Tuesday 24 August 2010

Time For A New Party ?

Over the last few days I have had time to think about the options available to the Nationalist movement - whether to stay with the BNP and try to rebrand it or start a new party up.

I am moving to the latter position.

That is primarily because of the following reasons ;

1) The BNP brand is a 'dead brand' in that it no longer has any support amongst the masses that could act as a basis for a rebrand. The association with Griffin, the ammunition provided to its critics by Griffin and the history of the party are such that it can survive, but it can never take power.

Therefore as it can no longer take power, but just stumble along as a money making scam for Griffin and Dowson in the margins of society, means that it is a total waste of time being involved in the BNP.

For instance take a look at the latest BNP election result that somehow managed to avoid being posted on the main website ;

MEDWAY River ward by-election, August 12th 2010

Electorate 5,438
Turnout 25.4%

David George CRAGGS (The Conservative Party Candidate) 617 (44.6%)
John Alun Charles JONES (The Labour Party Candidate) 544 (39.4%)
Garry HARRISON (Liberal Democrat) 104 (7.5%)
Steven Richard KEEVIL (The Green Party) 45 (3.3%)
Brian Christian RAVENSCROFT (British National Party) 39 (2.8%)
Ron SANDS (The English Democrats - "Putting England First") 33 (2.45)

That is an appalling result.

I happen to know Brian Ravenscroft well and he is a trusted and very hard working activist and excellent Medway organiser. He leafleted the ward and also did the required leg work.

This result will be reflected across the country as more results come in.

2) Many of the remaining activists in the BNP are so indoctrinated that they truly cannot understand that the great mass of society rejects the BNP entirely. Like all cult members, they see the BNP only from the inside - not from the perspective of how the rest of society sees it from the outside.

The BNP is seen as a 'racist' party for racists and Nazis.

That is how society sees the BNP.

That means it will never have the potential to become a mass movement and take power.

The Labour government banned BNP members from working as police officers and prison officers and the Lib-Cons are talking about extending that ban to other professions, therefore sooner or later the party will be de facto banned anyway, and middle class professional people will avoid it entirely.

The BNP can only grow weaker.

3) The party is internally schizophrenic.

It is comprised on one hand of hard core Nazi's on one wing and on the other Civic Nationalists.

Both sides despise each other.

The Nazi wing are in complete denial about the parties recent constitution change to allow ethnic minority members in, whilst the moderate wing are up in arms that the party did not do this sooner and that the party has not gone far enough to allow more ethnic minority people in the party.

Such internal ideological tensions cannot be resolved.

Sooner or later a split will occur.

Therefore it is better that a split occurs now.

Let the Nazis keep the BNP and return it to its National Socialist roots.

There will always be a party required for Nazis, and though the NF seeks to fill this gap, the BNP Nazis are a far more intelligent sort than the NF ones.

That way as the BNP remains for the National Socialists, a space is made in politics to clear the way forward for a new party that rejects such historical baggage.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the BNP there is a fourth way forward for Nationalism.

For decades the BNP was simply for Racial Nationalists and stood in total opposition to Civic Nationalism.

Then the BNP began to evolve a third position, that of Ethno-nationalism between Racial Nationalism and Civic Nationalism - and this worked for a while to keep the party quiet.

But the internal schisms remained, and will remain.

They are ideologically reconcilable within the BNP.

But there is a Fourth Way forward that avoids the problems of Racial Nationalism, Ethno-nationalism and Civic Nationalism - and that is BRITISH CULTURAL NATIONALISM.

British Cultural Nationalism is the promotion of new vision of Britain based on the promotion of British Nationalism, the preservation and promotion of British culture
and the creation of a National Community based on British Nationalist principles.

As you know it is Ethnicity that creates a culture.

Contrary to the Racial Nationalists propaganda, Race does not create Culture - as the variety of different nations, peoples and cultures within Europe prove.

From nation states with their own unique culture like Italy's to ethnic cultures like the Anglo-Saxon English and its unique English cultural forms like the Magna Carta all prove these are all ETHNIC CULTURES and NATIONAL CULTURES derived from specific ethnic groups eg the English and the Italians.

Therefore race does not produce culture or else all of Europe would have one culture and would be one nation with one language for we are all from one race, that being the White European Race.

Therefore a new Nationalist cultural movement must arise that promotes a cultural nationalism as well as allowing space in society for those who wish to live in an ethnic communalist way.

British Cultural Nationalism is integrationist, anti-multi-culturalism, anti-immigration, anti-political correctness etc and demands an end to mass immigration and colonisation and insists on British National cultural homogeneity.

Those who come here or live here must integrate into our culture, or leave.

At the same time this British Cultural Nationalism can allow ethno-nationalists the space within the cultural sphere and political sphere of the British nation state to politically organise, form their own communities and express their organic ethnic British identities - such as English, Welsh, Scottish and Anglo-Irish.

As these indigenous ethnic identities are the basis of the British cultural nexus, then a British Cultural movement must allow these identities the right to organise within society and manifest themselves - if people wish to do so.

At the moment not only is our British National cultural identity repressed, but our indigenous Ethnic identities are repressed as well.

British National Culture is undermined by globalism, mass immigration and political correctness whilst our right to define ourselves by our indigenous ethnic identities is designated as 'racist' and virtually criminalised.

The Union Jack is banned from being flown from public buildings by liberals and the Cross of St.George called a 'racist' flag by the same liberals that appease Muslims, Islamists, minority sexual groups etc etc and who demand those minority groups have the right to impose their demands and identity on us and our society.

We are not allowed to define ourselves as British by culture nor English (for example) by ethnic identity.

Therefore in order to change this the following must occur ;

All immigrants must adopt our British national culture, whilst the indigenous ethnic people of Britain have the right to adopt community structures as defined by their ethnic identity if they so wish.

That means we ban the burkha, ban sharia law courts, prohibit the building of any more mosques etc. Rights or laws in our society that demand the majority must have regard to the demands of minority religious groups will be abolished, as it is not for the British state to demand the majority cater to the demands of minorities.

That is the antithesis of democracy.

That is The Tyranny of the Minorities and the total subversion of the democratic principle.

Immigrants who are here must adopt either a British national cultural identity or an indigenous British cultural identity.

No other cultural forms must be allowed to manifest themselves in such a way that our British culture is threatened or the demographic right of the indigenous ethnic groups to remain a majority in their own country is threatened.

Those that refuse to integrate into British culture will therefore be regarded as colonists and deported back to whence they came - regardless of what race, nationality or religion they are.

Just because a colonist has a British passport - that does not make then British by ethnicity or by culture.

A colonist is a colonist.

All immigrants must therefore integrate into the British national culture whilst the indigenous ethnic groups are allowed to form their own ethnic communities if they wish too.

A nationalist cultural movement that does not mention race ( which is an issue toxic in politics due to media conditioning) but that asserts the importance of a cultural struggle to assert our national culture and which allows ethno-nationalists the right to form ethno-communities eg English, Welsh, Scottish, Anglo-Irish within the context of the British Nationalist State etc is one that the masses would support.

The BNP is a party defined by race.

What is required is a party defined by culture.

A party that demands ;

1) the promotion of British culture

2) that allows people to express their indigenous British ethnic identity and culture if they wish and at the same time organise politically as ethnic communities eg form an English Parliament

3) that demands an end to immigration from all nations of the world regardless of their race

4) that deports all colonists regardless of their race, religion or nationality

5) that ends political correctness

6) that ends multi-culturalism and demands integration into British culture

7) that demands that people of all races and religions integrate into British culture

8) that rejects all forms of racism, including the racism of politically correct anti-white affirmative action and positive discrimination, and instead demands the creation of a meritocracy

9) that ends all further immigration

10) that bans the burkha and bans sharia law and other separatist organisations eg the Muslim Parliament and other religious courts and Halal and Kosher butchery and other cruel forms of animal treatment. This will apply to all non-indigenous British religions that have not been part of British culture for thousands or many hundreds of years. Only Christianity and the indigenous pagan religions must be protected by the law. If people want to consume Halal and Kosher foods, then they must import them into the United Kingdom from countries that allow such practices. If they want a ruling from a religious court then they must go abroad and get one. It is not for the British state to use the law to terrorise the majority into surrendering our country to the demands of minorities.

11) that promotes British culture in schools and society

12) that scraps all anti-free speech laws and empowers the British Constitution

13) that demands we withdraw from the EU and take our country back

14) That puts British workers first regardless of their race

15) that puts British families first for housing and schooling and the NHS regardless of their race

16) that removes all illegal immigrants, convicted foreign criminals and illegals in the country regardless of their race

17) that fights Islamist terrorists in the country in a way that will protect us instead of in accord with the idiot dictates of political correctness

18) that ends the Tyranny of the Minorities

19) that avoids any hint of Nazism, Racism, Far Left socialism, Cultural Relativism Liberalism or political correctness

20) that promotes British Nationalist values both internally and externally

21) That demands local people pass by local referendums with an overwhelming majority vote to allow the building of new facilities for non-indigenous organisations, religions and community centres even if funded with private money. No more money from the tax payer to support separatist organisations or groups.

Is a party that will gain mass support.

The BNP is too linked in the mind of the public with racism and Nick Griffin.

Therefore a new political movement must arise to replace it.

As I have seen over the last couple of weeks, those who have stayed in the BNP do so as they do not care about how the mass of the public see them.

They are content with the BNP as it is, a minor political party on the fringe of society.

In order to save our nation and people we need much , much more than that.

We need to get into power.

The BNP is unable to do that.

Therefore I propose a new party, with a new ideological basis as the way forward to enable us to do that.

This idea and ideology is though about five to ten years ahead of where the consciousness of most Nationalists is, so the majority will of course resist such an change.

The problem is that if they do so then we lose those five or ten years and damage the ability to create a new party and movement to replace the BNP and get us into power.

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Rijker said...

Time For Tea!

Adrian Peirson said...

Maybe, maybe not, part of the reason the masses have a certain view of the BNP is because of the opposition propaganda.
That is the main problem, so whether you stick with the BNP or form another party the problem remains.

If you do help set up another party, and it starts to become succesfull, the NWO propaganda machine would simply turn its guns on the new Party.

Just thoughts, maybe a new party or maybe rebrnd the old, perhaps without Griffin or with him concentrating on being an MEP, maybe Griffin could be rebranded.

Remember Churchill spent years in the wilderness being labelled a crank for warning about Hitler.

A lot of it is down to image, how we are portrayed.

Maybe there shouldn't be a Party, just hundreds of Nationalist candidates for Parliament.
That way the enemy wouldn't know who to target.

Changing Minds

Defender of Liberty said...

Two sugars please !

Anonymous said...

All praiseworthy Lee and I agree with you but as we now live in a Marxist state, there is no democracy. The ballot box is no solution, cultural marxism is the dominant ideology spoon-fed to people at all levels of society from cradle to grave. Marxists are not democratic, the only vote is for more Marxism and I believe pursuing the political process is now a dead end.

A British Civil Rights Movement is desperately needed, pursuing much more vigorous action than just political power. Power does not concede willingly, history teaches us that and as much as I hate it, the Marxists have full control of the West and they will not lose it through the ballot box, no way.

We now have to fight for our nation or we're finished.



extant said...

Ps, I dont take sugar at all, im fkn sweat enough !

Anyone with half a brain,(I wont hold my breath) would realise that what you are proposing would be a beaken of light to the electorate and would now see your views/plans as not just revolutionary but dangerous to any other national movement..
Careful you have it very close, but you need a real team !!

However brilliant is your plan, what about me, I just started to come out of the closet, as a slightly Liberal, homosexual tolerant, God fearing Nazi and you bring all this fkn shit on me :O)

I can now hear Eva clicking her heals in the 21st Century already,(get me the fuck out of here) there's no place like Home, there's no place like Home ;o)


Rijker said...

Two sugars it is then ....


Sweet enough? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lee I hardly used to visit your blog, and as a Good friend of some of the so called rebels from 1997 you were seen as on the Side of griffin and the destruction of the BNP.
But I have found out in life the real mettle of a man is someone who has the guts to speak out when they realised they made a mistake. We all make mistakes, but most prefer to keep quiet, rather than to admit this. You have gone up in my estimation 10 fold, and the above article, is quite simply in my mind the best article you have ever written.
And would produce a party that was vote-able, and even more tantalising a party that would leave the far left and Marxist media with little or no ammunition from which to fire at us. Also it would by the very ethos of the party draw a big line in the sand. Cross it and be British, don’t and we will see you for all you are, which would be as a traitor or colonist, as is the current Islamic invasion.
Your vision, is a simple one, but one that will work, and down the linear of time, the most revolutionary and world changing ides have been the simple ones. Your policies are ones the British people are crying out for.

A Fantastic post that should be circulated, to a wider audience. And hopefully acted upon by everyone who really wishes to save this nation for our children.

extant said...


Oh Baby, I want a Plain one damn bad :O) :O)

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate,

The past is the past as far I am concerned, the time is for us to now look to the future - and create a new party that will save our people.

If we cant save the BNP, wrest it from Griffin and Dowson then I hope you will join whatever new party may be set up.

We need to put the past behind us and move on united.



Thanks chris and T - you know you can take it mate, you are an adaptable nationalist warrior - you will evolve and conquer !

The independent nationalist idea is a good one - the issue is how do we co-ordinate the movement though ?

Rijker said...

We need a Palin to speak for us in Britain.

Her diddies speak to me just fine.


Adrian Peirson said...

Time is running out.

EU Arrest Warrants Increase

When are our Generals going to speak up on this.

Adrian Peirson said...

At least you wont have to worry about Violent crime, that's all under control.

Violent Crime Stats in the news

It's a toss up between Gordon Brown who claims it's falling and Cameron who claims its rising.

I don't know Which lying cunt to believe.

Anonymous said...

There already is a civil nationalist party in the UK ; it is called UKIP. It is wheeled out at election time to defeat a resurgent BNP and then quietly put back in the box by the media when it is not wanted. If your idea is to create another splinter party well you might get a fair wind from searchlight and the media but like Wilders, get too big and they will turn all their guns on you as well.

extant said...

Thank you Lee,
Its called "real" Nationalist loyalty mate, no one can buy it,sell it or make it.

To the death we will stand and united we will conquer!


extant said...

Lee, its easy , forget about everything u know about politics and think and act like a Fox.

\dont ever refer to the way any political movement will get elected, think how people think when they are upset , grab their attention when they are angry, motovate them through passion and a wide excepted view that you speak of.

Every problem you invisage, immediately look for the cure to that problem, the good side of it,not the bad side of it..

Every mans gain, is always another mans pain, in all aspects of life. It what drives the economy and everyones life.
eg, the food chain
The drop of the housing market, makes lots of million airs etc.

I know how to do it, but we must first save the BNP and drive it to success if that is possible.

limited ;o)

Anonymous said...

Adrian is 100% right it has f*ck all to do with ideology or presentation and everything to do with propaganda, tyndal also knew this and knew by playing by their rules you will simply be emasculated tto the point where you become pointless and offer no alternative and even when you morth into what appears to be mainstreme you will still be hated by the media as you are not owned by the elites that own the media.

to keep trimming at the edges as you do Lee while now also sniping you are castrating the only option we have both ideologicall and practiacally.

a mass activist movement should have continued like the NF tried, if it leads to confrontation with the left then so be it, seeing as the country is commiting mass genocide and all we do here is bitch about what shirt we have and who is too right wing for the media. we played by the rules trying to please the masters and as we crawled and twisted ourself out of all recognition we have been trod upon like a pathetic bug.

appeasement just means they will eat you last as winson churchill said, and now they are eating us and you are helping them with your sniping and continued appeasment.

get a grip Lee,

we need to concentrait on activism - effective protests, mass enrolement(cheap as chips membership) heavy propaganda and saying it as it is, not weasle words, another decade of weasle words and we will be gone forever.

We have 5 years left - that is it.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks for the comments guys,

some good points,

keep e coming

re ideology and propaganda - the basis of propaganda is ideology, for without an ideology that can be sold to the masses the propaganda will not work.

Its a bit like a Nazi party with the image of being a Nazi Party that is racist trying to pretend its an ethno-nationalist party - the facts and ideology destroy the propaganda every time.

People know bullshit when they see it.

Re mass activism - thats right we do need that as the party is the tip of the spear propelled by the movement - but unless the party is one that people will vote for then the mass street movement is irrelevant.

T - like all true nationalists you can recognise the great idea and then become loyal to it, as the great idea is what gets us into power - not loyalty to yesterdays man and yesterdays failed ideologies.

The future beckons, lets us seize it together.

Anonymous said...

Keep taking the tablets fucking weirdo NEW PARTY LOL how long will you the Butt perv and the other freaks last . Yer dont have the bolloxs for it wee man keep on dreaming .

Anonymous said...

It isn't propaganda that is the issue, the battle the marxists have won is establishing cultural hegemony. The Marxist ideology is now completely dominant in society, with people brainwashed by it in all levels of society: education, media, judiciary, the political process, even the Christian religion has been infiltrated by marxists. There is no democracy at all, and those who hold power will not give it up lightly.

The challenge is to make our ideology more popular in society but as we do not control any of the institutions mentioned above, we have to do it by civil disobedience. There is no other way apart from exodus to another land, e.g. a white state of the US, the Western cape of South Africa.

There is also the issue of demographics which is seeing the white race catastrohically failing to replace itself. We are in very serious trouble and we have very little time to act. This is not a political game it is war.


The Sentinel said...

Lee,enough of the "nazi" stuff already.
All that was wound up 60 years ago. Its a stick for the enemy to beat us with, no more than that.
Attack the enemy, not our own people.
You made a good start in the reform group.
Don't screw it up.

Defender of Liberty said...

The sad fact is mate, that the Nazi stuff is still prevalent in sections of the Griffin BNP.

Just as there are still Communists after the Cold War ended, there are still National Socialists after the end of the Third Reich.

What group anyone wants to join is down to them, just as Communists have every right to form their own political groups, and I do not say to people ' you cannot believe this and you cannot believe that' - what they believe is up to them.

But the place for Nazis is in Nazi groups, not in the BNP.

Thats the issue - that by allowing Nazis in the BNP this merely gives the media the ammunition to attack us.

Besides that all the media need to do to discredit us is to put people in the parties who play at being Nazis - and that provides the media with the ammunition to call the party Nazi.

If the true Nazis want to join a Nazi group, then good for them as they have evry right to do so - same the Reds and Communists do - but dont join the BNP.

Form your own group.

Defender of Liberty said...

The sad fact is mate, that the Nazi stuff is still prevalent in sections of the Griffin BNP.

Just as there are still Communists after the Cold War ended, there are still National Socialists after the end of the Third Reich.

What group anyone wants to join is down to them, just as Communists have every right to form their own political groups, and I do not say to people ' you cannot believe this and you cannot believe that' - what they believe is up to them.

But the place for Nazis is in Nazi groups, not in the BNP.

Thats the issue - that by allowing Nazis in the BNP this merely gives the media the ammunition to attack us.

Besides that all the media need to do to discredit us is to put people in the parties who play at being Nazis - and that provides the media with the ammunition to call the party Nazi.

If the true Nazis want to join a Nazi group, then good for them as they have evry right to do so - same the Reds and Communists do - but dont join the BNP.

Form your own group.

Defender of Liberty said...

The sad fact is mate, that the Nazi stuff is still prevalent in sections of the Griffin BNP.

Just as there are still Communists after the Cold War ended, there are still National Socialists after the end of the Third Reich.

What group anyone wants to join is down to them, just as Communists have every right to form their own political groups, and I do not say to people ' you cannot believe this and you cannot believe that' - what they believe is up to them.

But the place for Nazis is in Nazi groups, not in the BNP.

Thats the issue - that by allowing Nazis in the BNP this merely gives the media the ammunition to attack us.

Besides that all the media need to do to discredit us is to put people in the parties who play at being Nazis - and that provides the media with the ammunition to call the party Nazi.

If the true Nazis want to join a Nazi group, then good for them as they have evry right to do so - same the Reds and Communists do - but dont join the BNP.

Form your own group.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the 'BNP' is effectively finished and that a new party needs to emerge to carry the torch of Nationalism forward.
Your idea of expressing it as 'Cultural Nationalism' is very good indeed and an excellent antidote to 'Cultural Marxism', the ideology that has prevailed for the last fifty years or so, as it has engaged in its long march through all the institutions of state and society in our benighted country. The ideas you have expressed in this article Lee, deal very well with the issues around immigration, race, ethnicity, nationality and thus 'identity'.
I do think that any new movement must also position itself very firmly as part of the wider 'anti-globalist/New World order' movement - in fact, endeavour to place itself in the vanguard of that movement in Britain. We must oppose the corrupt banking system and insist upon the proper nationalisation of the essentially private Bank of England, because without that there is no sovereignty of parliament. The banksters control the current puppet politicians of Lib/Lab/Con who carry out their agenda. As part of this it must, of necessity, be an anti-Zionist party (NOT anti-Jewish!). The Griffin/BNP policy has been a complete incoherent fudge on this matter due to the aforementioned's fear of being labelled as anti-semitic and holocaust-denying etc. As regards other issues, I would tend to a more 'libertarian' stance rather than the usual right-wingery of previous nationalist parties. I think we need a slogan like 'Set the people free' as a rallying cry against big government and over-bearing state interference in peoples lives. Finally, regarding a name for our new party, we would probably do well to avoid names that are overtly nationalistic like National this... or British that...
Adrian Davies' 'Freedom Party' name could possibly be revived or tweaked a bit??? So there are a few thoughts on the cause! There will be those who will think some of these ideas are heretical in some way, but we have to be prepared to think 'out of the box' as it were. This time we have to get it right as time is not something we have the luxury of if we are going to try and save our country.

Dave Moon

extant said...

Seriously, how many times a day do you see Nazi's on the TV and the radio; its fkn unbelievable !

You and I know, its subversion they use it for, nothing else..

Even through a blockbuster about a year ago, "WHAM" ;out of the blue, all of a sudden in the middle of the film, was a Nazi flick, I thought "WTH", I dont think people even noticed because they are subject to it all the time.

Lets be honest, there are no more Nazi's in the BNP than there realy is anywhere else on this Planet; their gone. Unless you are a red, and would like to use the speal to bring ur enemies down.

I love my own people, warts an all, I prefer my own culture, my own Race, colour and religion. If that makes me a Nazi, that is surely what I am and what I will always be!!

Just thought I would mention- I hate the Authorities, I fkn hate them so much, I feel that somehow I have become infected with it, I am now "AUTHORITY POSITIVE" , I havent had any tests, but I know the antibodies are present.I have BEEN VIOLATED, I have evil running through my veins and its desperate to get out,as millions of other people.

We need fkn action .
Everyone need's to stop this unproductive infighting ALL OF YOU, befour it ruins us all.


Defender of Liberty said...

Of course there are Nazis in the BNP - I have met them.

Lets not pretend and play silly games about it, just denying it in denial of the vast amount of evidence accumulated by groups like Searchlight over the years is simply stupid.

We deny it, but we know its true.

Searchlight doesnt lie, we do.

They publish the evidence, the photgraphs - we hear the same things, we see the same things.

We just dent it, as to admit causes the BNP political damage.

But the worst thing about denying is that the public know we are lying.

Thats why they dont trust the BNP.

Rather than us be honest, admit it and deal with the programme we try and lie to them, and simply look stupid and untrustworthy.

Thats why there has to be a real rebrand, not just a cosmetic one.

The Nazis and racists must leave the party, as they are destroying the parties credibility with the masses.

If they wont leave, then a new party that is required.

They can have the BNP, and keep it as a party for racists and nazis.

We will start a new one, that is lumbered with such baggage - and that will be a party the public can trust and vote for.

They are the choices.

Either they go with Griffin or we go and form a new party.

The BNP is fisnished unless it removed Griffin and dowson from power, undergoes a fundamental rebrand, undergoes ideological reformation, gets a new constitution and new leadership model.

No more pissing about anymore - we have our country, culture and people to save.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, attempting to create a 'new' party instead of trying to reconcile and galvanise all already established nationalist parties including the NF, is a total waste of time and precious energy all round.

It is also a suicidal notion in view of the urgency for the necessity of restorative political action within an ever-decreasing time frame, in an effort to avoid total ethnic annihilation of all indigenous Britons

If we are to remain distinct ethnicities, we must be the sole retainers of what are our individual nationalities and cultures since going by your idea that alien ethnicities would be compelled to adopt either the English, Irish, Scots, Welsh and/or British cultures and language(s) according to what part of the British Isles these aliens are domicile, would inevitably have the effect of diluting and eventually dissolving completely these natural rightful identities in relation to indigenous Britons themselves. It would further have the effect of strengthening perhaps inadvertently, increased miscegenation behaviour leading to the eventual physical extinction of the indigenous Britons as well, all of which is what we are supposed to be dilligently striving to prevent.

extant said...


Now we are on the subject, what is a real Nazi and what is a real Racist ??

Is that an easy one for you to answer, because I am now a bit confused ;o)