benefit from ;

a) been seen to be cosying up to Japanese Far Right parties that honour the murderers of British soldiers in WW2 proves to that you are fucking delusional like Griffin

b) the BNP and European Nationalists will benefit from such a trip because the media will think 'Oh look the BNP and a few other parties called Nazis in the EU have all gone on a junket to Japan to visit the japanese party that reveres war criminals and so they cannot be called racist anymore. Isnt it nice that the political parties, and heirs of the political parties, that were once linked together as the Axis Powers and who fought together in the Third Reich against Britain are all now coming together to recreate a New Nazi Axis for the 21st century. ' is the politics of the moron.

The BNP are called 'racist' because Griffin has said enough stupid racist things in the past to ensure the BNP will always be called racist and because the people who support Griffin above loyalty to their comrades, their BRITISH NATIONALIST principles, honesty, integrity and their party ARE RACISTS. Thats why they support Griffin, as they support him, his idiotic statements in the past on racial issues and because they are racists themselves.

3) If you honestly believe the BNP can benefit from being seen to be part of an European Nationalist block, or the New Axis, in the EU and at the same time benefit from visiting a party that supports japanese war criminals in the same week as the VJ celebrations then you are fucking mad.

4) The idea I am a 14 words nationalist is the type of rubbish I would expect to be peddled on this blog by the Green Arrow retards. Anyone who has ever read this blog, and my role in the party, will know that I was the one who demanded the party and activists drop the '14 words' propaganda it used at meetings and its officers used to use in their e mail addresses and they will know that I have demanded that the White Nationalists have nothing to do with the BNP.

It appears that the present BNP is filled with new member, know nothing, idiotic Griffinite cultists who know nothing about the BNP, its past or reality.

As for the BNP, financial issues and legal cases.

Watch this space.

You aint seen nothing yet.

extant said...

lol, I am so glad that I choose not to get into the dabate of what is right or wrong at this point, it would be endless, counter productive and futile !
You would have noticed my limited response, as it was with GA for a very good reason.
I have been there all my life, in fact ive made so many previous mistakes, I am now the master of it.

WISDOM.., it dont come easy.

When I have mentioned to you before I am a negotiater,I am the real deal, not a pretend one either. Believe me, you wont find better and I say this with confidence.
If I choose to ,I could get into the head of anyone,give me enough time, even yours..Thats the position you need to take, not openly damaging yourself, you should be the Fox.

Every time you act with your Heart on your sleave, you will loose and eventually except inevitable defeat.

If I dont have something my way, I will wait till the time, moment and place is right and whilst waiting I will be busy my making my postion firm behind the scenes in a way that I will check mate the oposition before making my last move in any way that I can.

If we were at War, you have already lost.

Make that call when you choose..


Anonymous said...

By the end of the month Lee going by your current form the only people that will be watching this space will be searchlight, even then I think they are getting bord of it all.

Anonymous said...

"Every time you act with your Heart on your sleave, you will loose and eventually except inevitable defeat."

This has four errors and should read "Every time you act with your heart on your sleeve, you will lose and eventually accept inevitable defeat."

Adrian Peirson said...

Spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands of civilians vapourised at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
And another for the hundreds of thousands who suffered the effects f radiation for decades after.