Tuesday 10 August 2010

The E Mails Exposing The Parties Liabilities

It appears that the Griffinite idiot squad are going around telling people I was 'expelled' and that I did not resign.

This is rubbish.

I have the e mail I sent where I resigned, and also the rather farcical e mail from Griffin sent a couple of hours later 'expelling' me which I will put up online to expose the fact that yet again Griffins idiots will lie for him - which is why the goons are employed on the payroll.

They are paid to lie - to the members and the public.

Here below are the two e mails I sent that were ignored by Griffin and which triggered my resignation.

The party officers such as Andrew Brons, Simon Darby and Andrew Moffat who received copies of the e mails below will confirm they were sent on the 7th August and the 9th August - and the failure of Nick Griffin to respond to these emails is why at 11.15 am this morning I sent my resignation to the party by e mail.

The so called 'expulsion letter' from Griffin was sent by Griffin at 12.43 PM.

I think his sending the e mail out 'expelling' me was an attempt to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the few idiots who still trust him and his cabal of halfwit goons that fetch and carry for him.

I have copies of both e mails if anyone is interested in reading them.

I have told Nick that if he or his goons attack me then its all out blog war.

One thing Nick Griffin has taught me well is how to attack the enemy.

I had hoped to avoid that, but seeing as the South African Nazi terrorist Arthur Kemp is going around attacking me by ringing members up, then if it carries on then the gloves are off.

I do so despise liars and idiots.

I DONT KNOW WHY THEY TELL SUCH LIES THE SILLY PEOPLE - when they are so easily found out and revealed as the utter incompetent morons they are ;

Email 1) This was sent to Andrew Brons, Andrew Moffat, Simon Darby etc on the 7th August at 09.23 am ;

Below is the legal position of the party on two serious legal issues.

The first concerns posts made by an individual who is claimed to be Jim Dowson on the British Democracy Forum that threaten violence against a BNP member and ex-member.

The second concerns the parties legal position on the allegations made by Shelley Rose against Jim Dowson.

The BDF Forum Threats Issue.

There is somebody posting on the British Democracy Forum that is apparently Jim Dowson.

If it is not Jim Dowson then if you can confirm it is not him then the Forum needs a legal letter sent to it warning them to remove the fake posters name from posting on the site.

In the last 24 hours this person known as, 'The Bruce', as he posts under that name has posted the following comments ;


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Quote Originally Posted by simonbennett View Post
I, for one will never... ever... forget you Jimbo. Your threats mean shitye, you fail to back them up, remember, Mr Magoo?
name the place , time, i will even take you AND fitton on! now c'mon lads i can't do better than that now. so, what about it. no silly blogs or smart answers just a date, place and time, not nuch to ask. C'mon now stop with the silly talk and lets do this thing.


So here see the poster making threats of violence against a former member of the party and a serving member of the party.

This will now be used by the enemies of the party to forever associate us with violence.

If 'The Bruce' is Jim Dowson then the fact that a senior officer of the party on a public forum is using threats of violence towards serving members is unacceptable.

I dont know if the poster The Bruce is Jim Dowson.

I note though that on this post here he states he has just bought his daughter a house and details how big the house is, which is very specific information that would only be known by the person who bought the house ;


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Quote Originally Posted by simonbennett View Post
That stuff you worship and live for.
Yes but how much? whats all this about bricks and faces you silly wee man. i doubt you have ever had a scrap in your life. Is it women trouble that makes you feel that you need to 'big' your wee self up? When are you going to get a job and support youe family? I am on holiday now thats why i am on the blogs, but you spend your life on them. Is this your way out of facing the realities of a world that will view you as the odd wee nut job you really are simon? Grow a pair and take care of business. I just bought a 2750sq ft house foe my daughters wedding present, what will you give yours... a template website or a book on martial arts? Big lad with empty pockets and an empty heart. She WILL LEAVE YOU OLD BOY, AND SOON!


This thread on the site concludes with the Bruce mocking those people who rent their houses.

Seeing as our main voter base is the white working class who also rent their houses then this will also be used against us by the left.

If I can harvest this information then anyone can.

If it proved that the post above threatening violence against a serving member is from Jim Dowson then this is intolerable.

As someone who has also been the recipient of a threat from Jim Dowson in the past, it appears that Jim thinks his role in the BNP gives him a right and power to issue threats to members.

The party has a duty of care to its members that can be enforced in a court of law.

Threats made against members by officers are an expulsion offence.

Mark Collett was expelled on the basis of the threats he made as a member against another member, the chairman, and therefore the precedent has been set.

Shelley Rose Video Issues.

The allegations made in the Shelley Rose video also require an investigation.

These relate to the allegations she has made.

Therefore both individuals, Jim Dowson and Shelley Rose must the subject of an internal investigation.

This will be in regard to both individuals.

The charges relate too ;

A) A party official bringing the party into disrepute.

This will apply to both Shelley Rose and Jim Dowson.

There must be an immediate investigation and both Shelley Rose and Jim Dowson suspended until the investigation begins.

Failure to suspend both members will send a signal out to the party that any members may cause as much damage as they wish in the eyes of the public and we will do nothing.

If any party officials attack Shelley Rose either directly or indirectly on the internet or at meetings or via party e mail bulletins etc etc then this will be seen as a victimisation of a female who sexually assaulted by another party member, and such actions destroy the party forever.

If Shelley Rose lied about the allegations then she must be expelled for those lies.

If Jim Dowson was on party business and booked a single hotel room for him and Shelley Rose and then stayed in that room overnight with her, then that is unacceptable conduct for any officer.

No senior party official must ever be seen as using their money, power and influence to co-erce young female members into bed. This sort of activity by senior officials makes the party appear sick, twisted, cynical and perverted.

Jim is paid over a hundred thousand pounds a year by the BNP.

There are hundreds of thousands of hotels and hotel rooms in London.

There is never any circumstances when an officer of the party on party business gets into bed with another party member.

Jim should have simply left and booked another room in another hotel just down the road.

There is never any justification for an BNP officer on BNP party business to get into bed with another BNP member whilst on that party business.

Such behaviour is a sackable offence in business and should be in the BNP, simply as such behaviour causes us massive public image damage if it occurs.

If this is true then it has brought discredit upon the whole of the BNP not just in the eyes of the members but the wider public who are now aware of it.

The investigation must ascertain whether ;

1) Jim Dowson and Shelley Rose were on party business

2) whether Jim Dowson booked just one room in the hotel and not two

3) why he did not book another room in another hotel if there were no rooms free in that specific hotel

4) why he got into bed with Shelley Rose if it is true that he did stay the night in bed with her

5) whether he did sexually assault her

B) As part of that internal investigation into the allegations of sexual assault by Shelley Rose against Jim Dowson we must discover if there was any sexual contact of any kind, either actual or on the basis of consent.

If these allegations from Shelley Rose are false then she should be expelled.

If the allegations are confirmed then Jim Dowson must be expelled.

As the allegations relate to a senior party officer sexually assaulting a female member then the party must act in such a way that the public and members can have faith in our internal investigation and disciplinary procedures.

Failure to hold an investigation will allow opponents of the party to claim that the BNP has covered up allegations of serious sexual assault and this will be used to attack the party in public and undermine our vote.

It is imperative that the party holds an investigation, suspends both members immediately and issues a public statement confirming that an internal investigation is under way.

If any party officers seek to attack Shelley Rose either directly or indirectly then this will be seen as the BNP 'bullying' a victim of sexual abuse.

So therefore we need to confirm that ;

a) Jim Dowson is / is not The Bruce and he posts on the British Democracy Forum

b) We need to suspend both Shelley Rose and Jim Dowson as party members until an investigation is begun into the allegations made by Shelley Rose in the video she has put online.

c) That we will issue a public statement confirming that both Jim Dowson and Shelley Rose are suspended until the investigation into the allegations made by Shelley Rose are completed and the truth / falsehood of the allegations made by Shelley Rose are confirmed / denied.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)


2) Email 2 - This was sent on the 9th August at 13.07 PM ;

Note the time this e mail has been sent.

13.07 on 9th August 2010.

I have just read this on the VNN Forum ;


Unread 1 Minute Ago #1
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Default BUTTler's nominations are invalid
He has blatantly disregarded the rules.

Still, he'll find out for himself tomorrow.

This vile little piece of vermin, ostensibly a Nick Griffin supporter, has posted the most disgusting abusive rubbish on the VVN Forum for weeks.

He appears possibly to be an official of some kind but most definately a member of the party.

If the statement he makes above is true, then this means the entire leadership election credibility is destroyed.

This man has made the disgusting allegations against individuals standing in the election published on the VNN Forum.

If it discovered that he is a member then he must be expelled., the same as all those of all sides who have done the same.

At the same time we still have to address the threats from Paul Morris on the Green Arrow who stated that he will publish the list of people who nominated any leadership challenger other than Nick Griffin.

This was a threat made with one intent, which was to intimidate and deter potential nominators from nominating whoever they wished to see as a candidate as a leadership election.

If Morris made this threat then it implies that someone in the party would provide him the information relating to that list.

I have spoken to people who have stated that Paul Morris is going around telling people that Nick himself told him to use his blog to attack the leadership challengers.

I do not know if this true or not, but this is what Paul Morris is going around telling people.

If it false then Paul Morris needs to be exposed as both a liar and a traitor to British Nationalism.

The only reason for publishing the list of nominators would be to ensure they were attacked by the Far Left, such as we saw with the sadie graham leak.

In regard to the statement made from the idiot above on the VNN Forum - then if it is confirmed tomorrow that the nominations are invalid as claimed by this fool, then this will open the party up to a series of potential legal issues that will have devastating financial and public image problems for us.

It may be that anyone of the potential candidates may decide to go to court to overule the whole process and demand it be run again.

Not only will this cost us tens of thousands potentially, but the judge and legal teams in any case can call witnesses to give evidence under oath (with possible perjury charges if they lie) about the goings on behind the scenes in the leadership challenge.

This means people like Paul Morris and party officers can be called to give evidence about ;

1) their roles in the leadership challenge

2) whether they instructed people to attack leadership challengers

3) whether party officials produced propaganda to attack other party officials and candidates on the internet.

At every level this entire farce of a leadership challenge has devastated the party.

Party morale and activism are at rock bottom, funding and donations have slowed to a trickle and potential legal cases on a plethora of issues now potentially await us, ranging from a re-run of the election, libel cases, data protection act cases, criminal cases involving threats of physical violence, possible criminal cases relating to sexual assault and internal disciplinary cases.

To be frank I am disgusted by the way all sides in this debacle have acted.

Nicks supporters knew that he would not lose a leadership challenge, just as Butlers ones knew they would not win one.

Both sides could have acted with decency and honour and the party benefited from the process.

Instead the party has been torn apart, sullied and its public image ruined.

This is the first time I am ashamed to be a British Nationalist.

If this idiot 'west mid warrior' above is a party official / party member or has been provided with information from a party official who has access to information that should have remained totally within the sealed and confidential confines of the people involved in running the leadership challenge procedures, then this will be used against us in any possible legal cases.

It appears that far from the leadership challenge being over, it may have merely opened up can after can of worms that will result in more internal division, more legal cases, more legal expenses and more public image damage to the party and British Nationalism as a political movement.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

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Gemma said...

While I agree with most of what you say Simon Bennett has himself threatened violence back and brought The Reformers into disrepute. He has dragged them down portraying them as thugs.
He constantly claims to have information damaging to the wreckers but has never shown it. He should be avoided a all costs,

Anonymous said...

that west midlands warrior is griffin himself you muppet!

Simon Bennett said...


I have categoric proof that Jim Dowson is thebruce.

Al Scott said...

The “Anti Lee League” has just been formed.
I hope these blindly obedient patriots don’t get violent.

Defender of Liberty said...


How funny !

They know where I live.

They are free to visit me any time if they so wish.

They will know what I look like.

If they come mob handed then let me know and I will make a few calls and get some of me muckers to come along for the crack.

Anonymous said...

Al Scott,
The Anti Lee League eh? What's that then, the Brown Arrow Gang?
Silly cunt!

Anonymous said...

thebruce is little freak dowson FACT!

Anonymous said...

Lee, we have disgareed strongly on a number of occasions but I want to state that I'm enormously sad to hear that you've resigned. We cannot afford to lose nationalists of your calibre.

Also, you said:

"To be frank I am disgusted by the way all sides in this debacle have acted...Both sides could have acted with decency and honour and the party benefited from the process...Instead the party has been torn apart, sullied and its public image ruined."

Those are the truest but saddest comments I've read during this whole sorry affair and I'm left completely disillusioned now with the BNP. From 2 MEPs in May 09 to this just over a year later, I cannot believe what is happening.

Wherever we go from here I wish you and your family the very best and I plead with nationalists to end this suicidal in-fighting and unite against Islam.



Jane said...

I am shocked by the way Dowson considers that it will impress people or make him seem like a superior example of humanity by boasting of his vast personal wealth and buying mansions for his children. It is a very stupid mistake. The party leadership should not live like Kings while asking the poor to give them money to save our nation. This reason alone is why Dowson is now a liability - and I don't need to go into all the other hearsay which is from dubious sources.

Whether or not you resigned first Lee, you have to admit that your support for the proscribed EDL was inevitably grounds for expulsion - otherwise it would be hypocritical when other members would be suspended for blatant support of proscribed organisations.

Midlands Nationalist said...

When someone of your standing and credibility feels they have no option but to resign from the party, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Where do we go next? NF? UKIP? Or can the BNP be salvaged?

GriffinWatch said...

Thankyou Lee.

I have probably misjudged you. I have always done what I thought best for the party, the members and the cause.


Adrian Peirson said...

Divided we ( the British people ) will fail.

Sooner or later we will all need to be working together towards the the same aim.

This isn't something a small group can turn around, it will take a significant proportion of the Indigenous British people working together in axactly the same way the various services of the British Armed Forces do in a conflict.

Even if General X doesn't like Admiral Y.


The Keiser Report

Anonymous said...

So why do nationalists spend all their time fighting each other?. Meanwhile the searchlight group is having a field day. Notice a total lack of publicity in the mSM recently? Its because they know the BNP is hopeless and not worth any more media space.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Kemp is Rhodesian not South African.